Q: What did you make of his “posse” comment? Jalen …

Q: What did you make of his “posse” comment? Jalen Rose: This isn’t the first time he mentioned it, but it’s the first time people are taking notice. He wrote about it in his book and how he would look back at the effect it had on LeBron, and he couldn’t have been more wrong. There was a level of elitism at play, not racism. The idea that this young player can’t take the future by his grasp and then be so wrong and yet double down, while your talking about a situation. For him to revisit the term, it was clearly meant in a demeaning way.
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Daryl Morey: Ben Simmon all in with Sixers

Tom Moore: #Sixers president of bball operations Daryl Morey: ‘My understanding is Ben is all in with the organization. We would expect the players to be willing to do whatever’s necessary.’ That’s how he answered if Simmons would work with shooting coaches the #76ers want this summer.
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