Brian Windhorst: The Cavs have had all kind of talks wi…

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Brian Windhorst: The Cavs have had all kind of talks with the Jazz over Melo deal, over Kevin Love deal. They’ve been talking to Jazz on and off for months.

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Brian Windhorst: I've heard permutations of deals with the Jazz as the third team. Let's put it this way, it would be easier if Boris Diaw was still there, if we had a beautiful contract to use on a trade. Had the Cavs moved Kevin Love, they would have been interested in acquiring Derrick Favors as part of a trade.
The Knicks would love nothing more than to use Carmelo Anthony plus two picks to make a deal happen. Unfortunately, the Cavs don't seem to have much interest in Melo, who like LeBron and Kevin Love is another power forward. Also, according to a source close to a Anthony, his primary objective is to get moved to Houston. His camp is optimistic that a deal with the Rockets is going to happen.
Bill Simmons‏: Have a scoop - OKC and Carmelo are officially circling each other. OKC's Troy Weaver recruited Melo to Cuse + has known him since DMV days.
Still, I was surprised on Sunday evening to get a call from someone who has known Anthony personally for more than a decade. And when I asked why Portland wasn't among Anthony's preferred destinations, I didn't get a diatribe on basketball, or the rainy weather, or how he needs to know the organization can compete for a title. Instead, I got a pleasant surprise. "'Melo's a doting father," the person said. "He's a great dad. He's present and he loves that kid. There's no way he's going to leave that little boy in New York and be 3,000 miles away from him."
The Knicks will contact Cleveland and make a pitch. The obvious move would be to trade Carmelo Anthony and a few first round picks for a bona-fide superstar. However, a source close to Anthony said late Friday that the All Star forward is focused on getting a deal done with Houston. Anthony would have to waive his no-trade and there is no guarantee that Anthony would do that to join a Cavs team that didn’t have Irving. Also, Anthony probably knows better than anyone that LeBron is leaving next July.
The Knicks have discussed a potential Anthony trade with several teams, including the Houston Rockets, but have yet to find a package that's to their liking. "There's a lot of time in front of us right now and like I said we're just going to continue to do our due diligence and keep the lines of communication open with all sides involved and it will take its natural course," Perry said.
Frank Isola: A source close to Carmelo says his focus remains Houston. He must waive his no trade. Does he go to Cavs without Kyrie & LBJ gone in 2018?
Trail Blazers teammates Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum have been trying to sell Carmelo Anthony on joining Portland in a potential trade. They see Anthony as a missing piece to a team that was the No. 8 seed in a now-stacked Western Conference. Lillard went as far as to imply that Anthony joining Portland would make the Blazers at Golden State's level or better.
The Warriors swept the Trail Blazers (easily) in the first round of the NBA playoffs last season. With that in mind, Draymond Green had himself a good laugh upon hearing of Lillard's comments.
Both Blazers guards were at Lillard's basketball camp in Beaverton on Wednesday. During a media availability, they answered questions about the Knicks' 10-time All-Star. Lillard declined to share specific details of his conversation with Anthony, but he did say "it's a real possibility" that Anthony could join the Blazers. "With that being out there and that being a real possibility, I don't see why I wouldn't reach out to him and let him know that the interest is mutual if he's interested in us," he said. "I don't think we'd be hearing about it as much if wasn't a possibility. That was part of the reason why I reached out to him."
Through a series of cryptic and vague comments on Wednesday at Lillard’s youth basketball camp, both Lillard and McCollum said they have been in contact with Anthony in attempts to lure him to Portland via a trade. “I spoke to him,’’ Lillard said. “Because obviously he makes us a better team. So obviously with that being out there and being a real possibility, I don’t see why I wouldn’t reach out to him and let him know the interest is mutual if he is interested in us.’’
Joe Freeman‏: CJ McCollum on Carmelo Anthony's reaction to his pitch for Blazers: "I think he's interested."
McCollum, who was making an appearance at Lillard's camp, was more cryptic, saying he has spoke to Anthony “indirectly” through the trainer they both share. He added that he is flying to New York on Thursday to train and will “say hello (to Melo) if he’s there.’’ “If we get him … when we get him … I think we could be top three in the West, easy,’’ McCollum said. “I think he’s interested. Obviously I feel he wants to play with his team – the Banana Boat friends. I know he wants to play with CP (Chris Paul) and LeBron, and those are good options, but I feel we are a good option.’’
