LaMelo said he’s focused on high school before worryi…

LaMelo said he’s focused on high school before worrying about his college eligibility. “I’ve still got two years left, so I’ll worry about that when it gets there,” he said.

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Tania Ganguli: LaMelo Ball is committed to UCLA. His dad said if it comes down to college eligibility or having his own shoe? "He's going to have a shoe."
Baxter Holmes: LaVar worried LaMelo’s shoe will affect his NCAA eligibility? LaVar: "NCAA ain’t going to tell me s---t. Because they’re not my boss."
The move, having a signature shoe for a high school junior, raised eyebrows and the specter of whether LaMelo, who is committed to UCLA, would lose his eligibility for college. And if they have to choose between LaMelo playing in college or having his own shoe? “He’s going to have a shoe,” LaVar said. “NCAA ain’t going to tell me [anything]. Because they’re not my boss. That’s what they do, but they’re not going to be like, ‘Oh, LaVar, you can’t bring that shoe out until we tell you.’ What? Something that I’m doing for my family? That’s mine? I’m not under no umbrella.”
If it isn’t, if LaMelo can’t play at UCLA in two years, LaVar says he won’t send his son overseas. He’ll train him himself. “Everybody else got to go [overseas] because you’ve got to make some money,” LaVar said. “We [don’t] need to make money, we ain’t got to go nowhere. All we got to do is train. … I’m not going to make it a big deal where I’m like, Melo definitely has to go to college in order for him to succeed. You just gotta be ready to play and do your job.”
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