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Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Position: G
Born: 05/07/92
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:186 lbs. / 84.4 kg.
Salary: $19,245,370
In moving back to .500 at 18-18, Miami has now beaten the lottery-bound Cavs (8-30) twice in the past week, after wins against Phoenix and Orlando in recent weeks. Beating lottery teams could never be assumed with this Heat team, but Miami is making progress there. Josh Richardson scored 24 points and Miami got helpful contributions from Derrick Jones Jr. (13 points, seven rebounds), Tyler Johnson (16 points), James Johnson (11 points), Kelly Olynyk (10 points) and Rodney McGruder (10 points). Hassan Whiteside added eight points and 12 rebounds, and Justise Winslow chipped in 10 points and seven assists.
These moves have put Miami in a tough position, with a bloated payroll, a flawed roster and no true star to lead it. For a more educated perspective, The Crossover asked a veteran NBA executive for an evaluation of the Heat roster. “It’s going to be hard for them to really improve this team dramatically,” said the exec. “The one piece that people really like is Josh Richardson. But they would only trade him for a star—and I don’t see another player like that becoming available. They have some bad contracts in Whiteside and Tyler Johnson. If you add James Johnson and Waiters, that’s two more. They paid guys based on a productive season and have not got that same production out of them. That rarely happens to Pat.”
Storyline: Heat Front Office
The Heat has told teams this offseason that Hassan Whiteside, Tyler Johnson and Dion Waiters are available, according to two opposing front office executives who have spoken to the Heat. But the Heat knows a different combination of more attractive players will be needed to pry away Butler, who averaged 22.2 points per game for Minnesota last season.

Heat not interested in Ryan Anderson

Regarding rumors about a Heat trade involving Houston forward Ryan Anderson, that’s not something that interests Miami at this time, according to a league source. Both USA Today and ESPN have floated the idea of Houston trading Anderson and a draft pick to Miami for Tyler Johnson or James Johnson. But while that would appear to interest the Rockets, it’s not something the Heat has found appealing.
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At first, he paid attention to the chatter but no more. Johnson is done wasting time on the critics because he would rather focus on proving his worth. “I had some ups and downs last year,” Johnson said. “I didn’t have a terrible season, but I didn’t have the season that I wanted to have and the coaches expected me to have. I’m looking forward to getting back on the right track and not even proving to anybody anything, but just showing myself that I know where I’m supposed to be at as a basketball player.”
He spent time at Fresno State, where he attended college, and with his mother, Jennifer, who lives on a military base in California. “I’ve really been taking time to get my mind right and get it prepared for this year,” Johnson said. “The way the season ended last year left a bitter taste in my mouth. Really what I wanted to do was to be able to clear my mind and get my body in a position where it is going to last me this whole season. I went back and just visited all the places I was at before I got into the NBA … Really, just going back and seeing how far I came to get to this point.”
He returns to full-contact drills in three weeks. “My problem is I don’t know when to take my foot off the gas,” Johnson said. “I always want to just grind through it and be there for my team. In the long run, I think sometimes I hurt myself by trying to push through some of the injuries that I was playing with and I would have little slumps that I was going through.”
Storyline: Tyler Johnson Injury
Zach Lowe: “I’ve heard [the Rockets] have talked to the Heat. The Heat are kicking a lot of tires. I can’t figure out what they’re trying to do, but I could see like Tyler Johnson, same package, same idea: two years of salary left at about the same number. One guy is a better fit [against] the Warriors, one guy’s not [in Ryan Anderson]. Is our first-round pick to a team that is out of future first-round pick good enough?”
1 year ago via ESPN
Storyline: Tyler Johnson Trade
And unless something significant changes, it’s increasingly likely the Heat will need to wait until the summer of 2020, not 2019, to again be in position to make a franchise-altering free agent signing. That wasn’t necessarily the plan. The Heat has tried to move Hassan Whiteside and Tyler Johnson this offseason but has not found a trade market, according to three people in contact with the team. Dion Waiters’ name also has been raised, one of these people said.
Storyline: Hassan Whiteside Free Agency
Q: Does the fact that your salary jumps from $5.9 million to $19.2 million this upcoming season put added pressure on you? Tyler Johnson: “It don’t bother me. It’s just a nicer paycheck when I go home. It’s no bother to me, though. I know for other people maybe on the outside looking in, it’s: ‘This guy is not worth what that is.’ But I would say, the Heat wouldn’t have matched that contract if they didn’t. It was all laid out from the get-go. So it’s not like a surprise. It’s not like salaries are unveiled every year. It’s been known what it was going to be. It’s not any added pressure to me. Maybe it is to everybody else who thinks I should be this or that.”
Q: How’s your surgically-repaired left thumb healing? Tyler Johnson: “Good. It’s going really good. I got a couple more weeks and I’ll be out the cast completely and just rehabbing. So, it’s going well.” Q: How will it feel when you finally take the cast off? Tyler: “Good. Right now, it’s a little bit of a special cast. So I can tighten it and untighten it, so it’s not as restrictive as what it would be like fully, fully wrapped up. That’s a plus, I guess.”
Storyline: Tyler Johnson Injury
The Miami HEAT announced today that guard Tyler Johnson underwent successful surgery this morning to repair the ulnar collateral ligament in his left thumb. The procedure was performed by Dr. Anne Ouellette and HEAT team physician Dr. Harlan Selesnick at Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute at Doctors Hospital. Johnson will be in a cast for six weeks and is expected to make a full recovery and be available for training camp.