So Jim told people that Carmelo Anthony was coming the …

So Jim told people that Carmelo Anthony was coming the next summer. He told people that Howard was staying the previous year. He told people as soon as the Lakers’ recent season was winding down that Kevin Durant was coming this summer…with Russell Westbrook the next.

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The Atlanta Hawks' free-agent priorities are re-signing forward Al Horford and swingman Kent Bazemore, but the Hawks are also trying to wedge their way into the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, according to league sources.
On July 1, Kevin Durant will become an unrestricted free agent. Most insiders believe that Durant will ink an extension with Oklahoma City, although rumors about Golden State, San Antonio, Boston and the Clippers keep swirling. Miami lurks as the darkest of horses, mainly because of Riley’s storied history of pulling off talent coups. He stole Tim Hardaway, Goran Dragic, and Shaquille O’Neal in separate deals for 50 cents on the dollar. He nearly stole Juwan Howard from Washington before David Stern vetoed Riley’s overly creative offer sheet. In the summer of 2010, he somehow convinced LeBron James, the league’s best player since Michael Jordan, to align with Dwyane Wade AND fellow free agent Chris Bosh.
Marc Stein: Story going online now: Atlanta has Kevin Durant aspirations, too, while ESPN sources say the Hawks are also weighing a run at Dwight Howard
While it's evident that the Wizards aren't in Kevin Durant's plans for free agency, they aren't holding out hope to make a pitch just for appearance sake. They've moved on, and league sources tell on Monday that the idea of returning home just "doesn't resonate" with the NBA's hottest unrestricted free agent. There'll be no meeting.
Though the Wizards' 41-41 season didn't help, there were non-basketball reasons he wanted to stay away from D.C., too, CSN was told. Because of this, another person said there is no plan to wiggle their way in with Durant in the 11th hour of the process nor does Durant's side anticipate a meeting of any sort.
Calvin Watkins: According to a source the Houston Rockets are looking at the following high-level free agents: Al Horford, Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside and Ryan Anderson. The team's search to upgrading the roster will be wide and not just strictly with these four players.
Adam Kaufman: .@WojVerticalNBA envisions Kevin Durant returning to #Thunder for 1+1 deal, then taking longer view of future when up with Westbrook in '17
The Washington Wizards have waited a long time for this summer, and the chance to chase Kevin Durant. It’s a chance they won’t appear to be getting, as league sources have indicated the former Montrose Christian star hasn’t granted his hometown team a meeting once free agency begins at 12:01 a.m. Friday, and it seems unlikely that stance will change between now and then.
Adam Kaufman: .@WojVerticalNBA to @TikiAndTierney on Kevin Durant: "OKC remains the strong front-runner...I'm told even if he left he'll do 1-yr deal."
Nothing is official yet when it comes to Kevin Durant in regards to where he'll play next season, but the Wizards are on the outside looking in while the forward surveys his options outside of the Oklahoma City Thunder. John Wall understands why the hottest free agent this summer likely won't come play in his hometown or meet with team officials to discuss. "A lot of people will be devastated. But at the end of the day he never promised us anything," Wall said to on Sunday during the final day of his camp at Fairfax High School, before departing for his offseason home in Los Angeles. "Every day, everybody said KD-to-DC, coming to our games wearing all the Kevin Durant stuff, he didn’t like it at that time because you should cheer for the team that you got. That might sway him."
"It’s his heart and his decision if he wants to meet with us," Wall said. "If he feels like he can win a championship here, so be it. If not, he probably won’t come. The way this season went might play into it. ... I think it’s early (in the process). Everybody knew the teams he was going to meet with early on, Warriors, Spurs, but after that you got to figure it out. But if you don’t have a shot you have to move on."
Q: Are all the teams with the first round of meeting, expected to have a legitmate shot at Kevin Durant, or are some of these "courtsey". - Steve Kyler: I was told no promises made to anyone, that Kevin Durant genuinely plans to listen and evaluate.
Patrick J Maloney: Does MIA have any cap space? Guess I'm just confused as to how Miami plans to make an offer to Kevin Durant with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Goran Dragic there. - Steve Kyler: If Kevin Durant says yes, Miami says no to Hassan Whiteside. They'll have about $42 million to play, if they can offload Josh McRoberts.
The Oklahoman interviewed NBA agents on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of speaking about another agent's client. According to reputable agents who've gone through the process in the past with star players, Durant may already have his mind made up. “A player in Durant's situation is totally unique,” said one agent. “He is more anticipating seeing the pitches from other teams just because he wants to.”
