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New York Knicks president Phil Jackson’s public campaign to pressure Carmelo Anthony into waiving his no-trade clause is working to harden Anthony’s resolve to remain with the franchise, league sources told The Vertical. “[Jackson’s underestimating ‘Melo’s willingness to stay,” a source familiar with Anthony’s thinking told The Vertical.
Anthony has privately told teammates, too: He refuses to let Jackson run him out of the Knicks. The Knicks have contacted three teams – the Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers – about possible Anthony trades. The Clippers and Cavaliers have interest, but only in cobbling together packages that include role players, league sources told The Vertical.
Barkley also criticized New York Knicks president Phil Jackson for his role in the Carmelo Anthony trade fiasco. "He's trying to piss Carmelo off enough that he accepts a trade. Very simple. Carmelo has a no trade (clause), and he's trying to make him so mad that he accepts a trade. That's the only thing it can be. I mean, he gave him a no trade, there's nothing he can do about it, he wants to start rebuilding and he can't do it as long as Carmelo's there."
Sources told Stein and Shelburne the Cavaliers maintain an interest in Anthony, but only if a deal can be struck without the Cavs surrendering Love. Anthony has a no-trade clause and would need to waive it before any deal can be consummated.
Ian Begley: This Phil Jackson tweet references an article that is critical of Carmelo Anthony. It's more evidence that Phil wants to trade Anthony. - RT: Phil Jackson: Bleacher's Ding almost rings the bell, but I learned you don't change the spot on a leopard with Michael Graham in my CBA daze.
League sources did say that the Cavs did initially express interest in Anthony if the cost in trade were lower, but that nothing new has been discussed in some time and that the team is not looking for a deal for Anthony. They are looking to bolster their bench for a title run this year and have been exploring options to add a big man to their bench and a point guard for depth.
Noah has grown close to Anthony, and they worked out a lot over the summer with visions of a big season that is now on the precipice of falling apart. The Knicks’ starting center said Anthony isn’t looking to leave and indicated if he did go, he would be forced out by management despite his no-trade clause. “I think Melo’s a great teammate, cares about the guys,” Noah said. “He’s definitely going through a lot with the rumors. New York is a crazy place to play basketball. I know he loves it here, and he’s staying in the moment, and we’re here for him.”
It’s no secret, though, that Carmelo Anthony is being shopped. If he agrees to waive his no-trade clause and is moved it would signal that the Knicks are rebuilding. But Noah doesn’t want to see that happen. “I think Melo’s a great teammate,” Noah said. “He cares about his guys. He’s somebody who is definitely going through a lot right now, a lot of rumors. New York is a crazy place to play basketball. I know he loves it here. Just staying in the moment — we’re here for him.”
Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony apparently do have something in common: LeBron James as an ally. According to a league source, LeBron is the one pushing the Cleveland Cavaliers front office to acquire Carmelo even if it means trading Kevin Love, which is something Cavs management is opposed to doing. Jackson is hoping to move Anthony prior to the Feb. 23 trading deadline and one player the Knicks have targeted is Love, who had 23 points with 16 rebounds in Cleveland's win over the Knicks last Saturday.
Any deal for Anthony would require the Knicks’ leading scorer to waive his no-trade clause and the consensus is that Anthony would agree to play for the defending champs and his long-time friend LeBron.
The Cavs could look to recruit a third team but Cleveland is in no hurry to part with Love, an All-Star this season who is also younger than Anthony and serves a specific role on the team. And while Cleveland doesn't want to alienate the NBA's best player, the Cavs do have James under contract through the 2017-18 season.
Austin Dail: Steve any updates on the Melo situation? Hope you have a good weekend. - Steve Kyler: Was told recently - this week - Melo not going to waive his no trade, does not care what Phil wants. He wants to be a Knick.
PAUL F. COCOZZA: ANY chance Dolan spoke to Melo & said one way or other Phil is gone this summer. Melo get Paul as free agent. Other FA? - Steve Kyler: Not from what I understand. I was told he's not willing to uproot his kids and family mid-season he has that option and plans to use it.
Regarding Anthony, there are rumors that the Knicks have tried to deal him to the Cavs for Kevin Love. And, of course, James has a lot of sway with the front office and . But he certainly hasn’t openly campaigned for Carmelo to join Cleveland. “I just want the best for my brother. And whatever case may rest for his future, if he’s here or elsewhere, I just want him to be happy,” James said.
I mention this because the New York Knicks keep trying to deal Carmelo Anthony for Love. They also are keeping that rumor alive because they are looking to trade Anthony to other teams.
The Knicks reportedly have continued to speak to the Cavaliers about a deal involving Kevin Love, but the NBA champs don’t want to trade one of their core players. James wouldn’t offer an opinion on Anthony’s situation or how he’s being treated by Knicks management, only that he wants his good buddy to be happy. “I just want the best for my friend,” James told Cleveland reporters Friday. “No matter what it is. If he’s there in New York or if not I just want the best for him, I want him to be happy.”
