Anthony has told the Knicks he would waive his no-trade…

Anthony has told the Knicks he would waive his no-trade clause only for the Rockets. “If he waives it and wants to come, it would be great,’’ Turner said. “He’ll lock in because he made the decision to come. He’s got all the power in a certain sense. It’s not a guarantee. The positive is if we did get him, that means he wanted to be there and accepted the trade and buckle into what we’re trying to do. “Obviously he’s 6-8. He walks in a gym and he can throw 20 points up in the books. He’s so talented, so big, you can’t leave him alone. He doesn’t miss easy shots.”
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None of the aforementioned Bulls candidates are of African American descent, which is troubling in a league that is about 75% black. Sources say Bulls COO and president Michael Reinsdorf, who has been conducting virtual interviews, had not spoken to any black potential candidates as of Wednesday morning. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Wednesday that Karnisovas is the leading candidate. “They are not even hiding what they are doing,” one black NBA general manager said of the Bulls.
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“I would be very nervous about having any sports, whether it’s football or basketball or even baseball,” said Dr. Richard Jackson, a former CDC official and professor emeritus at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health. Jackson dismisses the idea that professional athletes, young and fit, hold some kind of “get out of jail free card” when it comes to the coronavirus. “This is not just the plain-old flu,” he says.
“Even professional athletes who test negative for COVID-19 with regular testing could be false positives and could get sick,” said Summer Johnson McGee, dean of the School of Health Sciences at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. The risk is amplified by the nature of athletic competition. There is no room for social distancing amid constant physical contact in football and basketball. Baseball has its tradition of players spitting and managers arguing, nose-to-nose, with umpires. “It’s not just the games,” Chang said. “Every practice is a high-risk transmission event.”
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Josh Lewenberg: Serge is hosting a talent show on IG Live right now. His foundation will donate $20K to COVID-19 relief in the winner’s city (the winner also gets a signed Ibaka jersey). DeMar just crashed it and said he’ll match Serge’s $20K donation. Good stuff from a couple Raptor greats.

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And so began the Jose Calderon Sisyphean Point Guard battle. It’s something I wrote about plenty when I was only writing as a hobby on the side. It was fascinating to me that over the years the Raptors would bring in a number of point guards to supplant Calderon, only for Calderon to continually prove the better starting option. It began, somewhat, with James, more on aesthetic term and age than performance. Calderon then transitioned into a He Should Play More All-Star in the Forderon years, then fought off Jarrett Jack and Jerryd Bayless. To this day, the first Rudy Gay trade remains nearly as important to the success of this Raptors’ era as the second, because who’s to say even Kyle Lowry could have beaten out Calderon for a starring role? (I am. Lowry is. It would have been the end of the Calderon victory cycle. But Calderon started at least part-time in Detroit, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Cleveland after leaving.)
I found something remarkably admirable in Calderon’s ability to oscillate between roles and quietly continue to outperform expectations and glossier options, all while profiling as a beloved teammate and franchise figure. That longevity had him atop the Raptors’ all-time leaderboard for assists until recently, and he remains one of the more decorated long-time Raptors from a statistical perspective. He also, of course, added the 3 to his game to become a lethal (if too unselfish) multi-level shooting threat, leading the league in 3-point percentage in 2012-13 and free-throw percentage in 2008-09.
An aside: I remember one time when Calderon returned to Toronto as a member of the visiting team (I want to say the Hawks in 2016-17), someone brought up his historic free-throw season in the locker room. Calderon sunk 87 consecutive free throws, the second-longest streak in league history (97, Michael Williams), that year, and his full-season mark of 98.1 percent at the line remains an NBA record. The person who was remarking on the feat, though, got the number wrong. Calderon politely corrected him that he’d made 151-of-154, only to be argued with. Calderon, in his friendly demeanour, assured this person he was wrong. I ultimately looked up the stat to have Calderon’s back. He was very gracious in his correctness.
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