Ian Begley: Remaining FA PGs that NYK has reportedly to…

Ian Begley: Remaining FA PGs that NYK has reportedly touched base with: Rose, Hill, Rondo, Mack. NY didn’t have strong interest in Rondo as of yesterday

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Gery Woelfel: Told by a Rose confidante that the veteran guard "wants to be in Milwaukee.'' Bucks will have to make a trade to accommodate him, though.
“He’s the youngest MVP of the NBA history, I can learn from him,’’ Ntilikina said after missing his third straight summer league game with a knee bruise. “It would be good. He’s done a lot of things in his career. For sure it would be good. I’m not controlling what management is doing. I trust the management and the coaching staff to do what’s best for the team.’’
Victor Sharma: Zach Lowe just said on his podcast that he believes the Knicks have a FA deal done with someone and they’ll announce it soon. Steve Kyler: They told a few agents they were closing in a deal with a guard - prevailing thought is either DRose or Shelvin Mack.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Free agent guard Derrick Rose is meeting with Milwaukee Bucks officials today, league sources tell ESPN.
Mills is reportedly telling agents the Knicks want to go young. Smart. And one Knicks source claims that Mills is opposed to re-signing Derrick Rose.
Steve Mills is reportedly telling agents the Knicks want to go young. Smart. And one Knicks source claims that Mills is opposed to re-signing Derrick Rose.
ESPN's Jeff Goodman reports that the Knicks have expressed interest in free-agent point guard Shelvin Mack, 27. Sources say the club also remains open to re-signing Derrick Rose. The Knicks would have about $15 million in cap space if they renounce their rights to Rose. That would allow them to sign free agents but would probably limit them to spending no more than $10-11 million on one player.
Ian Begley: The Knicks are among several teams to have contacted Justin Holiday recently and continue to have strong interest in bringing him back, per league sources. Holiday has drawn interest from several teams, including the Chicago Bulls, since the start of free agency. Holiday played all 82 games in New York last season and was one of the few players on the roster who was effective on both ends of the floor. New York acquired Holiday last summer in the Derrick Rose trade.
The Knicks have reached out to free agent point guard Derrick Rose, per league sources. Per ESPN's Jeff Goodman, Rose is a serious option for the Knicks at this point because they are looking for a point guard and many of the top PGs are not on the board.
The Knicks currently have about $15 million in cap space if they renounce their rights to Derrick Rose so they would been to shed salary to make a competitive offer for Holiday. They would also like to re-sign Justin Holiday.
Despite reports of mutual interest before Phil Jackson was fired, a reunion between the Knicks and Derrick Rose appears to be a long shot, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation. Rose is a free agent after a season with the Knicks that included several impressive offensive performances, but also spotty defense, lots of losing, a decision to go AWOL for a game and, ultimately, another torn meniscus.
The New York Knicks have "legitimate" interest in re-signing free agent-to-be Derrick Rose, league sources familiar with the matter said. Rose, 28, will be a free agent for the first time in his career after spending last season in New York.
Sources say the Knicks, like most NBA teams at this time of year, have discussed several different scenarios with regards to filling the void at point guard -- both in free agency and via trade. The Knicks aren't interested in paying large salaries for any free agent, which may be a sticking point in any potential discussions with Rose and his agent, B.J. Armstrong.
Armstrong told The Post no extension talks have taken place, but said he hopes a meeting prior to July 1 will clarify things. Rose, who never has been a free agent, is in Los Angeles, cleared for running and contact after knee surgery — his fourth — in April for a torn meniscus. “[The Knicks] just got done with the draft,’’ Armstrong said. “As the focus shifts to free agency, we’ll get down to talking, visiting with them in the next week or so and get ready for the next phase. They got a really good player in the draft.
According to league executives, because of his latest surgery, Rose’s market value likely dropped to the $10 million-$12 million range — above the new full mid-level exception of $8.5 million. The Timberwolves could have as much as $18 million in cap room, but Thibodeau wants to use it on at least two free agents.
The player, however, wants to remain in New York. "Derrick loves New York and wants to be there," Rose's agent, B.J. Armstrong, told Bleacher Report recently. "We've expressed that to them and been very consistent about it. Whether it happens is on them; all we can do is be clear."