The New York Knicks have earned their way onto Durant’s radar, having traded for Derrick Rose recently to create quite the combination with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. Yet as of now, it remains to be seen how that particular scenario will be handled. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the private nature of the situation.
The Warriors are always aggressive in chasing the league’s best talent, and Kevin Durant is atop the free-agency heap this offseason - an acquisition that would mandate completely overhauling a roster that has made consecutive NBA Finals trips. “K.D. is a great player, but I obviously love the guys that I play with, and we’ve been together for some years now,” Green told The Chronicle on Saturday in a rare split decision for the opinionated All-Star, which indicatess the difficulty in the decisions facing the Warriors on the brink of their championship series collapse.
“I can’t control if we get K.D. I can’t control if we don’t get K.D,” he said. “It’s one of those things that is out of my hands, so I’ll just go with the punches.”
With rim protection and perimeter shooting ranking as the Lakers' foremost areas of concern heading into the open market, sources told that Whiteside has emerged a priority target for L.A. The Lakers, like the Heat, are still hopeful of securing a face-to-face recruiting meeting with Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant once free agency season commences at 12:01 a.m. on July 1. But the Lakers, sources say, are highly intrigued by Whiteside and what he could bring them as a double-double presence inside.
The Warriors and Spurs, sources say, are both already planning to load a plane full of key organizational figures -- including Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson for Golden State, and Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan for San Antonio -- to fly to an undisclosed location once free-agency season starts to try to lure Durant away from the only franchise he has ever played for.
The Thunder remain the frontrunners to re-sign Durant, likely on a one-plus-one-year deal that will allow Durant to return to free agency in the summer of 2017, league sources said. But more than any other rival suitor, the Warriors have Durant's attention, league sources said.
It appears the Heat wants to determine whether it has a chance to sign Durant before proceeding with Hassan Whiteside, who is lining up meetings (with Dallas and potentially others) shortly after the start of free agency.
Free agents Nicolas Batum and Evan Turner are among the players being considered at small forward, per sources, if the Warriors don't get Kevin Durant. Which means the Warriors will be taking a long, hard look at if they can do better than Harrison Barnes.
Adam Lauridsen: Heard from reliable sources that Kevin Durant likes not only Stephen Curry, but Ws' deep connections to Silicon Valley. Sees advantages beyond basketball. While parting with Bogut or Iguodala would be tough, neither is in Warriors 3-5 year plans. If KD is in play, they don't hesitate to dump. Durant will be sitting on quarter billion in lifetime earnings when he retires. Part of Warriors' pitch is "we can help you multiply that."
Isaiah Thomas on recruiting Kevin Durant: "We definitely have a shot. I know that for sure. I'm just trying to reach out when I can and staying in his ear a little bit here. I know it's a tough time for him because everybody is probably trying to reach out... My relationship with him is really genuine and hopefully I can get him to come to Boston."
James Harden on recruiting Kevin Durant: "As hard as I can. I'm gonna try. He's one of my really good friends. He has a big decision. (He'll do) whatever he feels is best for his career. Obviously, I would love for him to play here in Houston, but ultimately he'll make the best decision for his career."
According to a source, Phil Jackson told Derrick Rose of his plan to pursue Kevin Durant starting on July 1st. That in of itself may be the worst-kept secret in the NBA, along with the notion that Golden State, San Antonio, Miami and both Los Angeles clubs are also planning to recruit Durant. The difference now, however, is that the Knicks are not only selling Durant on Madison Square Garden and Madison Avenue, but also a roster that features a triangle we can all understand; Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and Rose, who turns 28 in October.
But according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, there are other issues that hadn’t previously been considered. Such as this: Broussard says that Durant doesn’t want to go through “this” again next year (even though he’ll sign a 2-year deal with a player option, which is the obvious financial move), which could mean any number of things.
What we can guarantee, with free agency still 10 days away, is that Golden State is determined to find out. Sources say that the NBA's newly minted NBA runner-ups are all the way in on going for it.
Kevin Durant is less than two weeks away from being a free agent for the first time in his life, and on Monday at a barbecue place he frequented as a freshman at the University of Texas, he released his new KD9 signature shoe. But naturally, the conversation turned to his uncertain future. "I know how important this time is," Durant said. "Like I've been saying all season, I have people I trust. I have all the trust in the world in them that we'll sit down and figure this thing out, figure out what's best for me. It's a little bit more complicated now, because it's still a few weeks away. "I'm worried about basketball," he said. "That's what it is for me. It's a basketball decision."
