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July 16, 2018 | 8:37 am EDT Update
MURPHY: I first want to address the DeRozan Instagram thing. He does this regularly. Like, once or twice a season. And every single time, people react the same way. He was just around the Raptors for almost the entirety of Las Vegas Summer League, and I can’t imagine that if something were as imminent as the odds suggest, he would have been caught off-guard to the extent of a pouty social media cleanse. It’s not super rare for him to do this. Nor are his MSN Status-like IG Story posts, which I relate to quite viscerally.
Jackson appears to be the block they’ll be building around for the future to resurrect it, but he’ll bring an ability to shoot from distance that has held back Memphis even during its seven consecutive playoff runs that included an appearance in the conference finals. “What I see is he’s a natural talker and in order to be a great defender you got to be a natural talker. That’s what he is,” Buckner said. “He has that chance to be a Defensive Player of the Year-type guy in this league for sure, but he’s a rook. He’s going to make mistakes.
Windhorst did last month give James a 51 percent of ending up in Los Angeles, a prediction that turned prophetic on Sunday when James announced that he would be leaving Cleveland to sign with the Lakers following an obsessive second-by-second rumor and news blitz. As it happens, the “51 percent” was a sort of code; Windhorst, as he explained in an interview with HuffPost, was nearly certain LeBron was headed to the Lakers. “I was probably more at 91 percent,” he said. But the business is such now that Windhorst sometimes has to pretend on television that he knows less than he really does.