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Wendell Carter
Wendell Carter
Position: C
Born: 04/16/99
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:259 lbs. / 117.5 kg.
Salary: $6,920,027
The NBA is a business. That truism gets thrown around a lot. But then that trade call comes and you’re living in a hotel while trying to find more permanent accommodations and meeting new teammates and coaches and trying to remember driving directions and restaurant tips — all while trying to process emotions and play high-level basketball. “It’s a lot,” Wendell Carter Jr. said Friday morning, standing on the Magic practice court just hours before he will face the Chicago Bulls for the second time since they traded him.
Coincidentally, Carter Jr. credited Nikola Vučević, the centerpiece of the Bulls-Magic trade, for helping him in this regard. “Once I got here, with the big they had in Vooch, they were used to having a big space the floor,” Carter Jr. said. “They understood I knew how to shoot. They knew I didn’t shoot as much. But they told me to be confident. “This past summer, I put in a whole lot of work. I’m taking my time more. When you put that work in, the confidence builds with it. So now you’re not even thinking about it. You’re just hitting those shots when they’re there.”