According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski during a SportsCenter appearance Tuesday morning, Anthony “has made it clear to [the Knicks]: I want to go to Houston, I am not interested in talking to you about being reincorporated back into this New York roster.” The Knicks are in complete rebuild mode, but management does not know if it can make a sensible deal to send Anthony to the Rockets. Sources told The Post Anthony’s camp is pushing hard for a Rockets’ trade.
New York Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony is not considering waiving his no-trade clause to allow a trade to the Portland Trail Blazers, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Wojnarowski, who broke the news Saturday that the Blazers were interested in trading for Anthony, spoke about the potential connection between Portland and the Knicks' 10-time All-Star on ESPN's The Jump on Monday.
"Portland's players are reaching out to Melo," Wojnarowski said. "Portland would love to get involved in this and become a team that Melo would consider. ... They would like for Carmelo to waive his no-trade and go to Portland, but right now, that's not something Melo's considering."
Anthony, 33, has been willing to waive his no-trade clause for Houston and Cleveland, however, and in recent weeks has been focused on a trade to join fellow All-Stars Chris Paul and James Harden with the NBA power Rockets, has reported. The Anthony-to-Rockets talks have stalled with Perry’s hiring since the newcomer would like to survey the situation before making a move, a source said.
Ian Begley: Both Steve Mills & Scott Perry say they will be in touch with Melo & his camp and will find a resolution that works for everyone involved.
Alan Hahn: Mills said they paused Melo trade talks because he "wanted to make sure we did the best thing for the #Knicks."
Lenn Robbins: Mills says team has been in contact w @Carmelo Anthony reps and other teams - if a deal make sense they will do it. @New York Knicks @MSGNetworks
One glimmer of hope for Perry is that he has a solid relationship with Anthony. Perry hopes to meet with Anthony and Porzingis soon. Late in Jackson’s tenure, Anthony had expressed interest in staying with the Knicks, primarily to be close to his wife and son in New York City. “I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Carmelo the player and the person,” said Perry, who declined to talk in detail about Anthony’s situation.
Anthony has been tied to trade rumors with a number of teams, most notably the Houston Rockets. Houston reportedly turned its full attention toward acquiring Anthony after the team traded for Chris Paul, and Anthony reportedly is “counting on” being traded to H-Town. But the Rockets apparently aren’t the only Western Conference club interested in Anthony’s services. Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum had the basketball world buzzing Sunday when he posted an Instagram photo with some rather interesting photoshopping.
“I think they have a lot on their plate integrating Paul and [James] Harden,” Van Gundy said. “They’re not going to be better offensively than they were last year. They were the second-best team in the league offensively. I thought they had defined roles everyone knew. [Coach] Mike D’Antoni did a fabulous job getting them to play on a consistent basis. The Chris Paul trade, there’s going to be some ups and downs, but they’re better equipped to win in the playoffs. Particularly if Harden has a bad night, they still have a superior player to play through. Their improvement is going to have to be defensively. So I’m interested in the Carmelo thing. I don’t necessarily see it as a natural fit.’’
One of the teams that New York and Houston had hoped would facilitate a multiteam trade for Anthony -- the Portland Trail Blazers -- plans to participate in a deal for Anthony only if he decides to expand his no-trade clause to include the Trail Blazers, league sources told ESPN.
Portland believes the addition of a player such as Anthony would furnish it with talent and depth comparable to those of the top Western Conference contenders, except for the Golden State Warriors, league sources said. Because of that, the Blazers have little, if any, inclination to facilitate an Anthony deal that would land him with a Western Conference rival such as Houston, league sources said.
As New York Knicks president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry pursue a meeting with Carmelo Anthony in the coming days, league sources tell ESPN that team officials will find a 10-time All-Star player counting on the franchise to carry out its previously agreed upon mandate to trade Anthony to the Houston Rockets.
The Knicks' level of interest in Knight is unclear but it's reasonable to assume his name came up in talks surrounding Carmelo Anthony since his salary (roughly $44 million over the next three seasons) would be useful in such a transaction.
Harden called Anthony "one of the best players that we have in this league" during a break from a basketball camp he hosted Friday in a suburb of Phoenix. But, ultimately, Harden said acquiring Anthony would be up to the Rockets brass.