Asked what he means by a "basketball decision," Durant said it's not necessarily about the spotlight or the money. "Just who I'm going to be playing with and the people I'm going to be around every single day, that's what it's all about for me," Durant told in an interview at Stubb's Bar-B-Q in downtown Austin. "You tend to hear about the market and the opportunities you can get off the basketball court, but I'm blessed, man, to be making what I make as a basketball player."
The one player who can change the balance of power in the NBA is expected to meet with prospective teams in Los Angeles when the free-agent recruiting period beings in July, according to a source. Durant had considered holding meetings in New York, but apparently has decided to hear proposals in Los Angeles, where he owns an off-season home.
The same source maintains that if Durant doesn’t re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder he would prefer to join the Warriors, a team that has reached two straight NBA Finals and could rule the Western Conference for the next five years if Durant goes to the Bay Area.
Let's be clear: The Warriors first and foremost still want to clear the decks for a run at unrestricted free agent Kevin Durant. The Oklahoma City star blots out all other pursuits and his situation this July will put everything else in the league on hold until he decides something.
Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti still doesn't sound scared about Kevin Durant's free agency. Presti said at the end of the Thunder's season that he was excited about talking to Durant about the future of the team, and he did not deviate from that in an interview with Ken Berger and Jody McDonald on CBS Sports Radio's Eye On Basketball show. "I have no insight into what Kevin's decision ultimately will be, and I can't speak to what the actual process might be -- that's for him and his representation to determine," Presti said. "Obviously we'll be taking part in it and taking our cues there. But as I said earlier, I think for us it's an opportunity to be pretty excited about, quite frankly, to really get excited about and lean into because we have the opportunity to sit down with not only a player but a person that has really defined the Thunder, and I would say Oklahoma City for that matter as well, for the better part of a decade. And at the same time, it's also someone that we know and that knows us and that we communicate with over a long period of time.
"It's a chance to reflect on that relationship and then, I think, really get excited about what could be an incredibly bright future together," Presti continued. "I'd like to think that we've been preparing for these types of things and for this particular occasion for the nine years that we've been together."
Gov. Mary Fallin has an offer for Kevin Durant: If the NBA superstar decides to stay in Oklahoma City, he can join her Cabinet. Durant, who helped the Oklahoma City Thunder to the NBA’s Western Conference Finals last month, faces a decision now that his contract has expired. He can re-sign with Oklahoma City or take his talents to another team. The governor, and Thunder fans across the state, hope Durant decides to stay. “The Thunder did a great job promoting Oklahoma and getting through the playoffs and almost there,” Fallin said during a question-and-answer session Saturday at the Oklahoma Press Association’s annual convention. “Very, very proud of the Thunder. It was such an exciting time, put Oklahoma on the map every night. It was so fun to see us on national and international TV.”
Jared Dudley: I keep seeing this quote! I also said I hope he does! There's always more then just the quote! - RT: WizardsTalk: Jared Dudley on if he sees Kevin Durant joining Wizards next season: "I realistically don't."
But he also was not aware at the time that the league’s new television deal would be so rich, and that payrolls would spike this summer. That’s created a narrow path for the Warriors to actually make a play for the top free-agent prize, Kevin Durant.
But there has been blow-back against that notion, according to sources within the organization, especially if the Warriors win another title. Several teams with significant cap space this summer — the Celtics, Lakers, Suns, Mavericks among them — have the intention of pursuing Barnes, especially as a fallback option for Durant. Barnes is expected to receive and offer of at least $20 million per year or perhaps as much as a max offer starting at about $23 million.
Jared Dudley — a free agent who has said he’d like to return to Washington — was recently asked by Kevin Sheehan whether he sees the Wizards landing Durant this summer. “I realistically don’t,” Dudley said. “I hope for the fans they do, because he’s from there, and he would bring such excitement. They’d be right behind Cleveland, right there with them to be able to contend. I don’t see it though.”
Asked specifically if the Knicks will target Kevin Durant, whose father is reportedly a Knicks fan, Hornacek demured somewhat, probably because it is tampering to talk about other team's players before free agency begins July 1. "No, we haven't talked about the free agency stuff yet," Hornacek said. "That's July 1st. Obviously there's a lot of players out there that we'd love to have if we can get a chance to at least talk to them. We have some money so hopefully we can get a player to fill in for us."
