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Wally Szczerbiak
Wally Szczerbiak
Position: -
Born: 03/05/77
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:244 lbs. / 110.7 kg.
Earnings: $74,745,147 ($97,615,408*)
Finally, he snapped out of his malaise. Still in his drenched game uniform, West opted to skip his shower and started putting on his dress clothes for the bus. We waited for West to talk to the media, and he began speaking as he dressed without showering. He was apologetic and regretful about his mistakes. West needed emotional support, but he didn’t receive any, not on this professional level where there is little sympathy for millionaires who lose difficult games. Wally Szczerbiak, a Sonics teammate who came over to Seattle from Boston, looked at me and said, “You see what the [berating] coaching does to him?”
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Andrew Wiggins is officially the Minnesota Timberwolves fourth all-time leading scorer in franchise history. Wiggins now has 6,795 points, passing Wally Szczerbiak (6,777 points) on the Timberwolves’ points leaderboard and is on pace to pass Kevin Love (6,989 points) to take over third place this season as well. He trails only Sam Mitchell (7,161 points) and Kevin Garnett (19,201 points) on Minnesota’s all-time leading scorers list
“The other thing you could do is just kill Porzingis for being minus-20 in 16 minutes,” Hahn said to Szczerbiak in a video captured on Twitter. “Dude, like come on, man. You’re a star. This is what you’re doing? You’re just out there? (He’s got) a lot to learn.” “Minus-20 — for him, he should never let his team…,” Szczerbiak responded before the audio returned to the commercial.