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More on Mason Plumlee Extension?

Adrian Wojnarowski: Portland gets size/strength, spares paying Plumlee extension this summer; Denver gets a good passing center to play with Jokic.
For Plumlee, the benefit of waiting to test the free agent market is a rising salary cap in 2017 and the chance to showcase his ability for one more season, while the benefit for the Blazers is a bigger sample size upon which to make an offer. “I’ve always thought your value can go up if you play on a good team,’’ Plumlee said. “When you are in the playoffs and GMs on losing teams look at you … everybody looks good on a winning team. We are a better team this year than last year, and I think my value could go up over the season.’’
First-round picks in their fourth season are eligible for extensions before the Oct. 31 deadline. Plumlee will now play out this season and will likely become a restricted free agent in July, providing the Blazers make a qualifying offer before June 30, which is extremely likely, if not certain. By extending a $3.4 million qualifying offer, the Blazers will retain the right to match any free agent offer in the summer of 2017.
Neil Olshey, the Blazers’ president of basketball operations, said this week he has “dabbled” in extension talks with Plumlee’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, but feels no rush before the Oct. 31 deadline. Bartelstein, meanwhile, says he remains in “constant” contact with Olshey about Plumlee, but their talks haven’t gained traction. “I can’t say whether or not we will get something done or not,’’ Bartelstein said Tuesday. “We are fine either way, we really are. If we get a deal done now that works for both sides, great. If not, we will revisit it in the summer.’’
“I’ve been pretty consistent with this: I don’t have extension discussions -- unless it’s a no-brainer max discussion – until the week that the deadline hits,’’ Olshey said. “But unless it’s a no-brainer Damian Lillard max (contract), or a no-brainer CJ max, nothing gets done over the course of four months that can’t get done over the course of four days.’’
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