Bobby Marks: On the LeBron James contract. James joins …

Bobby Marks: On the LeBron James contract. James joins Melo, KG and Dirk as players with a no trade clause. 8 seasons and with current team 4 yrs to be eligible. James previous stint in Cleveland applies to a no trade clause.

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"We are very fortunate to have a championship group together," said Griffin. "One that has grown organically to trust, and sacrifice for one another - on and off the floor. At the core of that group is LeBron. His leadership, passion and tireless commitment are the hallmarks of our success and have inspired our entire franchise. His connection and dedication to his community and this fan base are absolute. We share his determination to win at the highest level and can't wait to get back to work, together to defend our title."
According to Paul, next season James will make $33.3 million, topping Michael Jordan’s NBA single-season record of $33 million with the Bulls in 1997-98. His third season, if he opts in, is for $35.6 million. It has long been a goal of James to 1) Lead the NBA in salary for a single season; 2) Break Jordan’s record for the NBA’s all-time No. 1 salary. With the Larry O’Brien Trophy now residing in Cleveland, he’s accomplished his most important tri-fecta.
""I just want to let y'all know I'm re-signing back with the Cleveland Cavaliers, my hometown team," James said on Uninterrupted, his Internet and social-media video platform for athletes. "I can't be more excited than this opportunity once again, man, to defend our crown, defend our title. We all know last year as a magical, inspiring-- all the words you can come up with-- it was an unbelievable season. I just can't wait to get the group back together-- the team, the franchise, more importantly, get everybody together, the fans.
Rick Noland: LeBron James on Uninterrupted: "I can’t be more excited for this opportunity, once again, man, to defend our crown, defend our title. We all know last year as a magical, inspiring— all the words you can come up with— it was an unbelievable season. I just can’t wait to get the group back together— the team, the franchise. More importantly, get everybody together, the fans. Without you guys, without your passion and commitment, we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did this past season. I’m ecstatic.I can’t wait to see my guys. I can’t wait to get back out there in the wine and gold and just get the band back together.
ESPN Cleveland: Windhorst: Jordan and Kobe are the only players to make 30 mil or more in a year. LBJ could make 31 this year if he signed a 4 year deal
James is one of several members of the Cavs from last season's championship team that remain unsigned, including J.R. Smith and head coach Tyronn Lue. James is currently traveling and spending time with family. He will meet with agent Rich Paul and go over his contract options at some point but there is no rush, sources said.
Team officials have reached out to the camp of James for an answer to no avail, sources say. However, there are some officials within the organization who don't view the situation as a concern. James will eventually put the pen to the paper, but his hesitancy is unclear at the moment. The day of the championship parade, James told he was returning to defend the city's first professional title in 52 years.
Ramona Shelburne: James, sources said, is not willing to take less than the maximum contract he can sign with the Cavs, who are so far above the luxury tax threshold that they could only offer Wade their $3.5 million mid-level exception. Being over the luxury tax threshold also means the Cavs couldn't do a sign-and-trade for Wade.
Marc Stein: Teams are still calling to check on the unsigned LeBron James, but I'm told agent Rich Paul politely informs them James is staying a Cav
James, the MVP of the 2016 Finals, could sign a two-year contract worth $56.3 million in July and opt out next season when he could sign a long-term deal with full Bird rights when the salary cap is projected to jump from $94 million in 2016-17 to $107 million in 2017-18. However, if James took that route, he is not able – under the current collective bargaining agreement – to a sign a five-year deal worth $200 million in the summer of 2017, three league executives told USA TODAY Sports. The people spoke on condition of anonymity because the free agency period hasn't started.
It’s because of an obscure clause in the collective bargaining agreement known as the “over 36 rule.” The rule is complicated, but in essence, it prevents teams from giving four- or five-year deals to players who are unlikely to play the life of the deal with no salary cap consequences.
If James opts out following the 2016-17 season, Cleveland will have full Bird rights and can sign James to a five-year deal worth $202.6 million. The Cavs will be the only team that can offer him five years and 7.5% raises next July. The contract would start at $35.2 million for 2017-18 and keep rising until it hit $45.8 million for the 2021-22 season.
But James has other options, too. Since Cleveland does not have full Bird rights on James now – just early Bird rights – it can only sign him this offseason to a four-year contract worth $137.7 million. If James decided to leave Cleveland after next season, he could sign a four-year, $150.4 million deal with another team.
ESPN Cleveland: Windhorst: I believe LeBron will sign another one year deal with the #Cavs. That sets him up for a big contract next summer.