It appears that Anthony remains committed to finalizing a trade to the Houston Rockets despite the Knicks' sudden hesitation to complete the deal in the wake of the proposed hiring of new general manager Scott Perry. According to an executive of one the four teams involved in the proposed trade, all sides, including Anthony, are frustrated over reports that Knicks president Steve Mills is having second thoughts. In fact, ESPN reported that the Knicks want the chance to talk to Anthony about possibly remaining in New York, which at this stage in the process seems highly unlikely.
"That's crazy," a source told the News. "From what I understand Carmelo is under the belief that he's going to the Rockets. That's what the Knicks have been telling us; that they're trading him. I can't imagine that after all he went though last season with Phil (Jackson) he's happy with this."
According to a source close to trade talks with the Rockets, the Knicks, with no deal on the table with Houston that makes sense, are hitting the reset button, regrouping and have stalled talks with Houston general manager Daryl Morey. According to the source, Knicks acting president Steve Mills wants to meet with Anthony to see where his head is at before proceeding any further.
After talking with the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers for nearly a month to help engineer deals for Anthony, the Knicks told both teams that they're stepping back from trade talks for a short time, league sources said.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Story posting soon with @RamonaShelburne on ESPN: The Knicks have paused Carmelo Anthony trade talks with Houston and Cleveland.
The New York Knicks and Houston Rockets are still trying to work out a deal involving Carmelo Anthony, though it may take some time -- if it happens. The teams continue to talk about a trade but no deal is imminent, said a person familiar with the situation. The person said Anthony has told the Knicks he would accept a move to the Rockets but the teams are still trying to find a trade that works for both sides. The person spoke to The Associated Press Thursday on condition of anonymity because the talks between the teams remain private.
Until further notice, Ryan Anderson will be known as “the Melo stopper” because the Houston Rockets forward appears to be responsible for holding up a potential Carmelo Anthony trade. The Knicks haven’t made much financial sense this offseason: $71 million to Tim Hardaway Jr. and the full mid-level to Ron Baker despite the fact that Baker is a restricted free agent. Who’s the Knicks’ cap-ologist anyway, Bernie Madoff? But the Knicks front office, led now and maybe forever by Steve Mills, is making total financial sense by refusing to take on Anderson and his enormous contract in a proposed trade for Anthony.
“They probably can’t beat the Warriors but they can certainly make it interesting,” the Syracuse coach who won an NCAA title with Anthony in 2003 told at the Nike Peach Jam here. “Those three guys are capable of giving a lot of people problems. Harden alone gave people a lot of problems last year and now he’s got Chris Paul who’s arguably one of the two or three best point guards in the league and a very good defender. And now you got one of the better scoring options in the league [if Anthony joins the team]. They still got [Eric] Gordon coming off the bench and a couple of other guys.”
The Pelicans, once the home of Ryan Anderson, expressed interest in being one of the clubs involved, according to a source. Anderson’s three-year, $60 million contract needs to be part of this transaction since Anthony’s $27 million pact — plus trade kicker — is so immense. The Knicks have no interest in Anderson because he plays Kristaps Porzingis’ position and is older than the mid-20s-type player the club seeks.
As much as Anthony’s camp is pressing the Knicks to complete a trade this week, nothing is imminent or expected to happen until well after the press conference, according to multiple NBA sources. The Knicks and Rockets are getting closer, but they have work to do. “They’re still in the middle of the process,’’ one NBA source familiar with the trade talks told The Post.
Anthony would also be willing to play with LeBron James in Cleveland but as of now the two teams have not been able to come close to striking a deal. Anthony is also concerned that LeBron may leave the Cavs next summer once LeBron becomes a free agent. It has been speculated for weeks that James is interested in signing with the Lakers.
Steve Kyler: Not the case at all - Melo is more than open to a reunion as is D'Antoni…
On the Anthony front, the Knicks and Anthony feel good about the possibility of completing a deal that sends him out of New York, according to sources. The Knicks and Rockets have talked about an Anthony trade recently, with Wojnarowski reporting that “the Rockets have been persistent in their pursuit of Anthony, who is willing to waive his no-trade clause to join Paul and James Harden in Houston and the Knicks do not imagine a scenario where Hardaway is sharing the floor with Anthony to start the season.”
People in touch with the New York Knicks this week came away with the impression that the team has two distinct short-term goals: to find a suitable trade for Carmelo Anthony and to find a veteran point guard to help mentor rookie Frank Ntilikina. Members of the organization remain hopeful they can find a trade for Anthony that makes sense for all parties (Anthony, who has a no-trade clause, has made it known that he'd waive it for a trade to Houston or Cleveland, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski).
