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Zarko Cabarkapa
Zarko Cabarkapa
Position: -
Born: 05/21/81
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Earnings: $6,095,497 ($9,310,121*)
Are you angry about what happened with Fortson? Were you angry or bitter about it at some point? Zarko Cabarkapa: No, there is no place for anger in sports. Fouls, whether intentional or not as well as injuries, are an integral part of sport. Of course, I was not pleased I was out for two months after a good start of my NBA career, but you must learn to find methods to fight the roadblocks on the way if you want to succeed. Fortson said he sent a letter of apology. Did you get it? Zarko Cabarkapa: He sent a letter of apology right after the game. Even later, when we played against each other, we talked about it. As I said, these things happen in sports. Of course, such situations should be reduced to a minimum but when it happens, it is important to deal with it in a constructive way and move forward.