This is significant, because the best offer the Knicks …

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This is significant, because the best offer the Knicks can make in a trade for Irving is a package centered around Anthony. As was reported on Saturday, New York is not interested at this point in including Kristaps Porzingis in any trade for Irving. Some in the Knicks organization would trade Anthony and multiple first-round picks for Irving (though there is not uniform agreement on the idea of dealing multiple first-round picks in any trade at the moment, according to people familiar with the Knicks’ thinking).
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May 12, 2021 | 5:23 pm EDT Update

CJ McCollum: Stephen Curry has changed the game for the better and for the worse

On the heels of a 49-point performance against the OKC and on his way to an NBA scoring title, McCollum called Curry “the best pure scorer in the league right now,” due to his ability to score in so many ways and remain a threat while staying highly efficient. And while Curry has changed the NBA game since joining the league in 2009, there’s two sides to the coin on the impact he’s made. “He has changed the game for the better, but has also changed the game for the worse,” McCollum said.
NBA free agent Jeremy Lin said he has “more than proved” his ability as an NBA player despite not yet signing a contract with a team this season. “In my current situation, where I feel I’m still being asked to prove myself, it’s very public knowledge what I did in the G league,” Lin told the fan-run website. “I more than proved that I was a top player – that I’m an NBA player – and that I could do things that people didn’t know I could do. And that is very obvious unless you’re blind or you just don’t want to see it.”
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Storyline: Jeremy Lin Free Agency
Lin had said that he was called “Coronavirus” by another player while in the G League and eventually reported it to the league. “It took me a week to actually say anything because I was talking about it with my family and my friends and trying to weigh the consequences and the pros and cons. I thought, ‘Is it helpful? Is it beneficial? Or are we just taking somebody else down? What would that look like?” In the end, the G League concluded their investigation but not before Lin had pushed for the player in question not to be punished.
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May 12, 2021 | 5:14 pm EDT Update