But in a podcast released Tuesday with The Vertical, Fi…

But in a podcast released Tuesday with The Vertical, Fisher – who is looking for another job on an NBA bench or front office – was no longer pushing back at the idea that the Knicks changed their perception following the incident. “It’s possible and I can understand why just on appearance you would be viewed differently,” Fisher told The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski. “Hindsight is always 20/20.”

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Fisher said he flew from New York to L.A. on a Saturday to spend Sunday with his children during training camp of last season. On Saturday evening, however, he went to the home of his girlfriend – Gloria Govan, the ex-wife of Barnes – and was attacked by his former Lakers teammate. He then tried to catch a red-eye home on Sunday, but an issue with the private plane caused him to miss the preseason practice.
“Looking back, I don’t regret going to see my kids on Sunday. But I shouldn’t have put myself in a position where what happened that Saturday night happened,” Fisher said. “As a coach, if a player had come to me and said, ‘I want to spend the day with my kids’ − as long as he was back to practice on Monday, I would’ve supported that. Then if I had read about something happening to him Saturday night, I would’ve been disappointed as well. Looking back at it from that perspective, I hate that I put myself in a position where I became the focal point.”
NBA Central: Peep Matt Barnes comment pic.twitter.com/BBMQOKh4tn

Dating Govan, mother to former Lakers teammate Barnes' twin sons, has also left a massive stigma on him in league circles. Two NBA players familiar with Fisher said they could not trust him the same way because of an unwritten code not to get involved with teammates' families. "If the worst thing someone has to say about me," Fisher said, "is that I'm now going out with a woman who used to be married to this guy I worked with for a year six years ago…"
Baron Davis is trying to return to the NBA too and Derek Fisher is open to the idea. Have you been in contact with them or any other player who is looking for an NBA comeback? Stephen Jackson: First, I don’t talk to Derek Fisher. He’s not my type of guy. Matt Barnes is my buddy. I really don’t believe in playing with a guy… You know two or three years on a team and then dating his wife. That’s just something NBA players don’t do. I never believed in that. He went against the code 100 percent. On the other hand, Baron is my brother, we talk every day. We’ve been close friends since we were 16 years old. I really think Baron Davis could come back to the NBA. Baron was dominant for a long time in the league.
Amid new rumors of Derek Fisher possibly returning to the NBA as a player, Barnes opened up about their well-documented brawl over the former Knicks coach's romantic relationship with Barnes' ex-wife, Gloria Govan. "To be honest with you, whether the NBA fines me or not, I'm a man and I'm gonna do what a man's gonna do," the 6-foot-7 swingman said Wednesday on "Brown and Scoop" on CBS Radio's Play.it. "I'm a man and to me that was 100 percent wrong, so I reacted on it. So that doesn't make me a bad person. I think any real man would've done the same thing that I did."
The 13-year vet said he actually received support for resorting to violence. "I got a lot of respect for it from men, from the NFL, Major League baseball, rappers, every player that you can think of, referees, GMs, owner, all said the same thing," Barnes said. He added, "It was a bad situation and I did what I did," he said, before suggesting he should've gotten away with it scot-free. "Like I said, I handled it like a man and it should have ended there, I shouldn't have gotten told on and snitched on and all this other kind of stuff, but it is what it is and it's in the past now."
Matt Barnes: “To be teammates at one point, we was cool, too–hang out, go to dinner, that kind of shit. To having a common bond–his daughter had cancer, my mom had cancer. We was cool so for him to come out and say we was just this or that, cool, whatever you need to say to make yourself feel better…It was a fucked up situation, but I told my ex, you can’t help who you fall in love with but you can handle it in a mature way….If he came to me as a man like, unfortunately this happened, I would have been mad that of all the people in the world she chose to fuck with someone I used to play basketball with. That’s my whole thing. So if you would have handled it the right way, I would have been cool…For me to find out on some bullshit that you pushed my buttons and called my bluff…
Matt Barnes: “The first thing that went through my head was this motherfucker’s around my kids. That’s first and foremost. If I don’t even know about the shit first of all, how are you in the house I paid for and around my children? I’m not putting all the blame on her, I’m not putting all the blame on him, it’s both of them. But like I said, as a man if you’re taking a penitentiary chance, which he took, you gotta think in real life. If I wasn’t an athlete… people have lost their lives over shit like that.
Matt Barnes: “When I tell you that I got love from people up in the NBA organizations, referees, GMs, head coaches, other players, from superstars, old players, NFL players, rappers, so many people hit me when that shit went down. He took a chance and he lost and we moved past that.
