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Zach LaVine
Zach LaVine
Position: G
Born: 03/10/95
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:181 lbs. / 82.1 kg.
Salary: $37,096,500
Scouting report
After earning All-Star status in 2021 and 2022 as a reserve voted in by coaches, LaVine didn’t get the nod this year to join DeMar DeRozan in the Feb. 19 game in Utah. “I didn’t feel like I played at an All-Star level at the beginning of the season. That’s coming back off of injury. I started slow and then started picking it up,” LaVine said. “I am where I’m supposed to be at. I know who I am as a player. I think the league knows that too. “I think we need to be in a better position for us to have two or three guys in the All-Star game. I think we’re sitting 10th right now. That’s not good. I think bigger picture you’re not worried about All-Star, you’re trying to get your team back in the playoff picture.”

Lakers, Heat, Knicks and Mavericks interested in Zach LaVine trade

That is why someone like Zach LaVine, the Bulls’ two-time All-Star who’s in the first season of a five-year, $215 million maximum contract, would have no shortage of suitors if Chicago decided to move the 27-year-old guard before next Thursday’s deadline — despite some concern about his recovery process from offseason arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. The Lakers, Heat, Knicks and Mavericks have consistently been mentioned by league personnel as holding motivations to land LaVine if the time does arrive. Portland also showed interest in signing LaVine last offseason, league sources told Yahoo Sports.
The Los Angeles Lakers reportedly may have their eye on Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine as a potential trade candidate this season. “The name that’s become more interesting to me as this season has gone on and it’s become clearer and clearer that the Bulls are not going to get it together is LaVine,” ESPN’s Zach Lowe said. Lowe mentioned that LaVine is a Klutch Sports client that is on a massive deal and could be an option for Los Angeles. “I know there has been some thought about with people around the Lakers as a potential trade slash ‘that’s kind of our cap space acquisition,’” Lowe said of LaVine.
Almost any fan of the league would take LaVine, and the general managers seem to agree, as LaVine was rewarded with a max contract this past offseason. But DRIP, our all-encompassing stat that projects how good a player is at this moment in time, raises some eyebrows by ranking Beverley as the 56th-best player in the league and Zach LaVine as the 65th-best player in the league. And DRIP isn’t alone. 538’s RAPTOR thought Beverley was better than LaVine last season, as did BPM, which can be found on Basketball Reference.