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Tyrone Wallace
Tyrone Wallace
Position: G
Born: 06/10/94
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:200 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Salary: $75,000
What was it like when you got the news that you’d be joining the Clippers on a two-way contract? Tyrone Wallace: I was in Salt Lake City and I was getting ready for our G League game. The Clippers had several injuries already: Pat Beverley was out for the season and guys like Austin [Rivers] and [Danilo] Gallinari were down. Well, Milos Teodosic had just went down, so my agent had already been in talks with the Clippers’ front office to try to figure out a way to get me up there since they were so shorthanded. So it was in the works for a bit – something that we were going back and forth on. When Milos went down, they reached out like, “Hey, we need you.” I looked at it as a real opportunity because they told me, “You’ll be able to play. We have guys who are down, so it’s next man up.” I took it very seriously and tried to make the most of my opportunity. If you look around the league, a lot of the guys who are on two-way contracts right now don’t get NBA minutes or at least not nearly as many as the two-way players on the Clippers – from CJ Williams to Jamil Wilson to myself. I thought, “Man, this sounds great. I’ll go up there and maybe be able to contribute.” I never thought I’d be playing over 30 minutes a night right from the start, but I loved it.
Tyrone Wallace: It’s definitely surreal. Sometimes, after the games, I’ll sit back and just think about it. When I’m on the court and playing the games, I never think about it. The guy in front of me is obviously just another opponent, another player who I have to compete against. But then when I stop to reflect later that night or the next day, it’s pretty crazy. My family and friends are still pretty new to this too, so they’ll send me pictures and videos like, “Can you believe you just played against Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and all of these guys?!” When I do think about it, I do reflect and think about how just a few years ago, I was in college and watching these guys on TV and talking about how good they were with my friends. Now, I’m up here playing against them, so it is surreal in that sense.