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Wilson Chandler
Wilson Chandler
Position: F-G
Born: 05/10/87
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:229 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $2,564,753
The WhatsApp message chain on Wilson Chandler’s phone is a portal to self-improvement. He checks it regularly, grabbing pieces of advice about his health, diet and vitamin intake. The information comes frequently, from a group of people he’s come to regard as friends over the years. The voices come from Orreco, an Irish sports science company, and Andy Barr, an ambassador for the company and physical therapist who Chandler met while they were together with the Knicks. Together, they monitor Chandler year-round, but twice a year, he’ll text them to schedule a nurse to visit him at his home and take his blood. For the last seven or so years, and the last half-decade with Orreco, Chandler has used blood testing to keep him healthy and keep a gauge on his body. The results provide a map for Chandler’s guides, and they use them to push him to keep him sharp.
They tell him which supplements to take when he travels, when he needs something for the inflammation in his joints and cartilage, and to drink tart cherry juice and Pedialyte. They track his sleep and let him know if there’s food he should avoid. When Chandler was a vegan, they’d urge him to start eating meat again because of his iron deficiency. Finally, he broke down and once again became a carnivore. “It’s maintenance and it’s had certain effects on me so I can prolong my career,” Chandler said. “A couple of seasons I had really good seasons it was because of it, not single-handedly but that’s part of the reason.”
Chandler, now a forward with the Clippers, is a longtime proponent of a sports performance trend taking shape around the NBA. While he’s done it on his own, several teams have instituted blood testing of their players in hopes of understanding how their bodies respond to the grind of a long season and how to maximize their play. The Athletic has identified the Clippers, Hawks, Knicks and Mavericks as teams that perform tests — the New York Times was the first to report New York and Dallas, who contract with Orreco for the testing. Chandler does his testing separate from the Clippers, but shares results. Teams approach this testing with different levels of privacy. The Mavericks allowed their head trainer to discuss it publicly, while the Knicks declined comment to The Athletic. The Hawks and Clippers confirmed that they tested their players but did not want to go into specifics, although a Hawks spokesperson said the team has done it for several seasons and will continue to do so, planning to ramp up this offseason and going forward.