So we started this episode talking about the usual good…

So we started this episode talking about the usual good Warriors things–I asked Barnes about his recent shooting slump, about his season, about his pending restricted free agency and yes, about the speculation (by me, among others) that the Warriors want to replace him with Kevin Durant, if possible, this summer.

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With Kobe Bryant retiring at the end of this season, the Lakers will need to find a replacement. In this upcoming free agency, there are limited options at the small forward position as there is a drop off in talent after Durant. With the possibility of Parsons opting out of his contract with the Mavericks, Harrison Barnes (restricted free agent) and Nicolas Batum are two names the Lakers are expected to pursue as well.
On the ability to retain both Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli: Lacob: “Our goal is to win. That’s the absolute No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 goals — to win. We’re obviously doing that now. We have a really good core. Both those guys are a part of the core. Hopefully we’ll have this team for a number of years to come. If it costs a lot of money it’s going to cost a lot of money. It probably will. A lot of our players have come up in free agency the last year or two and if they continue to perform we’re going to continue to pay them. We’re 34-2, we’re trying to get a second championship here. There’s a lot of room for improvement of course, but there’s a lot of power to continuity.
Andrew Bogut: “Within our group, it hasn’t been a huge distraction. Obviously you want every player to get their max worth. A career is very short, and obviously you want to make it while you can. Harrison is going to be a very rich man regardless of what direction that all goes. These situations (with this kind of collective group) don’t come up very often, so when they’re available you want to milk them for as long as you can. I think our owners and our GM understand that, that if you can keep this team together for another four or five years you try everything in your power to do that, rather than trying to all of a sudden put on an ‘I’m smarter than everyone and we’re going to make this big move,’ when it’s really not needed… I don’t think Harrison is going to go anywhere. I think he’s just obviously going to lift his value a little bit more with the new (salary) cap and all that going in (the NBA’s salary cap is set to spike from $67 million to $89 million next season because the nine-year, $24 billion television deal with ESPN and Turner kicks in).”
But with the 2016-17 salary cap expected to land somewhere in the $90 million range, a maximum contract for Barnes could begin with a first year salary in the range of $22 million. There are a fair amount of scouts and general managers across the league that do not believe that Barnes would be “worth” that type of investment, however, there are many people who said the same thing about Reggie Jackson of the Detroit Pistons. After being acquired from the Oklahoma City Thunder, Stan Van Gundy re-signed Jackson to a five-year, $80 million maximum contract.
Iguodala on Barnes, via CSN Bay Area: "He’s always been a focused player. And coming from where he’s come from, it’s a difficult adjustment – being the man, then kind of taking a step back then they want you take a step forward. He’s handled it like a professional. He’s always kept himself ready. Contract year, so we’re going to continue to help him get as much as possible. He’s a hard-worker, so it’s going to happen for hard workers."
Taking a page from his mom, Harrison Barnes is betting on himself once again, turning down a lucrative extension offer from the Warriors in hopes of landing a bigger deal next summer as a restricted free agent. “At a young age she was like, ‘Do you want to do this basketball thing seriously?’ I was like, ‘Yes,’ ” Barnes told Yahoo Sports after the Warriors’ 119-69 rout of the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night. “We put all of our resources into basketball, AAU tournaments and doing all this stuff. My sister and mom didn’t have any summers off. It was all predicated on me trying to make sure I had the best opportunities in basketball and to get exposure to go to college.
Q: How do you feel about the process? Harrison Barnes: The process was great. There wasn’t any awkward tension, anything like that. I think the precedent that he set up front, early, the fact that look, this is between the agent and him and had nothing to do with me. I think that was great. There was never any bad blood.
Q: This team always seems to be involved pursuing big name players and your name has been involved as a trade chip and next year there might be more of that, with your name involved. How much of this is that you have more control of your future as a restricted free agent? Harrison Barnes: It’s been a roller coaster in terms of that since I got here–you know, Dwight Howard, Kevin Love… So now we’ve won a championship. The Warriors, it’s a desirable destination. So it would be nothing new, come to this next season with more big names and the Warriors are potentially trying to sign those guys.
Harrison Barnes and the Warriors concluded discussions about a contract extension and will not reach an agreement by the Nov. 2 deadline, making him a restricted free agent next summer. General manager Bob Myers said Tuesday that negotiations with Barnes' agent ended the previous day on "very amicable" terms as the player wanted to focus on the start of the regular season. Owner Joe Lacob had said of a report that Barnes, 23, turned down an initial four-year, $64 million offer from the team, "Let's just say it's in the ballpark."
"I let my agent worry about all that kind of stuff," Barnes said. "The goal was to try to get something done, but now that the season's here, it's solely about basketball. The contract stuff, put that all aside. There's a lot riding on this season, just in terms of the possibility of going back-to-back. After this season, hopefully after another parade, we can do this again."
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