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Udonis Haslem
Udonis Haslem
Position: F
Born: 06/09/80
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $2,564,753
Udonis Haslem on Jimmy Butler: “Everybody asks me this, about what happened with Jimmy in other places. I don’t know what you want me to say. You put him in the cage with a bunch of cats, he’s gonna growl. You put him in a kennel with a bunch of dogs, he’s gonna be right at home. That’s really all I got to say about that. I don’t know what people want me to say. I don’t understand what they’re asking, about where he was. He fit in right here perfectly.” “I already met him through D-Wade. The only thing I was really curious about was the country music thing, but he sold me. I got a couple country music things that I’m into right now. And I bought in. And I’m vibing.”
The way Haslem looks at it, he likely will then need additional time when his No. 40 makes it to the rafters at AmericanAirlines Arena, considering his roots and lifelong ties in South Florida. “I haven’t even thought about it,” he said, with this expected to be his final season. “I just saw that he got two or three days. Mine’s going to be parties in a lot of different areas of Miami when I retire.”
“I talk to Dwyane every day,” he said. “It doesn’t seem like he’s retired at all, to me. The only time I feel like he’s retired is when I see him doing all kinds of fun stuff on the days when I’m just leaving practice. “But besides that, I haven’t thought much about how I would do my situation, or have anything similar.”
Storyline: Udonis Haslem Retirement?
In the wake of the formal announcement that Dwyane Wade’s jersey retirement would span a weekend, Heat forward Udonis Haslem said he likely will need a week for his eventual moment. “I mean, mine’s going to go forever, because I’m from there,” Haslem said as the Heat’s three-game trip wound to Sunday’s conclusion against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.
When he was called up, he soaked up guidance from veterans like Wade, Udonis Haslem and Kelly Olynyk. And last April, Robinson signed a two-year, $3.1 million deal with the Heat. “The situation can be everything, and I feel really good about this organization,” Robinson said. “They’ve been great with me, the support they’ve given me. Front office, coaching staff, it’s special. I felt like I was capable at this level. I’ve always believed that. But sometimes it just takes more of an extended opportunity.”
“I didn’t know how unselfish he was,” veteran Heat forward Udonis Haslem said. “Not that I thought he was a selfish player. But naturally when you see guys that put up good numbers or big numbers in this league, you don’t think about so much the playmaking unless you see it firsthand like Dwyane [Wade] and Bron, and those guys that I got a chance to see firsthand. “He’s definitely a great playmaker, he’s very unselfish. There has been a couple times where he even can make a layup and he’ll spray to a guy for a three. Getting these guys in rhythm and giving these guys confidence.”