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Matt Barnes has social media accounts. With the D'Angelo Russell vs. Nick Young controversy raging in Los Angeles. He came in at Derek Fisher again off the top rope. Barnes basically had to step in and remind everyone who still has the craziest off court feud of the 2015-16 NBA season.
On Saturday evening, the night before his return flight, Fisher was involved in an ugly altercation with Matt Barnes, Govan's ex-husband and Fisher's ex-teammate. Barnes felt Fisher shouldn't be spending time around the couple's two 6-year-old boys without his blessing. The cops were called. They asked questions. Fisher was going to have to decide whether to press charges, and then whether to tell his bosses with the New York Knicks what happened. They were difficult choices in their own right but even more complicated when you consider that Fisher hadn't told anyone from the Knicks he was even going to Los Angeles for the weekend.
But shortly into the flight from Los Angeles, the plane developed mechanical problems. The decision was made to land in Las Vegas and swap planes -- but the jet was too heavy, having been loaded up with enough fuel to fly across the country. For two hours, sources told ESPN, the small charter plane carrying the Knicks coach had to circle the Las Vegas airport to burn off fuel. When it was finally safe to land, those in the traveling party were told they would have to wait a few hours to get a new plane to take them the rest of the way. With nowhere to go, they grabbed some pillows and blankets and slept on the floor of the private terminal. At that point, there was no way Fisher would be back in time for practice. He had to tell the Knicks what had happened over the weekend.
Matt Barnes: instagram.com/p/BCy_pRTrzai/
Derek Fisher: "First, let’s address this idea that I lost my job because of certain “character” or “integrity” issues. Not only is any such insinuation untrue, it’s downright offensive. The reality is that NBA coaches get fired for all sorts of different reasons. Coaches that have been at it much longer than I have — and have been far more successful than I was — have been fired. When the organization informed me of its decision, the conversation was short. The underlying message was that things weren’t working out the way they had hoped. I thanked management for the opportunity, and that was it. At no time did anyone at that meeting express to me that stories about my personal life were distracting from the collective task at hand, or — more important — that any of my players had expressed to management that they had lost confidence in me as their coach. Nothing remotely like that was ever brought up or discussed. That’s why I was shocked when stories like that surfaced in the media."
Derek Fisher: "As for my players, I was a guy that a lot of them had played against, so once I became their head coach, I think they had a tremendous amount of respect for my work ethic and dedication to righting the ship. They saw how hard I worked, how much time I put in. Many of them reached out to me after I was fired. I still hear from some of them. Unfortunately, when the Knicks made the decision to let me go, some people — particularly certain members of the media — decided to take advantage of what had happened in my personal life, spinning those events as justification for the team’s decision to fire me. Look, I get it … salacious gossip sells papers and garners clicks, but when you publish outright lies, I have a right to defend myself."
Derek Fisher: "So let’s set the record straight on my personal life — specifically, my relationship with Gloria Govan and how it relates to Matt Barnes. First, I was stunned and disappointed by the way Gloria was treated in the media. After the much publicized (and unfortunate) situation went down in Los Angeles last year, story after story was published that portrayed her as a piece of property, instead of the strong, independent woman and mother she is; someone who is capable of making her own decisions. This is a human being we are talking about, not some pawn in a game. As far as Matt goes, to say that we had history before the incident would be an exaggeration. We played together for the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2010–11 season, and a couple months in the lockout-shortened 2011–12 season. That’s it. That’s the history. During that time, we were teammates, and never had any issues. We never had any real relationship off the court, either. Our kids didn’t hang out, our families didn’t interact. There were no birthday parties. There were no post-game dinners. We weren’t friends and we had no mutual friends."
So while Barnes wasn't surprised his Instagram post blew up, he's no longer interested in discussing Fisher and potentially losing more money. "It kind of is what it is," Barnes told the Daily News Wednesday morning at Barclays Center. "People assume what they want to assume. I learned my lesson from talking and doing what I did. I got fined a lot of money. So I just kind of stay out of that situation now."
Matt Barnes threw a punch at Derek Fisher that cost him two games, but after the Knicks coach’s firing, Barnes posted a picture worth a thousand words. In the hour after Fisher was fired by the Knicks, Barnes took to Instagram to post a photo of himself staring into the camera with a look that pretty much said it all, no caption needed. Barnes and Fisher have been at war with each other ever since Oct. 3, when Barnes caught Fisher at the home of his estranged wife Gloria Govan.
