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Zach Randolph
Zach Randolph
Position: -
Born: 07/16/81
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
Earnings: $199,124,765 ($229,724,281*)
Several other current and former NBA players also have ownership stakes with NBL teams. The Houston Rockets’ John Wall and Dante Exum (a Melbourne native) and former NBA players Zach Randolph, Al Harrington and Josh Childress are owners of South East Melbourne. Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo and former NBA players Shawn Marion and Matt Walsh are part of the New Zealand Breakers’ ownership group. “Being a part of an ownership group is something I wanted to do, for sure,” Middleton said. “As a player it could be tough. But I realize the responsibilities I had wasn’t going to really affect my basketball career right now. But it’s something I think a lot of players are starting to trend towards is finding ways to invest their money, finding things to do with their money that can grow, and it’s something I’m interested in.”
And during the pregame show, Shaquille O’Neal said how Zach Randolph “is playing MVP-caliber basketball” for the Knicks. Studio host Adam Lefkoe stepped in to correct Shaq: “Hold on. He doesn’t play right now. Julius Randle.” Shaq responded: “That’s what whatever his name is.” Lefkoe: “You said Zach Randolph.” Shaq: “Oh, well you know what? I was thinking about my boy Zach. Z-Bo, what’s up?”
A week before the crash, MacKenly made the same helicopter trip with the Bryants from Orange County to Ventura County after spending the night at their house. She and Gianna had bonded quickly as teammates, MacKenly said, because Gianna, sensing the newcomer’s unease about joining an established team, went out of her way to help MacKenly fit in. “She was super nice,” MacKenly said.
Team Mamba played two games on Jan. 25, 2020, on the opening day of the first Mamba Cup, which Kobe Bryant had organized to attract top teams from California and other states. MacKenly Randolph said she thinks often about how “three of my best friends were here one day and then the next day, they were gone.” “It was tough for my baby — still is — but I’m proud of her,” Zach Randolph said. “She’s 15, but she’s strong, man.”