JW: Someone once told me you don't want to win a labor …

JW: Someone once told me you don’t want to win a labor negotiation in a rout. Both sides have to go back to their constituents, hold up their hands, say, ‘Look what we got!’ Do you believe that? Roberts: I wouldn’t mind routing the league, I’m not going to lie to you. [Laughs] Having said that, every negotiation—most negotiations I should say—end up with each side saying, ‘I wanted more or I gave away more than what I wanted to give away.’ That’s what the nature of negotiation is. A rout creates motives to be vengeful. Winning today may simply be winning today. One of the things that we are not doing is looking back. We’re looking forward. What’s helpful is realizing that what’s done is done. We need to worry about tomorrow. I wouldn’t sit here and lie to you and tell you I would not like to get 80% of BRI. That’s a rout. But I’ll settle for a fair deal.
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August 3, 2021 | 8:36 am EDT Update
Do you think we can finally retire all the tropes about Giannis? Like the things James Harden said about him? Is it time to get rid of that? Candace Parker: Yes and no. I think results do define legacy for some people. But at the same time: when you do it again? That’s different. People can still talk junk right now. Kawhi [Leonard] messed up his knee and he was out and the Clippers lost. Giannis messed up his knee and I don’t know how he came back from that. Every doctor I talked to said that’s a [torn] ACL and he should be done, yet he comes back and wins the championship. But is he a different player? He’s not different! He’s still doing the same thing! For now, it’s alright. But Brooklyn, man? Brooklyn’s waiting next year.
M3Linked, the first-of-its-kind franchise dedicated to cultivating business collaboration, announced today its official partnership with NBA legend James Worthy. The Michigan-based brand that is revolutionizing the act of business collaboration in communities from coast to coast has welcomed Worthy as not only a member but as a partner to its LA community and an ambassador.