Armstrong said Rose, who underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee in April, is healthy and working out. He also insinuated that Rose would be willing to take a pay cut (he made $21.3 million last year). "In the end, we want to explore everything—if you're going to compete, you clearly need a number of [top] players, so let's figure that out," Armstrong said. "We want the best team possible. That's it. All the other stuff, if the team wins, everyone wins."
Incumbent starter Rose also is an option at point guard. But the Timberwolves, coincidentally, see Rose as a point guard option in free agency, as ESPN reported last month. So even if the Knicks prefer to re-sign Rose, they likely will have competition.
The Minnesota Timberwolves view Derrick Rose as a potential free-agent target this summer, league sources told ESPN. Rose, 28, will be a free agent for the first time in his career after spending last season with the New York Knicks.
Toward the end of the regular season, sources told ESPN that the Knicks hadn't ruled out the possibility of re-signing Rose this summer. It is unclear at this point which other outside teams besides the Timberwolves view Rose as a potential free-agent target.
Some rival executives believe the San Antonio Spurs may have interest in Rose, depending on how the free-agent market for point guards develops.
“We were texting,” Calipari, the Kentucky coach, said at the NBA Draft Combine on Thursday. “I told him I’m in his city, I’m broke, and I want him to buy me dinner. He said I’m out west. He’s good. He’s getting after it. He was in a great frame of mind, and that’s about all I’ll tell you about it. It was short. Then I said could you set me up someplace for dinner?”
Calipari, who coached Rose at Memphis, wouldn’t discuss Rose’s future as a Knick. “We haven’t talked about it so I don’t know,” Calipari said. “We haven’t talked in those terms. I just wanted dinner. That’s all I wanted today. I wanted to make sure he was healthy.”
Where Rose will be playing is another story. He's an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career after the Bulls traded him to the Knicks for Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant last June. The Knicks missed the playoffs and Rose averaged 18 points in 64 games. "I'm going into it with an open mind and will listen to everyone," Rose said. "Last season sucked losing. But it was a great experience. I loved the guys that I played with and I loved the coaching staff. And who wouldn't like playing in New York? It was great."
“We had a good conversation with him today,’’ Jackson said. “He expressed that he wants to be back. We talked about him going through rehab and work and whatever he has to do. And he’s chosen to go back to Chicago to do that. He’ll also be in L.A., but he also took the time out to say he really he enjoyed playing here even with the losses, which of course surprises us because he’s been on some very successful teams. But he wants to redeem himself as a player, which I like that attitude. I like who Derrick represents as himself. He’s very direct about taking on a big challenge.’’
The prevailing thought is Jackson will take a point guard in the draft with his top-10 lottery pick. Nevertheless, when asked about the need for a point guard, Jackson turned the topic back to Rose, who could be snared on a one-year deal. “Either the draft or somewhere down the line in free agency,’’ Jackson said. “Derrick has expressed hopes coming back. We have some options. Derrick is a scoring guard first and foremost, organizing, leading, stuff like that is not particularly his strength. As a scorer, he is unparalleled. As someone told me today, he is still a leading guy in scoring in the paint. That says something that this guy is willing to take it in there and challenge.’’
Agent BJ Armstrong on Derrick Rose's free agency: "Winning is the priority 1, 2 and 3. Of course you're going to take into account what city, what system... You just want to put yourself in a position where you can have an opportunity to win."
On if Rose can do that in New York: "I think you can and the reason I think you can is you're only as good as the players that's on your team. Derrick still believes he can make an impact on the bottom line, which is affecting the outcome of the game. Right now, getting adjusted to playing in a new system, moving to a new city, new coach, new players and all those things... it takes time. I think Derrick still feels that he can make an impact on winning and I think it can happen in New York. He's not ready to just say, 'I'm looking to latch onto the best team and just be a role player.'"
“I would love to stay here,” Rose said of New York. “I love my teammates, I love the coaches, I love the front office. But this will be the first time that I will hit free agency, so I want to take advantage of everything and just see what the free agency system is all about.”
