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Clay Bailey: Coach Dave Joerger was very up front about reports he is fighting for his job. Said he doesn't think that at all. "I think it's silliness. In our society something is written... and all of a sudden it creates a life of its own from some source."
Geoff Calkins: My sense is Griz will be patient with Dave Joerger. He certainly deserves it. But things can change quickly in NBA.
Marc Stein: Abadi is main shot-caller & driving force behind Jeff Green/Vince Carter moves. More thinly veiled shots at roster last nite from D. Joerger
While a Memphis Commercial Appeal story a couple of weeks ago made it sounds as if Joerger’s job was as safe as anybody’s on this list, there were sentiments even before the team’s rough start that ownership wasn’t completely in love with their head coach. Joerger did push for the Mario Chalmers trade, which for some reason was a catalyst in vaulting the Grizzlies back into contention, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s safe long-term.
A recent article even suggested that Griz coach Dave Joerger is on the hot seat, a candidate to be fired early this season because Memphis has trailed by 20-plus points for 62 minutes over the first six games. The Griz operated from a 20-point deficit for a total of 88 minutes during the entire 2014-15 season. Wallace defended his coach. "When things aren't going well, there's always a lot of noise from the outside," Wallace said. "You can't let it permeate the air you're breathing as a team. You just have to keep your head down and do what you've done in the past to be successful. "I don't see Dave on the hot seat. We're six games into the season. We're struggling right now, but Dave's a proven commodity and he's got a talented staff."
The biggest source of vulnerability for Joerger, of course, is the fact that Pera has internally questioned his leadership in the past and so nearly fired him once before, only to patch things up in a stunning about-face in May 2014 when Joerger, deep in talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves, got a new three-year contract. Another potential complication: Pera is known to be a huge fan of Tom Thibodeau, has pursued him before and could be moved to make a run at Thibs before someone else does.
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