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Yi Jianlian Rumors

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Yi Jianlian
Position: -
Born: 06/21/91
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:229 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Earnings: $14,085,936 ($17,680,282*)
The captain of the Chinese national team Yi Jianlian became the all time leading scorer in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) in an away game on Thursday, leading Guangdong Southeast Tigers to ease past Tianjin Pioneers 140-93 in the eighth round of the league. Yi contributed 20 points for the visiting team in the match on Thursday as his total score rose up to 11,177 points, surpassing 11,165 points by his long-time teammate Zhu Fangyu.
2 years ago via CGTN
The thing is, the chair workout almost certainly never happened, which means that the video almost certainly never existed. I’ve spoken with numerous scouts, execs, players, trainers, and media members, and not one remembers ever actually seeing the clip. I’ve obtained the broadcast-once, now-lost TV program in which the chair workout was allegedly aired, and it’s not there. No matter how sure you are you’ve seen the clip, you haven’t.