If James agreed to a four-year deal now, it would be worth about $138 million, costing him nearly $100 million (in terms of the value of the contract) over what he could get if he signs a one-year deal with the Cavs now and then signs that big contract next summer. So if waiting a year to hit that $31 million number is OK with James, signing another short-term deal may still be his best option. There is also the stability of the Cavs to consider. Things can change so quickly in the NBA – injuries can ravage a team, coaches can fall out of favor, chemistry can grow stale.
Chris Broussard: On 7/1, James becomes free agent for 3rd straight year. Tho James said he'll return 2 Cavs, Paul gave no timetable for signing of new deal. With huge salary cap increase, James is eligible for max salary of roughly $30 million. Exact amount not known until July 7.
Those technicalities include perhaps leaving $3 million on the table if he wants what is his now-customary one-year contract plus a player option with the Cavs, as he's signed the past two summers. James is not expected to pick up his player option for next season, which is $24 million. If James takes another one-year contract from the Cavs, he would make $27.5 million for next season. This is because the Cavs don't have salary-cap space and don't have James' full Bird rights, which limits the size of the raise he can get. Another team with cap space -- and there are more than 20 of them -- could give James $30.8 million for next season.
The only way James could get $30.8 million next year from the Cavs is if he took a two-year deal under league rules. In this case, he could sign for two years and $64 million. James has been planning to take one-year contracts until the summer of 2017, when an even higher salary cap and potential new collective bargaining agreement rules would enable him to sign one of the largest deals in professional sports history if he wanted to.
"I love it here. I love being here. I love my teammates," James said. "Obviously my agent will take care of all the logistical things but, I'm happy. I've got no plans to go nowhere." James can become a free agent if he decides not to exercise the one-year, $24 million player's option in his contract. He will all but certainly decline the option on June 29 so he can get a raise from the Cavs -- he can make upward of $30 million next season under a new contract. Free agents can begin negotiating with teams July 1 and can sign July 7. His agent, Rich Paul, echoed his comments to as the parade was starting to roll, adding that he had yet to fully dig into James' next contract and left open the possibility that James could seek a longer deal than his usual one-year deals with a player option for a second.
As James explained before the parade, where he would be serenaded, over and over, by an astounding million-plus people along the route, "this is the happiest time in my life right now."
Not that it should come as a surprise, but LeBron James fully intends to return to the Cavs to defend the NBA championship they just won next season. "I love it here. I love being here. I love my teammates," James told, moments before he boarded a float at The Q for the Cavs' championship parade through downtown Cleveland. "Obviously my agent will take care of all the logistical things but, I'm happy. I've got no plans to go nowhere at this point."
James, 31, can become a free agent if he decides not to exercise the one-year, $24 million player's option in his contract. He will all but certainly decline the option on June 29 so he can get a raise from the Cavs -- he can make upwards of $30 million next season under a new contract. Free agents can begin negotiating with teams July 1 and can sign July 7.
Marc Stein: Dirk Nowitzki faced a Wednesday deadline to make his opt-out call. LeBron James, by contrast, has until June 29 to make his free agency decision.
So there’s no doubt James eventually will have a wandering eye, and he’s on record as saying the Garden is his favorite building and that he wished he could play all 82 games there. It’s just a matter of when. If he doesn’t opt out, he would make $24 million next season. If he opts out and signs another two-year deal with an opt-out, he’d make $30 million next season with the cap’s huge rise. It’s a no-brainer. For now, he can gloat about proving all his critics wrong — those who came out in force after the Cavs fell behind the Warriors 3-1.
First a shower then into the night, a three-time champion already on the lookout for a new challenge. "I want to continue to be great. I want to continue to lead the 14 guys that I got on my team. I want to continue to lead this franchise. I got to continue to be great," James said. "That's it. I owe that to myself. I'm true to myself. I'm my biggest critic. All the other conversation that goes on out there, yeah, that's fine and dandy, but I'm my biggest critic. I owe it to myself to continue to be great."
One more victory, one more magnificent night at Oracle Arena, and James will get to run off with his buddies again somewhere warm. Miami. Los Angeles. Wherever. There’s a restlessness about James that craves the next big move, the next power play. Franchises are on watch again, believing nothing’s forever in Northeast Ohio. Sooner or later, there’s a belief that James comes into play again, a line of thinking that his inner circle has done nothing to dissuade. As for James himself, well, he has gone so far as to publicly describe an end-of-career scenario that doesn’t include Cleveland.
The Cavaliers thought it was possible LeBron would leave – if they flamed out in the playoffs. But maybe they had the situation backward. Stephen A. Smith of ESPN: I’ll drop one other tidbit of information, because people have been ignoring what I’ve been saying. I’ve hinted around it for months as you well know. But I’m going to say this again. LeBron James promised the city of Cleveland, “I’m coming back to bring you that elusive title that has escaped this city since 1964.” He never said anything about staying once he does accomplish that.