For him, the goals aren’t about increasing his stats, or hunting for a max salary. “I don’t care about the system … I want to be at peace with myself,” Rose says. By peace, he means “spiritually, emotionally and mentally. You know when you have them three things clicking, I feel like that’s when I play my best basketball.” The other primary driver: “I want to win.”
Jeff Hornacek: "So it's an unfortunate break for him he has to have another surgery, but I'm sure he'll come back strong from it. He worked really hard last summer to get his body in good shape, so I'm sure he'll do that again. When we go over [our plans] at the end of the year, it's a guy we'll definitely take a look at and see if we can bring him back."
Rose is cheering for Calipari, a “mentor” with whom he has a “father-son relationship.’’ Rose, who played for him for one year at Memphis, said he will consult with Calipari regarding his impending free agency.
Derrick Rose says he'll prioritize winning over money in free agency this summer. "Not even thinking money. I've got more than enough money saved. If I stopped playing basketball now, I'll be all right," Rose told reporters in Utah on Wednesday night. "I want to win. I want to be happy and feel at peace with myself wherever I'm at. But being at the negotiating table, you never know. I'm not going to negotiate with people where money is the No. 1 thing I'm asking for. I want to win."
The Knicks, meanwhile, haven't ruled out potentially re-signing Rose, a league source familiar with the matter told ESPN. He is among several point guards the club plans to target in free agency; the Knicks also could select a point guard with their lottery pick in June's draft.
"This will be the first time I'll be a free agent. I don't know how that process goes," Rose added. "After the season, me, my agent, my brothers, family will have to talk about it. Of course I want to be here, just being in this environment, being in New York, being at the Garden every other night -- it's a blessing. But, again, I have to really talk it over with my agent and my brothers."
Based on how they dangled Rose in trade talks at the deadline, it would seem as if they are ready to move on from the former MVP. But according to league sources familiar with the matter, the Knicks haven't ruled out the possibility of re-signing Rose at this point.
“Every game I’ve got to take the good with the bad,” he said. “It’s all a learning experience. I’m trying to put my game back together by pieces. I’m not shooting threes now. There’s a time and place for all that. Right now, it’s about numbers, being efficient. This summer I’m going to be able to work on that. It’s about having enough confidence to do it instead of just going out there, messing up the game by just launching threes. That’s just not me. I just want to be efficient and be on people’s game plan whenever I go against them.”
Rose, who racked up 26 points on 13-of-16 shooting in a bonanza performance from mid-range, never has been a free agent and said he isn’t sure how the process will go, but acknowledged Milwaukee is a good spot. His family and 4-year-old son all live in Chicago. “You hear things but I never take it too seriously,’’ Rose told The Post. “I understand what they have going on here. But I can’t think of it because I’m here. I’ve never been a free agent. This isn’t the worst area for me but I just want to win.’’
Still, as he enters free agency, Rose admitted he wants to sign with a winner and that topic will arise when he has his exit meetings with Knicks brass. The Knicks, who may be in rebuilding mode, appear ready to move on from Rose, though holding onto him now makes sense because they could get back an asset by using him in a July sign-and-trade – even for Rubio. “You have to think about all that in the offseason,’’ said Rose, who can sign a contract extension with the Knicks before July 1. “I’ll be a free agent. Sitting down at the table, I think we’ll have to talk about. I really can’t think about or see how it’s going to go while I’m still playing here.”
The inactivity led to the belief that the Knicks would unofficially start tanking to get a higher lottery pick in a point-guard heavy top of the draft and give Porzingis and Hernangomez more opportunities to develop. Hornacek said that’s not the plan — yet. “No one’s told me that,” Hornacek said. “We’re still playing it like we’re trying to get better at all this stuff with the guys we have. There will be a lot of things. Derrick’s contract is up at the end of the year. A decision will come.”
Rose gave no indication he was looking for a buyout, still saying he hopes to be with the Knicks long-term. If there’s a buyout in the offing, it’s news to Rose, who still is hoping to re-sign with the Knicks. “I hope so — they didn’t trade me,’’ Rose said. “That’s a good sign. My job is to come in and get better every day. You have to ask Steve about that. If you ask me, I’ll probably sign me for a couple of more years.”
