Utah's cap space can be used to make a robust in-season…

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Utah’s cap space can be used to make a robust in-season extension offer to either point guard George Hill or big man Derrick Favors. And … According to the latest rumbles in circulation on the matter, Hill has emerged as Utah’s priority here.

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It's interesting that Favors said "if that opportunity comes," because it implies that the Jazz haven't given Favors an offer yet that's reached his desk, so to speak. Favors became eligible for an extension on October 19. Then, Favors' agent Wallace Prather told The Salt Lake Tribune, "We are definitely open to talking."
Derrick Favors is also eligible to receive an re-negotiation extension on his deal, which has always seemed more likely. That's because Favors has two years left on his deal, making $11-12 million per year. If he chose to re-negotiate into a longer deal now, he could make more money (closer to his market value of $20-$25 million per year) in the next two seasons, and extend his financial security for longer. On the other hand, he might make fewer total dollars than if he were a free agent in 2018. For what it's worth, it probably doesn't work out to give both Hill and Favors a contract restructuring given the Jazz's current cap space.
Ryan McDonald: Derrick Favors is eligible for a contract renegotiation beginning today. Will be interesting to see if/when a deal gets done
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It’s looking more and more like the last professional sports league that will come to Las Vegas – if it actually ever happens – will be the NBA. The first league to embrace Sin City currently has no plans to expand or relocate. Meanwhile Las Vegas officials are working on attracting an MLB team and an MLS team over the next few years. Executives from the Oakland Athletics have made numerous trips to Las Vegas over the past year, looking at different locations for a possible $1 billion new stadium. A’s president Dave Kaval told the Las Vegas Review-Journal recently that they have reduced their list of potential stadium sites in Las Vegas from 20 to 10-12 and will release a list of the finalists sometime after the World Series.
He’s partnering with Raoul Thomas, an investment banker who is the founder and CEO of CGI Merchant Group, on a program to help athletes learn more about investments, particularly in real estate. “CGI’s educational platform allows us to fulfill our mission of creating equal generational opportunities for all,” Thomas said in a statement. “Wayne and I have each had our fair share of mentors throughout our careers, which is why we’re so passionate about paying it forward. Through this platform, we aim to mentor other athletes and entertainment professionals to break the stigma and make winning plays both in and out of uniform to secure long-term financial success.”
Ellington isn’t the first athlete turned money man — it’s the plot of HBO’s series “Ballers” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But Ellington’s role as a current athlete taking on this side project is a little unusual. “This program is going to allow guys to learn about investing before actually putting in money,” Ellington said. “…Yeah, I mean, having skin in the game, obviously, is a huge part. I would never vouch for anything and I would never try to get guys to do anything that I’m not doing myself.”