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July 19, 2019 | 8:21 am EDT Update
Something else West said in that radio show: he had very little to do with bringing Kawhi Leonard to Los Angeles. He credits the rest of the Clippers front office and, notably, Kawhi. West acknowledges this is a new era of player power and that changes how front offices work. West also says he’s generally gotten too much credit over the course of his career. These types of statements can feel like false modesty. The Jerry West we’ve known for decades is not modest. It’s probably wise to take him at his word. That means that the rest of the league should really fear what Steve Ballmer and Kawhi have built in Los Angeles, no matter how much longer West stays consulting for the team.
Morris, however, lost out of a much more lucrative contract with the LA Clippers, who were prepared to pay him $41 million over three seasons. A Clippers source said the three-year deal included a provision for Morris to receive 50 percent of his salary on Oct. 1. Morris was hoping to earn $40 million over two years but the Clippers couldn’t offer that deal if they wanted to sign Kawhi Leonard to a max contract. Once Morris took that stance, the Clippers moved on and acquired Portland’s Maurice Harkless in a four-team trade that included Jimmy Butler signing with the Miami Heat. Harkless will earn $11 million next season, or $2 million less than what Morris would have made with the Clippers.
It had been rumored Morris’ then-agent, Rich Paul, never told his client about the Clippers offer, which, if proven true, could get the agent decertified. The theory was that Paul, whose No. 1 client is Lakers superstar LeBron James, did not want to help the rival Clippers land Morris. It made for a juicy story, but ultimately, it was false. The Clippers, according to a team source, said Morris was aware of the deal. Paul then negotiated the contract with the Spurs, but once Morris reneged on the deal, Paul and Morris parted ways.
The No. 9 overall pick came in with high expectations, especially with an entire nation watching him. There were 61 Japanese media members covering Summer League, mainly featuring Hachimura, Grizzlies two-way player Yuta Watanabe, and free agent hopefuls Yudai Baba (Mavericks) and Makoto Hiejima (Pelicans). Now, his attention turns to the 2019 FIBA World Cup, where Hachimura will lead the Japanese national team ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
The Oakland Police Department has handed its investigation into Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri over to a district attorney, following a physical altercation last month between Mr. Ujiri and an unnamed sheriff’s deputy over access to the court following the NBA Finals. Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley received the police report into the dispute this week, her office confirmed. The DA’s office has asked the police to conduct additional investigations, said spokeswoman Teresa Drenick, and has not yet made a decision on whether to charge Mr. Ujiri with any crime.
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July 19, 2019 | 2:47 am EDT Update
Speaking on his “Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective Show” podcast that was published on Thursday, Windhorst said he was told the Celtics were bothered by the tampering surrounding Horford. “Celtics were, from what I am told, one of the teams that kind of stomped their feet about what they felt was tampering. Not with Kyrie … but with (Al) Horford. What happened with Horford, from what I am told, really upset the Celtics. They were thinking that they were going to be able to negotiate with him, talk to him about a new contract, and all of a sudden it was like he already knew what his market was like and was out of there,” Windhorst said.
While there were rumors of a deal to send him to the Miami Heat, those talks quieted down as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst went on his podcast, The Hoop Collective, and discussed why the trade didn’t go down. While I have been told that Oklahoma City and Miami haven’t like had any formal talks about a Chris Paul trade, they obviously had talks about the Russell Westbrook trade and what I heard about that was one of the conversations that happened in that negotiation before the Houston deal happened, the Thunder had been willing to discuss giving the Heat back their 2021 and maybe even their 2023 picks as part of the deal. But they wanted the 2024 and 2026 picks they got back from Houstoin unprotected and I think they wanted pick swaps too.