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Derek Bodner: Nerlens Noel: "No, I'm not surprised (to still be a Sixers)." Says he's happy to be one as well.
The 76ers center wants clarity about his future. He loves Philadelphia and his Sixers teammates. But after three years of watching his team tank, after years of wondering how he fits in, Noel said Sunday he needs for his current situation to change. "I think it's just silly . . . this situation that we are in now with three starting centers," Noel said on the eve of the Sixers' media day. "With the departure of [former general manager and president] Sam Hinkie, I would have figured that management would be able to get something done this summer."
Noel said that he's not asking to be traded or demanding that the Sixers trade someone else. He just wants them to hurry up and do the inevitable. "I feel like it definitely needs to be figured out," he said. "I think at the end of the day, again, you have three starting-caliber centers. And it's just not going to work to anybody's advantage having that on the same team. That's how I'm looking at it. I'm not opposed to anything, but things need to be situated."
Colangelo later denied that the team has been shopping the big men. He said that teams reached out to the Sixers about them. "I know I was shopped," Noel said. However, a source said that the Sixers turned down several offers for Noel.
There’s a solid chance that the Sixers will trade Noel or/and center Jahlil Okafor this season. But if he stays, Sixers coach Brett Brown says Noel will be an asset for the team that also features center Joel Embiid.
Keith Pompey: Sixers coach Brett Brown on the three centers: "I'm going to coach them until I'm not." Team looked to trade Nerlens Noel & Jahlil Okafor.
Brand, the No. 1 overall pick in the 1999 NBA draft, is a two-time NBA All-Star. After announcing his retirement from basketball in August 2015, new Sixers CEO Jerry Colangelo signed Brand in January to take a leadership role in the Sixers’ locker room. The Sixers have had periodic trade talks this summer involving Noel and Okafor and plan eventually to move one of them, league sources said. Philadelphia doesn’t believe the two players’ talents are complementary.
Based on Nerlens Noel’s social media posts recently, it appears he’s taking such sentiments to heart. And if he is indeed on the move, he’s more than open to the idea of playing for his hometown team -- the Boston Celtics. On his Twitter page, Noel’s bio reads, “#BostonStrong – Former Kentucky Wildcat – Current Philadelphia 76er!!” The Everett, Mass., native has a similar message on the bio page of his Facebook account as well. Who refers to the team they play for as “current?” A player who wisely suspects that “current” label will become “former” sooner rather than later.
The Philadelphia 76ers have a logjam at the big positions in Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel. "There's no question you can look at our roster and say we have some unbalance," said Bryan Colangelo. "We're top heavy. We have some good talent there."
Talks for Philadelphia power forward Nerlens Noel, the sixth pick in the draft two years ago, fell apart on draft night — per sources, Terrence Ross was in play, but the Raptors asked for more. Another move seems likely. LeBron James still rules the East, but the Raptors may as well try to make him sweat.
The Raptors will need to move at least one big deal to have any hope of retaining both DeMar DeRozan and Biyombo, and teams will call about DeMarre Carroll. Toronto has already approached Philly about a deal sending out a rotation player -- perhaps Terrence Ross, and other goodies -- in exchange for Nerlens Noel, who could then assume Biyombo's backup center role, according to league sources. The talks haven't gained much traction yet.
"I think everybody (in Philly is) overvaluing those two guys," an NBA source said of Noel and Okafor four hours before the draft began. It's also conceivable that other clubs are undervaluing Noel and Okafor. If that's the case, the Sixers would benefit if something changed at least one team's mind.
Kris Dunn already has said he wants to play for the 76ers. The Sixers, who are interested in acquiring the third pick, have an interest in the former Providence point guard.The Sixers are known to be shopping players, primarily centers Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel, and sources say the Celtics want the Sixers to include Noel in any deal with them.
