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Rowan Kavner: Doc confirms Blake should be ready for next Sunday's game against Wizards. Still figuring out minutes/starting/etc in first game back
"It was tough. It was tough," Jordan recently told The Vertical about his first conversation with Griffin after the incident. "He obviously didn't want to miss any more time because he was out with his knee before that. But we all make mistakes in life. And we sometimes make decisions that we probably shouldn't have made – I'm a living testament to that. We learn from it and continue to grow."
Griffin's teammates didn't necessarily need to see or hear him say he's "truly, truly sorry" to know that he was remorseful or perturbed by the embarrassing situation. "That's Blake," Clippers sixth man Jamal Crawford told The Vertical. "He is so hard on himself while playing the game. He expects perfection when he's playing basketball. He'll have 25, eight and six, but if we lose, he'll be like, 'I could've did more. I should've did more.' And that's what's always been impressive about him. So he's always expected that from himself. So I know how hard it is now, dealing with this and what's going on."
The L.A. Clippers announced today that forward Blake Griffin has been suspended without pay for four games for striking a team employee on Jan. 23 and his wages will be withheld for one additional game for injuries he sustained. The NBA has assisted us in this process. The Clippers will donate the salary from the five games to charities focused on disadvantaged youth in Los Angeles. At his request, Blake will support this activity with his time.
In his first interview since Blake Griffin punched out the team's assistant equipment manager, the Clippers owner sounded as if he was prepared to discipline his All-Star forward. Asked Wednesday night if he felt it necessary for the Clippers to take the kind of action that would represent what they stand for, Ballmer didn't hesitate. "There needs to be consequences," he said. "It's the right thing to do."
Ballmer was measured when speaking of Griffin, condemning the player's actions without tossing him under the proverbial bus. "Just remember, Blake is a key part of his team," Ballmer said. At this moment, the courtside goofball in Ballmer emerged, as he extended his arms to mimic an embrace. "We will welcome him back," he said with a smile as broad as his shoulders.
Blake Griffin's punching hand is still swollen and scarred ... roughly one week after the NBA star underwent surgery for injuries caused from his Toronto fistfight ... and TMZ Sports has the pics. The Clippers star finally surfaced in L.A. on Wednesday -- and you can see the scar on his right hand from last Tuesday's procedure to repair the spiral fracture on his 4th metacarpal.
The NBA’s investigation into the Blake Griffin incident at a Toronto restaurant on Jan. 23 will conclude soon and will likely result in discipline for the Los Angeles Clippers forward, league commissioner Adam Silver told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. In an NBA A to Z podcast interview that will air later this week, Silver discussed the fight between Griffin and the Clippers’ longtime assistant equipment manager, Matias Testi, that resulted in a broken right hand for the five-time All-Star. Griffin, who is expected to miss four to six weeks because of the hand injury, was on the verge of returning from a quadriceps tear that has had him out since Dec. 26.
“The only update right now is we're continuing to investigate,” Adam Silver told USA TODAY Sports. “There (are) a lot of people that we want to talk to, and ultimately ensure that we have as complete an understanding as possible as to exactly what happened. I'd say from the league's standpoint, of course it's the last thing that you want to see happen. And whether it's in the NBA, or in any industry, you have one co-worker, in essence, punching another co-worker. That's a terrible thing. Blake has acknowledged that. But at the same time, I know he recognizes that there are consequences of his actions.”
The Los Angeles Clippers will decide whether star forward Blake Griffin joins them for the team's upcoming road trip after the NBA announces the results of its investigation of his punching of an assistant equipment manager.
During the dinner, Griffin and Testi began arguing, with sources saying that Testi was taunting Griffin in one fashion or another -- either by calling him a derogatory name or saying the team, which had gone 11-2 since Griffin was injured, was better without him.
Testi, who was officially hired by the Clippers in 2014, is no less liked. "I know Matias," said a player familiar with all the parties. "He's a good person." Griffin thought so as well. One league source said that Griffin had purchased a car for Testi, and had helped set him up in a clothing apparel business.
"It's (bleeped) up," Clippers guard Austin Rivers said Friday. "It's a (bleeped) up situation. We're already like, 'man, when's he coming back?', and he's about to come back, and now this happens. It's not like we're even mad at him, it's more like, come on, what are you thinking, man -- not even just for us, but for yourself. What are you doing?"
Rivers was leaving Mr Chow this weekend -- when we asked if his opinion on the fight changed now that we know Blake had been drinking in the hours before he attacked Matias Testi last month. Rivers shook his head 'no' -- and then went to bat for the NBA star ... saying, "He's a grown man ... and he's a good guy."
JJ Redick on Blake Griffin's incident: "I wasn't there that night, so I don't have all the the details. I will say that Blake is a friend, Blake is a teammate, I have his back. We can't be who we wanna be as a team without Blake Griffin. So the sooner he gets back the better off we'll be as a team. Once he gets healthy and he's paid his penance, whatever that may be, we'll welcome him back with open arms."