Stephen A. Smith: I’m in Miami last week. I’m in Miami a few months ago. Skip Bayless, I’m hearing about a return to Miami if this man wins. He ain’t going nowhere if he loses. But, if he wins, his options are open. LA, but especially Miami, a return to South Beach. Look man, there’s a lot going on. And there’s a lot riding on him winning. Losing changes everything, because it keeps there in Cleveland. But more importantly, it keeps him stuck, because he knows he can’t leave until he fulfills his promise. And if you can’t because you’re not a champion, that’s far worse than just choosing to stay because you want to. It’s going to get very interesting. Keep your eyes on it.
DeRozan (Raptors), Durant (Thunder) and LeBron (Cavaliers) are still under contract with other NBA teams, and they will be until July 1. Johnson is a Lakers Vice President. That’s clearly tampering. Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, an employee of an NBA team can’t permissibly “induce, persuade, or attempt to entice, induce or persuade, any Player who is under contract to, or whose exclusive negotiating rights are held by, any other Member of the Association to enter into negotiations for or relating to his services or negotiate or contract for such services.” Johnson often doesn’t sound like a Lakers executive, and the role is probably ceremonial. But Drake got the Raptors fined for recruiting Durant. Drake obviously isn’t integral to Toronto’s basketball operations. But he holds a title – Global Brand Ambassador – with the team. Why wouldn’t the same rule apply to Johnson?
The organization is confident James won't leave again, but officials acknowledge it would be at least a slight possibility if Cleveland flames out. If he stays, James will have the clout to order another reconstruction. People who know James see a 31-year-old facing his basketball mortality -- watching a rival in Oakland seize the league and shorten James' championship window. If LeBron thinks he's running out of time, this specific group of stars has two months left to prove it can win at the highest level. These Cavs should make the Finals, but can they do more?
If they lose again, I'd bet big on Love being elsewhere -- a split that might end up the best thing for everyone. Cleveland and Boston had trade talks for Love at the deadline, though they died with Boston offering a low-ball package the Cavs wouldn't consider, according to several league sources. Even if Boston's interest has faded, someone will call Cleveland about Love around the draft. Wiggins has more trade value than Love now, but that deal was the right move at the time.
James told Bleacher Report's Howard Beck last month, in a story published last week, about his desire, before his career is over, to play with his close friends Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul. James said he would like to play with them for "at least one, maybe one or two seasons ... I would actually take a pay cut to do that," as he put it. "It would be pretty cool. I've definitely had thoughts about it." Say what? I don't think James was saying he would leave Cleveland in June for, say, Miami or Los Angeles. But I don't think he was saying something off the cuff. He has thought about this, and he wants it to happen -- or at least as much of it as possible. Maybe not Wade, but Anthony and/or Paul, for example.
Also, the comments were made in an interview that was conducted a few days before All-Star weekend, a rare time when nothing controversial was going on around the Cavs. The words were not intended as a slight to James' current teammates, nor should they be interpreted as the latest sign that James already is plotting another exit strategy from Cleveland. Nonetheless, there's a deeper meaning behind them that people on every side of the issue should understand.
Decisions have been made, trades forced, contracts signed, fates chosen, taking the teen stars down starkly different paths. The bond endures. The vision of a James-Anthony partnership does, too. "I really hope that, before our career is over, we can all play together," James said. "At least one, maybe one or two seasons—me, Melo, D-Wade, CP—we can get a year in. I would actually take a pay cut to do that."
Maybe at the end of their careers, James said. Maybe sooner. One more ring chase, this time with everyone on board. "It would be pretty cool," James said. "I've definitely had thoughts about it." Before bounding away, he smiles and closes with a coy chirp: "We'll see."
Earlier on Monday, it was revealed by Twitter user "kanyecobain," through some sleuthing on the app version of that James had unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter on March 21. SI's Kenny Ducey, did his own testing and found that the results were accurate. James had indeed unfollowed the Cavs on March 21.
Only James truly knows the answer to why he unfollowed the Cavs. Unfortunately when a's Joe Vardon asked him about the unfollowing, he bypassed the question, refusing to comment. He then appeared to become flustered and wouldn't answer a more relevant basketball specific question, walking away and shaking his head after saying "My mind. I'm done."
