JM: So, is it safe to say the Knicks will not be a "spa…

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JM: So, is it safe to say the Knicks will not be a “space and pace” team any time soon? PJ: It’s my feeling when everybody does the same damn thing it becomes, ‘Who has the best Rolls Royce? Who has the best, fastest stock car in this race we are running?’ So if you have LeBron, wow, we’re going to do the same thing even though we don’t have the Rolls Royce? You have to be unique. You have to have something no one else is doing to have genius in this game. It becomes an ownership. I don’t care about the triangle. I care about systematically playing basketball. If the spacing isn’t right, if guys are standing on top of each other, if there aren’t lanes to be provided, or rebounders available to offensively rebound the ball, or we don’t have defensive balance when a shot goes up, all of these things are fundamental basketball. I follow it. I’m not railing, ‘This is inadequate’ or ‘This isn’t right.’ Just show me what will work. Are we running around for no reason? Can we hit the first cutter? Do we have the ability to hit the second option or are we just bypassing plays so someone can hit a 3-point shot? It doesn’t make sense to me.

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Jackie MacMullan: There have been reports you are frustrated that (Knicks coach) Jeff Hornacek isn't employing the triangle offense enough. Is that the case? Phil Jackson: No. But when they run it I want them to run it the right way. If you are going to do it, use your skills and run it the right way. I'm not frustrated at all. Derrick Rose missed three weeks of training camp (because of a civil trial). It's totally understandable where we are as a ballclub. We have guards that do a lot of stuff off the dribble. I want them to understand they can do things off the pass. It has to be a combination.
Ian Begley: Carmelo Anthony: "We're making adjustments offensively regardless of what we're running. At this point I'm getting tired of hearing about the triangle" Carmelo saying he's tired of hearing/talking about the triangle is something he's said before. FWIW: NYK hasn't run much of it this year.
Frank Isola: Prior to Saturday's home opener, Knicks had scored at least 111 points in a regulation victory 10 times over the previous two seasons. FYI: The Knicks barely ran the triangle vs. Memphis, won & scored 111 points. Two days later, Phil showed up at practice to talk triangle. Two scouts who watched a replay of Saturday's Knicks win said that Jeff Hornacek played to the team's strength and ran pick & rolls. Or as Hornacek, who is well aware of how sensitive everyone is about the offense, now refers to pick and rolls as "aspects of the triangle." Derek Fisher must be sitting at home thinking "aspects of the triangle... Damn, I should have thought of calling it that." And if the Knicks need a tutorial in anything it's defense, not offense.
It seems like Phil Jackson is playing an active role in helping the new Knicks learn the nuances of the triangle offense. He spent several minutes with Courtney Lee after practice Monday, diagramming different aspects of the triangle offense on a whiteboard. “It’s dope,” Lee said, calling Jackson the “Godfather of the Triangle.” “The man's got multiple rings and that’s what we’re trying to chase. He’s got a lot of knowledge and information, so it’s always good to pick his brain because you don’t know all the answers. There’s always somebody out there who knows more than you. And he’s one of those guys.”
Jeff Hornacek said Jackson has discussed the offense with a few players this season -- Jackson approached Lee for the tutorial on Monday. He's also occasionally attended coaches’ meetings to share some insight. “That’s good,” Hornacek said. “The more knowledge out there the better.”
Frank Isola: Jeff Hornacek admitted the Knicks can't run the triangle all the time and slow the pace because "guys don't like to run it." Ya don't say... Derek Fisher also knew the players didn't want to run the triangle. When Fisher altered it, Phil canned him.
Ian Begley: Jeff Hornacek wants the Knicks to look for opportunities to score early in the shot clock. "Obviously, we're going to run aspects of the triangle.... It's a good weapon to have the way you space the floor, that can lead to a lot of reads. That's what makes it difficult. It takes a while for guys to really learn it. But with that being said, I like to get the ball up and down the court, have more opportunities, pick up the pace so there will be a lot of early offense and then you can always get to the aspects of the triangle," Hornacek said in an interview with "The Hahn & Humpty Show" on ESPN 98.7 FM.
Of course, if Hornacek gets leeway to change the offense, he'll be given a liberty that wasn't afforded to ex-Knicks coach Derek Fisher. Fisher tried to push the pace last season and implement more drag screens and high ball screens but was met with resistance from Jackson, sources say. It was one of several sources of discord between Fisher and Jackson, according to people familiar with the dynamic. Fisher and Jackson also didn't have the type of "simpatico" relationship that Jackson said he was looking for in his next head coaching hire.
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