Vincent Poirier Rumors

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Vincent Poirier
Vincent Poirier
Position: -
Born: 10/17/93
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $2,619,207

Vincent Poirier joins Real Madrid

Vincent Poirier (17-10-1993; Clamart, France) is Real Madrid’s latest recruit and joins the club until 2024. The French international center, who measures in at 2.13m and is 27 years old, is currently one of the leading inside players in European basketball. He is an out-and-out number five and is very strong on rebounds and solid in and around the basket. He has previous experience in the ACB and the EuroLeague and checks in to bolster Pablo Laso’s side following a stint in the NBA.

Vincent Poirier criticizes Doc Rivers

In a French interview with Le Parisien translated by Eurohoops, Poirier said the following: “I wish someone had told me, ‘We were wrong,’ ‘You can’t play with us.’ I like it when things are straight. The coach didn’t even send me a message, although I know he sent others. I’m not asking him to give me compliments but just a message to wish me good luck. We are not commodities, we are still human beings. It’s a minimum of sending a message, to say that the situation was complicated, but thank you for your professionalism. A bogus thing, even if he doesn’t really mean it.”