Rose said he hasn't spoken to either president Phil Jackson or GM Steve Mills about a relocation. His trade value is diminished because he'll be a free agent in a couple months, and no contending team is in a position to take Rose on a rental. The 28-year-old's defense has been criticized this season, and he's still much more of a scoring point guard (17.6 points per game before Wednesday) than a facilitator (4.4 assists per game).
But it seems everybody is getting rewarded with monster contracts these days in the NBA's free agency, and Rose told the Daily News that his humble upbringing has made it impossible to ignore the mega-deals distributed to guys like Mike Conley Jr. ($153 million). Even if it's not his top priority. "See it here and there but it doesn't drive me anymore. Like I always been driven by playing basketball and wanting to be the best. Like (money) numbers, of course you got to know it because of how I grew up," Rose told the News. "I grew up around the streets. Hustling. You see numbers, you can't look over them. But I'm just happy that I have an opportunity for them to see how I perform and let them see what I'm worth."
At every chance, Rose has been adamant about wanting to stay in New York after his contract expires this summer. Rose is hopeful that his brief disappearance won’t prohibit the two sides from reaching an agreement on a long-term deal. “When I was in the room, I felt like they understood where I was coming from,” Rose said. “I hope one incident didn’t change their mind. Who knows? This is a business. If it was to happen, I still would want to play the way I normally know how to play wherever I’m at.”
And then there is the potential price tag. Some close to Rose have told friends he will seek a max contract this summer. For Rose, that pact would be for five years and nearly $150 million. The Knicks would need to use nearly all of their cap space to ink Rose to a max contract.
After failing to inform New York Knicks officials of his intentions to skip Monday night’s game at Madison Square Garden, Derrick Rose’s future with the franchise has become increasingly uncertain. Knicks officials didn’t hear from Rose that he was OK until after an embarrassing loss to New Orleans, a confirmation that sources said began the next conversation within the organization: What do they do with Rose now?
In the aftermath of going AWOL at The Garden, Knicks officials need to further determine Rose’s passion to return to the team and continue playing. Rose has put into peril his short-term role – with the possibility of a suspension, sources said – and the longer-term chances to land a lucrative contract extension with the Knicks in July, league sources told The Vertical.
New York had been undecided about how deep of a commitment it wanted to make to Rose in free agency, and his failure to attend the Knicks’ 110-96 loss to the Pelicans without informing team officials – regardless of the reason – left them livid and embarrassed on Monday night, sources said.
The take here is that it’s way too early to make any hard conclusions on a long-term commitment to Rose. But it’s worth noting that Jrue Holiday, who played well in a win over the Knicks and has had a strong season thus far, will be on the market as well. And if recent history is any indication, the Knicks may have interest in Holiday. Phil Jackson expressed interest in trading for Holiday earlier in his tenure as Knicks president, according to sources.
Sirius XM NBA: Derrick Rose's agent B.J. Armstrong says that there have been no talks between the Knicks and Rose on an in-season extension but Armstrong also says that Rose is interested in remaining in the New York beyond this season
Could you see yourself, if all goes well, to play here in New York for a long time? Derrick Rose: I would want it to be that way, but it’s not up to me. Q: Why would you want it to be that way? Derrick Rose: I love the environment here. I love just everything that comes with New York. I love it.
SLAM: Last week you said something like “the vintage” is gone, but then you had 30 against Russell Westbrook. Was that a good measuring stick for you as far as where you stand in the League? Derrick Rose: I can still hoop, man. There’s a time and place for all that. Me coming out and being aggressive, Coach wanted me to play like that and he wanted me to matchup with Westbrook. Then there’s a game like last night in Minnesota where I only shot 12 times and we still won the game. Finding out how we’re going to win games, we got 10 new people on the team—it’s not like they had a foundation here and we came right into it. We’re building the culture. We’re building the foundation now. I’m under a one-year contract so of course I want to play the rest of my life here. But it takes time, it takes patience to figure out how every one is going to fit, if it is going to fit and going from there.
