Two more free agents have become restricted as a result…

Two more free agents have become restricted as a result of receiving qualifying offers from their respective clubs. According to RealGM’s transactions log, the Mavericks have tendered a qualifying offer to Nerlens Noel, while the Jazz have given a QO to Joe Ingles.

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The season was a surprise, considering Ingles was told he’d be the ‘fifth wing in the rotation’, but the Utah Jazz’s injury woes proved to be a blessing in disguise for him. Even more fortuitous was the fact that he was in the midst of a contract year, turning his career season into a potential life-changer. With teams now expected to swoop for the league’s newest ‘three-point specialist’ — potentially offering up to eight figures, according to some NBA executives — the Adelaide-native has a clear preference. “I think the priority is Utah,” Ingles told “I loved it there.”
Ingles plans to head over to the States as July 1 approaches, and, if all goes to plan, he’ll have agreed to a new contract before sundown. “We’ll see how it plays out,” Ingles said. “If I get a great option day one, I’m more than happy to sign then fly back home and spend as much time here as I can.”
Ingles’ newly retired wife, along with the couple’s twins, plan to move to the city of whichever team the restricted free agent signs with, and the Jazz’s investment in its players’ respective families seems to have given them a real edge. “As a family, we really liked the city,” Ingles said. “What the team does for the families — which is obviously a little unknown to the outside world — looking after Renae, which they do with all of the wives and families and girlfriends, and all the significant others, is amazing. “Obviously, I haven’t been with any other NBA teams, but the way they did that was probably second to none. It’s important for me, to know she’s looked after when we’re away for, say, 10 days.”
The wing, who had an extremely impressive 2016-17 season, is currently a restricted free agent, with the teams across the league able to give him an offer sheet, which the Utah Jazz are allowed to match. Because of his free agency status, the Jazz’s other off-season moves could ultimately dictate where Ingles ends up but his productive season could mean that teams will be willing to fork out significant sums for the 29-year-old. “He should (earn eight figures),” one NBA executive said. “The only reason it’d be less than that is if he doesn’t play the restricted game right.”
Slow-Mo Joe wants his next deal fast tracked. When July comes and the Aussie forward becomes a restricted free agent, Joe Ingles would like negotiations to be simple, speedy and allow the swingman to stay in Salt Lake City. "Everyone knows that I want to come back," he said this week. "I couldn't think of a better place to come back. Hopefully it all works out and it's a nice, quick process."
Ingles will be a restricted free agent this summer and figures to get a hefty pay raise from the $4.3 million he's made the past two years. Which brings us back to the Clippers and Ingles’ short stint there in the 2014 preseason. Rivers was hoping nobody would claim him and that L.A. could figure out a way to re-sign him after waiving him, but the Jazz snatched him up. Ingles said he found out while at a restaurant a day or two after he found out he’d been cut.
The Clippers might have regrets about how things worked out, but Ingles doesn’t. He’s found a home and role in Utah that he quite enjoys. “It’s worked out perfectly,” Ingles said. “Obviously at the time when you first get cut, you’re pissed off and you wonder why. … It works out. These guys called, and the things that have happened have happened. There’s no hard feelings from my point of view. I think it’s worked out. It’s worked out really well.”
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