Almost immediately, speculation outside The Q began that this was another cryptic message from James on Twitter – and there's been a lot of those this month – signaling his intention to potentially leave Cleveland for a second time, which he could theoretically do this summer by opting out of his two-year, $47 million contract this summer and becoming a free agent. According to a source close to James who discussed the matter with him Monday night, that's not why James unfollowed the Cavs. He did it as part of his process to prepare for the playoffs. There is precedence for this. James puts away all forms of social media once the playoffs begin, to cut all distractions and sharpen his own focus on the task ahead. He calls it Zero Dark 23. He did it last year.
James also unfollowed the Twitter account of Austin Carr, the Cavs' in-game analyst for Fox and a team legend, whom James admires. He parted ways with the account of ESPN Cavs reporter Dave McMenamin, and NBA reporter Chris Broussard, and Sports Illustrated'd Lee Jenkins. It was to Jenkins whom James dictated his essay announcing his return to Cleveland in the summer of 2014. In all, James unfollowed 14 accounts recently – he's down to 153 from 167. According to the source close to James, most were NBA media types and basketball-related accounts.
James is on a one-plus-one contract. "If LeBron James leaves Cleveland, here's where he goes: infamy," said Wojnarowski. "And that'll be the final stop of his NBA career. Absolute infamy if he left Cleveland a second time, which is why you should ignore any threats being made about him using that one-year contract to leave the Cavaliers again. Better than anyone else, James knows the consequences awaiting if he does that again and that's why you can count on him remaining with the Cavaliers."
Howard Beck: "LeBron James could leave Cleveland, but no, he's not leaving Cleveland again. Look, he signed a one-year deal, the one-plus-one, and he'll probably do it again this summer and every summer for the rest of his career because it's financially beneficial, and by the way it keeps the pressure on the Cavaliers."
Could LeBron leave the Cavs for a second time? ESPN's Stephen A. Smith says there's a possibility he might, according to what his sources are telling him. He first said so on Jorge & Izzy on ESPN Radio via The Big Lead: "What everybody who's close to him continuously reminds me of is: don't you dare take LeBron for granted or think he's trapped into staying in Cleveland just because he came back. Don't put it past him that he'll get so annoyed that he'll leave again if he feels like he's being taken for granted, ran into the ground and, essentially, misused."
Smith expanded on that point on ESPN's first take on Friday, saying that while he doesn't think Lebron will leave, he wouldn't be surprised. The clip occurs about 11 minutes into the following clip: "I will tell you this: LeBron never once promised to retire a Cleveland Cavalier. His mission is to come back and deliver a Championship to the city of Cleveland, I don't see him departing before that happens unless he believes there's no hope or something else happens with Dan Gilbert."
Sirius XM NBA: "I don't think he (LeBron) can leave Cleveland, I really don't" @Ethan J. Skolnick on #TheStartingLineup with @Frank Isola & @Mitch Lawrence
James signed his one-year, $23 million contract with a $24 million player's option for 2016-17 with the Cavs earlier Friday. Mo Williams, a former teammate of his in Cleveland from 2008-2010, signed his one-year, $2.1 million free agent contract with a player's option for 2016-17 with the Cavs and then attended James' movie premiere.
Ken Berger: LeBron does the expected with a two-year deal, player option for 2016-17, source says. He can opt out next summer and reap the TV windfall. James' deal with the Cavs is worth $47 million. When he opts out next summer, he'll be in line to make more than $30 million/year.
Chris Broussard: Sources: despite becoming free agent, @LeBron James will not visit other teams. He will re-sign with Cavs later this summer.
James' foreseeable future is in Cleveland. With the ability to opt out of the two-year deal he signed with the Cavaliers last offseason, James must now decide just how much he wants to influence the Cavs as they enter a summer full of uncertainty and potentially massive spending. The Cavs prefer he give a lot of input. In past similar situations, James has skewed toward passive-aggressiveness from the shadows. Taking such a position now would only add to the anxiety the franchise is sure to feel.
For those reasons, virtually all of the signs point to James returning for another season, likely many more. What's left to be determined is how precisely that happens, though there is an obvious path for him to seek a new, one-year contract with a player option similar to the contract he signed last summer. The difference in salary for next season between his two primary choices – picking up the option on his current contract or signing a new short-term deal – is about $400,000. He'd make roughly $22 million in a new, short-term contract next season, with a player option in 2017 for about $23 million.
Predictably, that's where James' focus is today, and not on the business decisions waiting regarding his contract this summer. A secondary, but no-less-symbolic reason he's not thinking about his contract: James said last week he's "happy" in Cleveland. "Ha, I haven't even thought about that until you just said something," James told the Northeast Ohio Media Group. "I'll tackle all of that after the season, but, yeah, I'm happy where I'm at."
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