Knicks are reluctant to pull the trigger on an Anthony blockbuster until a new president is hired. The Houston Chronicle reported no “active talks’’ between the Knicks and Rockets are taking place.
Since an ESPN report early on Monday that Anthony was "open" to waiving his no trade-clause to play in Houston or Cleveland, multiple individuals with knowledge of the Rockets' planning said on Monday that the team is in no active talks toward a trade for Anthony. Morey would not comment in any way about trade talks.
Ian Begley: La La Anthony, Carmelo Anthony's estranged wife, said in an interview on Bravo TV that Anthony leaving the Knicks is a "real possibility." "We'll see what happens," La La Anthony said in an interview that aired Sunday night. "….My hope is that he ends up somewhere where he's happy and he can win because he's such an incredible player and he deserves to win." Anthony is open to waiving his no-trade clause to head to Houston or Cleveland, sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.
A video surfaced Sunday of Carmelo Anthony doing wind sprints and slides on a New York soccer field at 2:45 a.m. He may be getting in shape for Mike D’Antoni’s speedball offense in Houston. According to a source, the Knicks have told some agents their free-agent plans are being held up in some respects as they weigh a decision on whether to trade Carmelo Anthony, possibly to the Rockets.
Carmelo Anthony, a 10-time NBA All-Star, is open to waiving his no-trade clause to join the Houston Rockets or Cleveland Cavaliers should those teams create a pathway to a deal with the New York Knicks, league sources told ESPN. Houston has been proactive in pursuing possible trade scenarios for Anthony lately, although its discussions around the league have yet to gain traction on a deal, league sources told ESPN.
The arrival of All-Star guard Chris Paul to join MVP runner-up James Hardenhas catapulted the Rockets into contention for Anthony, and established his interest in joining the Rockets, sources said. Cleveland has remained a preferred destination for Anthony, because of the presence of LeBron James.
Ian Begley: If the Knicks are looking to open up cap space to offer more money to free agents, they could open up cap space by trading Courtney Lee or Kyle O'Quinn. Of course, they could also open up cap space by trading Carmelo Anthony. Members of the Knicks organization have told people around the league that, at this point, they remain hopeful that they can trade Anthony. The Knicks and Rockets touched base last month on an Anthony deal but the Knicks were not interested in Ryan Anderson, per league sources.
To that end, the Knicks and Houston Rockets touched base recently on a trade involving Anthony, per league sources, but talks didn't gain much traction. One name that came up in discussions was Ryan Anderson, per sources. But the Knicks said at that time they weren't interested in Anderson, who has been shopped around by the Rockets. Anthony has a no-trade clause and his estranged wife, La La Anthony, said recently Anthony's priority would be to remain close to his son, Kiyan.
The Knicks and Rockets touched base recently on a trade involving Carmelo Anthony, per league sources, but they didn't gain much traction.
Jim Boeheim said Anthony, who has two years remaining on a five-year, $124 million deal, wants to stay in New York, if possible. He also said Anthony can compete at an elite level for "two or three more years" if he finds the right situation. "He likes New York," Boeheim said. "He wants to play in New York."
"The triangle is the worst offense ever, unless you have Michael [Jordan] or Kobe [Bryant]," Boeheim told ESPN, referencing the 11 NBA titles Jackson won with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers while employing the system.
According to an NBA source, the Knicks will make no move on Carmelo Anthony until a new president is in place to succeed Phil Jackson. As a result, an interested team such as the Rockets, who just acquired Anthony’s buddy Chris Paul, are on hold. Knicks GM Steve Mills is running the front office as the club enters free agency with a murky future.
Given all the parameters at play, Melo to Houston seems like a long shot. It’s worth noting that, had Paul stayed with the Clippers, the Knicks and Clippers had discussed a trade involving Anthony for a package that included Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford and a future first-round pick, league sources told ESPN. It’s unclear if Anthony would have waived his no-trade clause to join the Clippers in this scenario. The guess here is that Anthony remains in New York but the possibility that he leaves is certainly not dead at this point.
Anthony, according to a source, is relieved at Jackson’s ouster. Because of his separation from his wife, La La, Anthony no longer was amenable to moving far from his 10-year-old son, Kiyan. Anthony’s wife said as much Tuesday during a TV interview. Whether Anthony pushed for a buyout to sign with Cleveland as a free agent is a matter of debate. One source said he wanted to remain in New York and only would have asked for a buyout if things became untenable.
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