Despite the Clipper talk and reports of Boston having limited interest, league sources indicate that Anthony will likely still be on the team once the Feb. 23 trade deadline passes. After that, Jackson will have to wait until the draft to re-start his efforts to move Anthony. Not that Phil should count on that.
"I think it would make life harder for me on the court (if Anthony was traded)," Porzingis told the Daily News. "He makes stuff easier for me." Anthony and Porzingis have always been gracious and accommodating about each other's talents and egos. It's really just unfortunate timing that their career arcs don't align, a condition that, more than anything, has led to Jackson's two-year teetering between rebuilding and trying to contend.
So there are a lot of unknowns with Porzingis, despite the 'Unicorn' abilities, despite the projections to stardom. He has great chemistry with young center Willy Hernangomez, and together they buried the Nets on Wednesday while representing Jackson's greatest accomplishments as an executive. But is he ready to be the go-to guy and the focal point of the defense the same way Anthony is? "There's still a lot more things I want to learn from Melo," Porzingis told the News. "So I would love to have him around for a long time. I always love playing with Melo."
The New York Knicks continue to pursue Kevin Love in advance of the Feb. 23 trade deadline despite the Cleveland Cavaliers' unwillingness to part with the All-Star forward in a deal for Carmelo Anthony, according to league sources. Sources said the Cavaliers, meanwhile, do maintain an interest in Anthony -- which would pair him with Cleveland star and close friend LeBron James -- but only if a deal can be struck without the league's reigning champions surrendering Love.
The Knicks don’t have to trade Anthony to tank because they’ve proven to be bad with or without him. But even if the organizational problems extend well beyond his limitations, Anthony is accustomed to receiving the blame. “I know the situation: Good, bad or indifferent, it comes down to No. 7 and I accept that. I’m at peace with that. And that’s what helps me get through the day-to-days. It’s tough,” Anthony told The Vertical, “but I know what it is.”
Anthony said he hasn’t told the front office that he would only be willing to go to certain teams. But he and his superstar friends have talked about that happening at some point, and they’re playing for contenders, so it could be even more appealing. “Those considerations and thoughts will always be,” Anthony said. “That’s something we all think about as athletes, try to play with another. We talk about it from high school and college. These are conversations that we’ve had years before any of this ever came up.”
Anthony will be difficult to move because he also has a 15-percent trade kicker in his deal. He said his contact with the Knicks’ front office has been minimal. But he reiterated he would have to “consider” waiving the no-trade if the organization comes to him and says “they want to go in a different direction.” He said they haven’t told him that yet. “If it’s something that’s imminent that they want to come to me and talk to me about, I’m pretty sure I’ll get that meeting or get that phone call,” Anthony said. “There’s no conversations happening with me [and the front office] on a consistent basis or day-to-day basis.”
Steve Popper: Melo: "Every day is Melo said this, Melo said that. Melo hasn’t said anything yet. That’s what I will say, Melo hasn’t said anything."
But the C’s do have interest in Anthony for themselves, as well. They have for a long time. And it’s no doubt their attention gained an even greater degree when word filtered out that the Celts are one of the clubs for whom Carmelo would consider waiving his no-trade clause. The question in this case, and, really, in every case, is price. According to multiple sources, there have been, as of the weekend, no formal trade talks between the Celts and New York, but that was largely because the Knicks are believed to be asking a Melo’s ransom for the star.
Nor has Anthony ever expressed any interest in a homecoming in Washington with the Wizards (he grew up in nearby Baltimore). Even if he did, the Wizards certainly aren’t parting with John Wall or Bradley Beal, and have said they’ll match any offer for rising restricted free agent Otto Porter, who leads the NBA in 3-point percentage this season. And, again, even if Washington wanted ‘Melo, it’s hard to see New York jumping on a package of, say, Ian Mahinmi, Markieff Morris, Andrew Nicholson and a 2017 first-round pick.
The Knicks haven’t given up hope on including the Celtics as a partner in a potential deal for Carmelo Anthony, sending a scout to Saturday’s Celtics-Bucks game. While Celtics management told the Knicks they aren’t interested in the nine-time All-Star, the Knicks are pushing to move Anthony, according to an NBA source, and they’re intrigued by some of the Celtics’ players.
When Anthony approached the foul line in the first quarter Sunday in Atlanta, a Hawks cheering section started chanting “L.A. Clippers.” “He has control. Like anything else, talk is out there. He’s trying to focus on playing and helping his team win. At the end, he has the final say. He’s going to keep playing for us, and guys have to put all that stuff aside and keep playing,” Hornacek said before Anthony scored 45 points in 46 minutes in the Knicks’ 142-139 four-overtime loss to the Hawks on Sunday.
“I’m just feeling good about myself, about my body feeling healthy, being able to focus on basketball and not worried about everything else going out there. Once I’m on the court, I don’t hear that. I have to focus in a little more. When you get off the court, you have to start dealing with that. In between the lines is all about basketball,” Anthony said.
A report out of Boston, in contradiction to an ESPN story from Friday, stated the Celtics still have some interest, but as previously reported by The Post, Boston has no intention of giving up any of the first-round picks it controls from the Nets. They have their own picks that could work in a deal along with expiring contracts of Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko. Jackson is known to like defensive forward Jae Crowder. The Boston report stated the Knicks had a pro scout at the Celtics game in Milwaukee Saturday.