Former teammates Kevin Durant and James Harden are "hanging out" this week, ‎but the close friends' ‎brief reunion isn't expected to have a real impact on Durant's forthcoming free agency, according to league sources. Sources told that Harden's Houston Rockets are not a team Durant plans to consider when he becomes an unrestricted free agent July 1, despite Harden's presence there and the Rockets' long-known intent to try to chase him.
The prevailing belief around the Thunder is that Durant is more inclined to stay in OKC for one more season than seriously explore life on another team. That said, league sources say the Warriors and the Spurs are planning big pitches to Durant if he’ll take meetings – as most expect he will.
The belief in NBA circles is that Durant will sign a one-and-one deal with the Thunder and give the situation one more year. Durant will get the benefit of the new salary jump this year and have the ability to re-up next summer at an even higher rate. Staying for one more year also allows Durant to see what Westbrook and teammate Serge Ibaka do with their free agency in 2017. It also allows Durant the chance to see the Thunder through to the potential end without regrets.
But Durant also is widely expected to take a handful of face-to-face recruiting meetings with a select group of interested teams, with the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs regarded by many rival executives as the two biggest threats to lure Durant away from the Thunder.
Only In Boston: BREAKING: @Fasten will offer Kevin Durant UNLIMITED RIDES if he comes to Boston: #KDtoBoston
Kevin Durant was hanging out with James Harden (via @hilqueen23)
Tim MacMahon: Dirk Nowitzki, a legend who spent his whole career with one franchise, sees no reason why Kevin Durant should switch teams this summer: "He wants to play to win. He's got a great group of guys there in OKC. They've got everything going. They've got youth, they've got talent, they've got athleticism. He's got a superstar player next to him. They're loaded where he's at."
Presti said ideally, Durant would decide quickly because it helps with other roster decisions, but the superstar has earned the right to be patient. "I think it really is important for him to take his time, get away from things," Presti said. "Look, Kevin is a highly, highly intelligent person. He's a mature person. He's a rational person, and he's going to work through the decision in a way that will help him do what he feels is best for him. We'll react accordingly once we have that information, and we'll try to be as prepared as possible."
In February 2014, Durant and LeBron had the best-selling shoes among all NBA players. Two years later, it’s all about Under Armour (Curry) vs. Nike (LeBron and Jordan Brand); if you surf around, you can’t find Durant in any story about top-selling NBA sneakers. His representatives at Roc Nation know it; so does Nike. And if you think they haven’t mentioned this to him, repeatedly, you’re bonkers. It helps their cause that Durant doesn’t just want to be one of the greatest; he wants to be THE greatest. He’s as competitive as any of these guys.
Back in early 2014, Forbes reported sales for Durant’s signature sneakers jumped 400% from $35 million USD to $175 million USD in the USA, putting him right behind (sort of) LeBron, who racked in $300 million USD. As a result of Durant’s growing stardom, Nike beat out Under Armour and resigned the sharpshooting seven-footer to a lucrative ten-year, $300 million USD endorsement deal later that summer, assuring his allegiance to the Swoosh for the foreseeable future.
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August 9, 2022 | 6:25 pm EDT Update
According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the meeting took place this past Saturday, and Kevin Durant indicated that he could stay with Brooklyn if general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash were no longer there. Understandably, peers of Marks and Nash were not happy. “I get that players have more power these days, but I think it’s a little too far if he’s out here trying to get Steve fired,” said one coach, who was quickly reminded of Magic Johnson’s fingerprints on Paul Westhead’s firing back in November of 1981 and other power plays, some of which may well have been justified.
The head of basketball ops from another club was similarly displeased. “Livid,” he said. “Livid. He and Kyrie (Irving) basically told Sean they were coming (as free agents in 2019), and Sean did pretty much everything they wanted after that. Signing DeAndre Jordan for four years? That’s something Kyrie and KD wanted. Getting James Harden? Then getting a guy who should be a perfect complement to them (Ben Simmons) when Harden wanted out? Sean did all that.”
However, when asked if he would welcome Durant to his own club should he be attainable at a fair price, the exec paused and laughed. “Well … ” he said. “OK, you got me there. But, see, that’s the part of this that will always be hard for some people to grasp. I’m talking about the fans who just see the players as employees. These guys are not interchangeable parts. You can’t just plug in someone else to do what KD does.”