Brett Dawson: "Violence is never the answer but sometimes it is" gets Matt Barnes fined. Pels at Grizz tomorrow. https://t.co/WqsQXDkJsH
Barnes, as promised, barely glanced Fisher’s way across the Knicks-Grizzlies matchup that marked the first time the love-triangle fighters were under the same roof since October’s backyard melee. Fisher stood the whole time Barnes was in the game. Maybe Barnes is saving it for the Feb. 5 Garden rematch. The Knicks coach, who grew up 90 minutes away in Little Rock, Arkansas, got booed heavily during pregame introductions. Fisher was decked out in all black — black suit jacket, dress shirt, pants and a black corsage-like apparel — as if dressed for a funeral.
Because of the Barnes situation, there is potential for a salty Memphis crowd. “It’s another game,” Fisher said. “We’re trying to win this game. [Carmelo Anthony] will be out so it will be more interesting for us as far as preparation, but we’re here trying to win. The benefit of me playing as long as I did is I’ve seen it all.’’
Fisher does not associate Memphis with Barnes’ new workplace. Memphis always has special meaning for Fisher, with Arkansas right across the Mississippi River. Fisher grew up in Little Rock, Ark., 90 minutes away, and also played college ball there. “I always get to see lots of friends and family,’’ Fisher said. “This is the closest to home that a person from there can get there. It’s always great with relatives. We’re all a basketball family. We’ll see how many Knicks fans there are tonight.’’
Ian Begley: Matt Barnes on Derek Fisher ahead of tonight's Knicks-Grizzlies game: "I just don't like him. Plain and simple. He knows I don't like him."
Matt Barnes says he's gotten support from many people after his incident with Derek Fisher: "It's an unfortunate situation. It happened, it's in the past," he said Saturday. "But there's support throughout the league, other leagues, GMs, owners. Entertainers. Actors. Everybody. It's been a great support." He added: "Everyone from the top to bottom would've done the same thing. When it comes to family, it's family. Unfortunately, you have to watch who you call friends these days. That's it."
On the eve of Fisher and Barnes being face-to-face for the first time since the LA rumble when the Knicks visit Memphis on Saturday night, the Grizzlies forward, when asked about his teammates rallying around him, made a list of people who liked his revenge move. “It’s been great — my teammates, organization, other guys throughout the league, people from his team, people from other sports, people from the entertainment world,’’ Barnes said. “I’ve gotten a lot of support throughout the whole situation. Unfortunately, I got suspended. That’s in the past. Now we are focused on playing against the players from the Knicks.’’
Frank Isola: Derek Fisher on whether he's thinks there could be trouble with Matt Barnes: "No I really don’t. We’re trying to win games and that’s really all that I’m thinking about as a coach. That’s my job and that’s what we’re going to do."
It’s safe to say Matt Barnes hasn’t forgiven Derek Fisher or forgotten the fallout from their love triangle brawl in Southern California. But the Grizzlies forward pledged to avoid his enemy during their match up Saturday, if only because he fears the Knicks coach will, to steal Barnes’ buzz word Thursday, “snitch.” “I don’t talk to snakes,” Barnes told the Daily News.
Clay Bailey: Hell, Barnes quote on 1st game vs. NYK & Fisher is worth repeating."I know I've got to keep my mouth shut, because he'll run and tell."
Clay Bailey: Barnes said of Fisher, "When I'm retired, him & I will cross paths again." Leading Chalmers to say "WOO. I'm Don King. Only in America"
Nevertheless, the NBA will make sure the regular security staff on the team benches and the game referees are aware of the sordid past. On Oct. 3, right after the Knicks held training camp at West Point, Fisher flew to L.A. to see his kids and attend a barbecue hosted by Govan. The reputedly hot-tempered Barnes attacked Fisher there, furious his former Lakers teammate was seeing his estranged wife.
Barnes, confirming an earlier report, also told ESPN he does not expect to have his suspension rescinded. "I appreciate the support I've got from not only my peers throughout the NBA but NFL & from the entertainment world," Barnes told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne. "It means a lot that the NBAPA has filed an appeal on my behalf, but I won't hold my breath. I've never had so much as a tech rescinded, I highly doubt I'll be reimbursed a dime of that suspension money!"
The National Basketball Players Association has filed a grievance on behalf of Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes to get his two-game suspension without pay rescinded, league sources told Yahoo Sports. The NBA suspended Barnes for a physical altercation with New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher in early October at the home of Barnes’ ex-wife in Southern California.