There’s nothing new to report on the Knicks potentially offering Derrick Rose an extension. A report Tuesday pointed out the possibility of the Knicks extending Rose, but didn’t include any details that furthered the story. The fact remains that New York can offer Rose a three-year extension, with 7.5 percent increases, beginning on Dec. 22. That would give Rose a three-year extension worth approximately $75 million. The Knicks have until June 30 to make the offer. There is no reason for them to make a decision in the near future; they have the opportunity to wait and see how Rose progresses this season. It's also worth noting that Rose can potentially make more money as a free agent. He can sign a max contract with a starting salary of more than $29 million this summer -- for a total of five years and approximately $175 million. Though it's unclear at this point if other teams see Rose as a max player.
Because Rose’s last contract was more than three years ago, the former Bull is eligible for one of those pre-free-agency “veteran extensions’’ that Russell Westbrook signed over the summer. By CBA rules, Rose’s veteran extension can only be three years long and start at 7.5 percent higher than his current wage. The extension package would be for approximately three years, $75 million. “I haven’t talked to them about it,’’ Rose told The Post. “It’s been more about winning games. We’ll see. I’m more concerned with trying to win games, but it’s something I’d have to talk about with my family and team.’’
According to an NBA source, the Knicks have not approached Rose about an extension, but have not ruled it out for late in the season. The Knicks apparently want to make sure his body holds up across a full season and would be willing to pay more this summer if they had to.
just give your opinion/prediction: do you think DRose stays in NY after this year? Steve Kyler: I was told that the Knicks were going to see how the year went. If Rose was good, they;d look to keep him if not they have cap space to go after another guy. I don;t think he’s shown enough yet for the Knicks to make the call. I know he likes the City a lot. We’ll see. It’s way too early to say either way.
Rose interjected during a question about how the team's struggles will affect his 2017 free-agency outlook, especially since the Bulls' guard had just finished reiterating how his main goal remains bringing a championship to his hometown. "I'll think about that when that time comes," Rose said. "As far as right now, the only thing I can think about is this offseason. I've had that mentality ever since my injuries. I learned to deal with reality and live in the moment. I feel I'm doing all I can for this team, myself and my family. And that's all I can control right now."
"I always say to myself that people are going to appreciate me after I'm done," Rose said. "Especially the players in the future when they look back on my career. Hopefully they learn from some of the things that I achieved and how I achieved them. "I sometimes feel people forget I've endured three surgeries, three rehabs. But even when I was younger, I always had the underdog mentality. People always would put people in front of me. I always had to fight my way to the top.
"This year, I was just trying to play as many consistent games as possible," said Rose. "Next year I want to throw in my individual goals. I love the way I'm playing right now. "As far as the team, I love the team that I'm on. We're missing Joakim (Noah), but I love where I'm at right now. I'm at peace with myself."
Friedell: You told me a long time ago you never wanted to play anywhere else. Is that still true? Rose: That's still true. Still true. Just having my son [P.J.], I'm doing all this because of my son now, you know? Just wanting to be around him every day, having him come up here, shoot with me or see me shooting til he's able to become a ball boy. Little things like that I think about long term. Just trying to get him groomed, trying to get him used to being in the environment. Friedell: You want to retire here still. Rose: For sure, for sure.
I certainly think the Bulls will at least try to re-sign Derrick but, again, predicting what salary he might command is impossible until you see how he plays. The salaries are about to get even crazier with that aforementioned TV money. The better question is: Will Rose want to keep playing in his hometown? He's embraced that role for the majority of his career. One has to wonder if such responsibility gets a little overbearing with how much he has been scrutinized since his ACL tear.
There are some very intelligent and well-informed people who believe that Rose bolting after 2017 is a real possibility, but that’s only with things being the way they are at the start of this current season. A lot can happen in 20 months to potentially change Rose’s relationship with the city of Chicago, which has soured considerably over the course of the last three years as the former hometown hero has consistently let his people down.
ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst joined ESPN Radio’s “Russillo & Kanell” program Wednesday and insinuated that the Chicago Bulls could be growing tired of former MVP Derrick Rose. “Here’s how I feel about Derrick Rose: The breakup with the Bulls has begun,” Windhorst began. “I don’t know how long it’s going to last, I don’t know when it’s going to be complete, but you can sort of see it. The team and the franchise have moved on, to a little bit of a certain extent.
Sam Smith: Rose says with all the money now being paid in the NBA he's "preparing" for free agency. Rose, though, is under contract for two more seasons. Noah in his last contract season with Bulls.
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