Green_Fever: We heard in BOS Celts had no interest in Melo. Is any trade rumor ever truly dead? Do Cs rly say "No. Never. Bye" Steve Kyler: I was told they don't view Melo as complimentary to what they are trying to build. Not everyone fits everywhere.
A source indicated that Knicks president Phil Jackson has instructed management to move Anthony, who has a no-trade clause but included the Celtics as one of the teams for whom he’d waive the clause. Boston could become part of a potential three-team deal that would send Anthony to another club, perhaps the Clippers. An NBA source said Celtics coach Brad Stevens would embrace coaching Anthony, but president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has rejected any deal. That hasn’t stopped the Knicks from scouting Celtics players just in case Boston is willing to become part of a trade.
The problem, however, is that Jackson is willing to deal Anthony without getting one of the Clippers top three players in return. As the Daily News reported on Thursday, Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are not part of the proposed package. Instead, the names being floated are Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers, two back-up guards with undesirable contracts. Or as one general manager told me on Friday, “if this trade happens, Phil could be sued for malpractice.”
Having Woodson on the staff and a close friend in Chris Paul could well lead Anthony to waiving his no-trade clause, especially since he has a second home in Los Angeles. According to sources, Jackson has had his fill of the Carmelo Era, but Anthony was not willing to delve into playing alongside Paul.
Anthony's patience is being tried, perhaps in ways even Ewing did not have to deal with when he was under the intense New York media microscope for 15 seasons with the Knicks. The Knicks star admitted that the drama can get to him. "You've got to deal with that, even though I try not to read it, and everywhere you go, even if you don't hear about it, somebody is telling you about it, somebody is saying something," Anthony said of the trade rumors and drama around him and the Knicks. "It can be mentally draining, mentally fatiguing."
It's time for Carmelo Anthony to get the hell outta New York and start winning championships ... so says Caron Butler, who wants to see 'Melo play for a REAL contender this season. TMZ Sports spoke with Butler about the trade rumors surrounding the 'Melo/Phil Jackson drama ... and he says all signs point to the Knicks moving on and building around young star Kristaps Porzingis.
Sources say that the Knicks, for their part, ‎are reluctant to absorb the three years and $42 million left on Crawford's contract after this season, which has led to the hunt for a third team that might be interested in Crawford. The Clippers, meanwhile, are hesistant to surrender the sharpshooting Redick even if they were at full strength in the backcourt, sources said.
The Knicks have also continued to try to assemble a workable trade that the Cleveland Cavaliers would consider for Anthony after ESPN.com first reported earlier this week that the Cavs rebuffed Anthony-for-Kevin Love proposals.
He does, among some league executives, carry a good reputation for the way he performed for Team USA in the three most recent Olympics, and some hope that he can transform his style of play with a winning team. But for the most part, general managers are wary when it comes to Anthony. “I think he is someone who can help the right team in the right situation, but he comes with a lot of baggage,” one general manager told Sporting News. “Is he willing to be a guy who fits into your system? He has never really done that, except in the Olympics. In the NBA, he has always had things built around him. That’s a problem if you get him at this point in his career. He is 32 now. He can’t do as many things as he used to do.”
Jackson signed Anthony, committed to him, praised him for taking a $5 million paycut and waited all of two years before taking digs at him. A scathing column by ex-Jackson assistant Charley Rosen a couple of weeks ago followed a CBS-sports televised critique of Anthony a month earlier. Rosen swears he wasn’t channeling his former boss when he declared that Anthony had outlived his usefulness in New York, but good luck finding many in and around the Knicks organization — including Anthony — who believe him.
A source confirmed the Knicks contacted the Clippers about an Anthony trade, but any deal would have great complexity because Blake Griffin can’t be on the Knicks roster at the same time as Derrick Rose because of an obscure rule in the collective bargaining agreement which holds that two players under a certain rookie contract extension can’t be paired on the same roster.
Jackson pursued Rivers as a free agent in the summer but was outbid. Rivers is the son of Clippers coach/general manager Doc Rivers, making such a maneuver complicated. The Knicks had some interest in Crawford as a free agent as he fits Jackson’s profile as a big guard.
According to a person with knowledge of the situation, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation, the Clippers have a strong interest in adding Anthony so long as they don’t have to give up one of their Big Three of Paul, Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. Considering they have made this clear to the Knicks, the illuminating part is that the conversation didn’t die right there.
With the Knicks known to think very favorably of 24-year-old Clippers guard Austin Rivers (career-high 11.9 points per game this season), and with various combinations of trade scenarios known to include other players like veteran shooting guard J.J. Redick (who will be a free agent this summer) and super sixth man Jamal Crawford(who signed a three-year, $42 million deal last summer), it seems clear that the Knicks’ interest level in parting ways with Anthony is growing by the day.
Brad Turner: Knicks were team to reach out to Clippers, who listened, but not willing to move CP, BG or DJ in a deal
Storyline: Carmelo Anthony Trade?
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