According to Bryan Colangelo, they are still working on trying to determine how to resolve the Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor front court situation. “We’re still working on that every day. We’re not going to make a bad deal so we’re going to do everything we can to make the right choice if we decide to ultimately move one,” Colangelo said about his big men. “We’ll try to make the right deal for the organization.”
Okafor has played and produced on offense. Noel has played and produced on defense. The evidence from 2015-16, though, is that they don't fit well together, leading to trade talks. "I don't know that there's a likelihood," Bryan Colangelo said. "I can't put a number on it. I would just simply tell you that there's been conversations and there's been a lot of interest expressed in some of the players that we have, but nothing that's made enough sense to pull the trigger on. We've talked about the five position in particular."
A source has confirmed that the Sixers have had multi-player trade talks with the Atlanta Hawks. Yahoo Sports reported that the teams are discussing a deal centered around packages that include the Sixers center Nerlens Noel and Hawks point guard Jeff Teague. Noel will enter the final year of his rookie deal next season. Meanwhile, Teague will become a free agent following the 2016-17 season.
Atlanta and Philadelphia are discussing a possible trade centered on Hawks guard Jeff Teague and 76ers center Nerlens Noel, league sources told The Vertical. The sides have discussed the deal recently, but an agreement isn’t imminent, sources said.
For Philadelphia, there has been strong interest over the past year in acquiring a high-end starting point guard. The 76ers have the No. 1 overall pick in the June 23 NBA draft and will likely select Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram, but have a glut of talent in the frontcourt, including Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid and potentially Dario Saric.
Sources told ESPN that the Sixers are determined to gauge the trade market for both Okafor and Noel and are increasingly likely to move at least one of them in conjunction with the draft, in which Philadelphia holds the No. 1 overall selection for the first time since selecting Allen Iverson in 1996.
With that in mind, NBA insider Chad Ford doesn't think the Sixers will wait. In fact, in an interview for 97.3 ESPN, the veteran reporter went on to describe the possibility of either Okafor or Noel being traded before the 2016-17 season as likely. Chad Ford: I think that there's a very high likelihood, that whether it's to move up in the draft or use them to grab a free agent in a sign and trade or just to a trade, that you will not see the Nerlens Noel-Jahlil Okafor pairing at the start of next season. I think that they'll gauge the interest of both players. I think that there might be a slight preference for Noel, to keep him around with the Sixers, and I think you might be right, there might be a slight, better value for Okafor out on the market, but I think everyone agrees that that combination of those two players doesn't necessarily work.
Ford: The Sixers needs to pick up assets, especially if they're gonna go ahead and do a Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram with the first pick in the draft. Then they're gonna need those assets to start to fill out their backcourt, because the 24th pick and [the 26th pick], you're not finding starters. I'm not even sure that you're necessarily finding rotation players at that back end of the draft that are gonna make big impact, so they're gonna have to do that via free agency or via trade, and I think either Okafor or Noel — I don't think they'll trade both — but one of those two is probably their best trade chip.
Bob Cooney: Sam Hinkie: "A fair bit of interest (in Okafor and Noel at trade deadline). They understand that we were much more likely to keep them."
"Everything will come down to Joel Embiid. That's the big question," said the executive, who asked not to be identified. Embiid has been sidelined for the second consecutive season after foot surgery. "If Embiid can play, then in my opinion, they will have to trade Okafor, because Embiid and Okafor cannot play together," he added. "If Embiid can't play, then they have to decide whether to keep both Noel and Okafor. But the combination hasn't worked out.
Rick Ruhl: I see Noel getting moved, team like the Celtics this year. Okafor is center piece. Tom Moore: Hear the Celtics like Noel.
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Asked if he’d like to see D’Angelo Russell sign an extension before the season begins, Taylor said it might benefit both sides to hold off and see how the 2022/23 season goes. “(Finch) believes that with the new lineup, and with Russell in that lineup, that he’ll have a much better year just because of the way we’re going to play,” Taylor said. “He says he thinks there’s a big upside for Russell with this group of (players). That’s to his advantage and to our advantage if it works out.”
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