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Zach Collins
Zach Collins
Position: C
Born: 11/17/97
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:230 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $4,240,200
With Collins’ sneaky athleticism he had officials apologizing and admitting they, at times, had wrongfully called a foul. “There were a couple of plays where I’d block a shot and the ref would come up to me and apologize to me and say, ‘well, you were so far away from the play, we didn’t think that you’d be able to get there, so it was a foul’.” Collins went onto say, “which I understand… I don’t think it’s like a respect thing, but hopefully they’ll know me better and they’ll know that maybe I could get there this time.”
Now that Collins has turned 21 and has put two NBA seasons in the books, he reflected on how he has changed over the last two years. “I would say I’m probably the same kid,” Collins said. “In some ways I’ve matured a lot and I think I’ve kind of learned to be a little bit more patient. I’m always my biggest critic, and I think that’s something that I always kind of struggled with growing up being a little too hard on myself sometimes and I still find myself doing that, but that’s probably one thing that I made the most strides in, is giving myself a break here and there and learning to smell the roses every once in awhile. Just appreciate where I’m at and so in that regard, I think I’ve changed for the better a little bit, but I’m still the same goofy kid that hangs out with the same friends all the time.”
After his work with Drew Hanlen, the 7-foot-1 Portland big has applied similar teachings to his younger teammates. The main player he has spoken to is second-year standout Zach Collins. “I try to talk with Zach a whole lot because he’s very, very talented,” added Leonard. “I always remind him to stay on balance and try to shoot in rhythm and shoot it confidently.”