The NBA's investigation of Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin's altercation with a team staffer is ongoing, according to a league source. After the league spoke with Griffin about the incident Friday, the Clippers were under the impression that the investigation was over and an announcement on any discipline for Griffin would be made early next week.
The NBA and the Los Angeles Clippers have completed their investigation into the Blake Griffin-Matias Testi incident, according to a source. The Clippers have been consulting with the NBA on potential discipline for the star forward, and an announcement is expected next week.
Sources said Testi, an assistant equipment manager for the Clippers, is in no danger of losing his job following a Jan. 23 altercation in which Griffin broke his hand punching Testi, who suffered a swollen face.
Rivers didn't shed any light on what led to the altercation between Griffin and Testi, who are friends. Rivers said the two men have since been in touch, but he didn't know what was said. Earlier in the week, Rivers had said alcohol wasn't involved. But he backtracked Friday. "Did guys have a drink? I'm sure they did," he said.
Kia isn't exactly rushing to the defense of their superstar pitchman Blake Griffin -- with the car company refusing to say if they'll stand by the NBA star in the wake of his fistfight in Toronto. We reached out to Kia to ask if Blake's job is safe ... this is all we got back: "Kia is not offering comment on this matter." Not exactly a rousing show of support for a guy who's had a working relationship with Kia since 2011. We're guessing Kia's just waiting to see how the NBA investigation shakes out before committing to any course of action ... can't really blame 'em.
That is probably enough to crush Clipper dreams of catching Oklahoma City for the No. 3 spot -- and avoiding a second-round appointment with Golden State. That is not helpful. The Clippers are lucky the police aren't involved. The victim, Matias Testi, a member of the team's equipment staff, has a swollen face. Sources say he has also suffered debilitating headaches since the incident.
Ramona Shelburne: The Clippers, NBA and NBAPA are all investigating the incident with Blake Griffin and a team staffer in Toronto. If there is punishment for Griffin, I'm told to expect it'll come from the Clippers, while the league makes sure it's appropriate.
NBA investigators have been interviewing Clippers players and staff members as part of the league's investigation into the incident between Blake Griffin and assistant equipment manager Matias Testi. Clippers center DeAndre Jordan and assistant trainer Joe Resendez, who were at dinner with Griffin and Testi, were among those who were questioned by NBA security officials.
Legal experts don't think criminal charges will be filed. They expressed surprise at the national attention the scuffle attracted and believe it's in the best interest of the two men to resolve the matter privately. "The most likely outcome is that there are no criminal charges," said Michael McCann, a sports law professor at the University of New Hampshire. "Any potential civil litigation would be settled out of court confidentially, without exposure to the media. It makes a lot of sense for everyone involved to resolve this dispute privately, not publicly. That's the sensible path."
Ben Bolch: There's still no police report and their names were never taken by officers, according to a Toronto Police service spokeswoman. Have been told reason no police report was filed in Blake Griffin incident is because Mathias Testi told officers he was OK at the scene.
Dennis Rodman says Blake Griffin's punch WON'T be a factor if the Clippers decides to trade him -- saying in the end, it comes down to one thing ... if can he help the team win on the court.
Rodman was at the Staples Center for the Lakers game Tuesday night when we asked for his thoughts on the situation. "It don't matter. He makes too much money."
Testi, a longtime Clippers employee, had been a close friend of Griffin’s and has strong relationships with the rest of the team. “We’re a family,” Rivers said.. Why Griffin and Testi fought remains a mystery. Both men left the team and returned to Los Angeles following the incident. “It shouldn’t have happened,” Rivers told reporters. “They were good friends.”
Mike Wells: Caught up with ex-Pacer and current Clipper Lance Stephenson and FIRST thing he said was, "I bet you thought it was me at first. Not me!"
Rowan Kavner: Doc said it's frustrating, something he takes personally. Said it's a hard lesson to learn for everyone. Doc Rivers: "It's a hard lesson for Blake, but it's also a hard lesson for our team." He said 4-6 weeks with a broken hand might be unrealistic.
The following is a joint statement from L.A. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Doc Rivers: L.A. Clippers forward Blake Griffin suffered a spiral fracture of the fourth metacarpal in his right hand throwing a punch on Jan. 23 in Toronto.on, appropriate action will be taken.
Griffin and equipment manager Matias Testi argued at the restaurant before the altercation ensued, according to the people. Testi, who has been close friends with Griffin for years and routinely banters back and forth with the five-time All-Star, was sent back to Los Angeles along with Griffin following the incident. And Griffin, who has been out since Dec. 26 with a torn quadriceps and was nearing his return, now finds himself at the center of what is clearly a serious situation. The NBA and the Clippers are investigating to gain more clarity about the sequence of events.
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