Barnes, 35, confronted Fisher and a physical altercation ensued. Barnes and Fisher had been good friends as teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers. Barnes is expected to serve the suspension in Tuesday's game against the Miami Heat and Saturday's game at the Utah Jazz. He will lose about $64,000 in salary because of the suspension.
Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson said Friday that he has no problem with what Barnes did because he would have done the same thing. “You don’t want nobody that’s been around you’’ dating your former girlfriend or wife, Gibson told Power 105.1 radio. “You crossing the line’’ by dating them. Asked what he would do if he was in a similar situation, he said, “I’m doing it, too,’’ referring to the attack.
But there is a bigger picture, even if it is one of perception. The head coach of an N.B.A. team is largely responsible for establishing and enforcing standards for player accountability, and now there are questions about what Fisher may have been up to when he left the team over the weekend to see his children, who live in Los Angeles, only to have the incident with Barnes occur at Govan’s home.
Fisher is free to date whomever he chooses, but rest assured there was widespread cringing inside N.B.A. headquarters when it was learned that he has been seeing the estranged wife of a current player, a former Los Angeles Lakers teammate. Shifting though it may be, there is a social line that authority figures should think about at least twice before crossing.
Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes said Thursday he went to his ex-wife's home to check on his 6-year-old twin sons, and not to confront New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher. Barnes told ESPN that he was at his home in Marina del Ray around 10 p.m. Saturday night when he got a text from his son Carter that immediately concerned him. "I'm like, first of all, why are you still up? It's like 10 o'clock at night?' " Barnes said. "So I text back, 'I love you and I miss you, too." Then I FaceTimed him. I'm just like, 'Hey, what's up buddy?'" "Now, Carter is like the rambunctious one. He's always jumping off the walls. And when I saw his face, he was just sitting there and I knew something was wrong. I was like, 'What's wrong, Carter?' and he shook his head, 'No.' Then he lays his head down on the couch, puts a pillow in front of his face and says, 'Mommy's friend Derek is here.'
The 17-win Knicks were the joke of the NBA last year. Fisher just made himself a punch line with the entire league. "It's a no-no," said one team official. "You don't date wives of players. A coach can't do that.
Barnes told friends that two people at the house – including a relative of his estranged wife – interceded on Fisher's behalf, sources told Yahoo Sports. Barnes found Fisher in the backyard with Gloria and family members, and the altercation escalated from there, into the kitchen and then the home's front room, one witness said. Fisher filed for divorce from his wife in March. Fisher is considering legal action for the incident, sources said, but had not yet filed any charges.
The Knicks, Grizzlies and NBA security have been made aware of the incident, and are expected to soon start working together on a probe of Saturday night's events. A significant part of the NBA's security department is overseas working closely with the league's preseason games in Europe, sources told Yahoo Sports.
Sources said Fisher was at the LA home of Gloria Govan — Barnes’ estranged wife​,​ who stars on “Basketball Wives LA” — on Saturday. Fisher and Govan have been dating for “a few months,” a source said, after Fisher filed to divorce his wife of 10 years, Candace, in March. But when Barnes learned that Fisher was at his former home with Gloria, he drove 95 miles to LA to “beat the s–t” out of Fisher, sources said.
A source close to Fisher ​confirmed the fight but said, “Matt came after Derek but he only had a few scratches … Derek’s not going to press charges, he’s going to let it go.” Fisher left the scene before cops arrived, and we hear that Govan’s planning to file a restraining order.
Adrian Wojnarowski: As @NYPost reports, there was physical confrontation between NY coach Derek Fisher, Griz's Matt Barnes Saturday in LA. NBA security is aware. NBA security didn't find out about an alleged Barnes-Fisher confrontation at home of Barnes' estranged wife until today, sources tell Yahoo.
Storyline: Barnes-Fisher Incident
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Young was 17-for-34 from the field even though he was just 4-of-13 on 3-pointers. “What I respect about Trae, he’s going to always stay aggressive,” McMillan said. “He continued to stay aggressive and take his shots, and tonight those shots were falling for him. I thought he did a good job of, again, reading the defense and getting the ball and putting the ball in the hands of guys who had their matchups.”
He had 37 points through the first three quarters but it was one of his assists that really had fans in awe. OK, a number of his plays in this game have been jaw-dropping, but this one pass to Collins was just ridiculous. Young dove to the hoop and at first appeared to take a shot but it quickly became clear that it was actually a lob off the glass to John Collins, who threw down a powerful dunk.