There's no timetable just yet for LaVine's return to ac…

9 months ago via ESPN
There’s no timetable just yet for LaVine’s return to action this season. He has been progressing steadily all summer in his rehab, with no worries that he’ll be able to return to the athleticism that has become a hallmark of his game. Weeks ago, the Bulls were looking to analyze his progress to date, putting LaVine through a series of drills and tests. His standing vertical leap tested higher than even his pre-draft measurements, according to a league source.
Storyline: Zach LaVine Injury
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May 27, 2018 | 3:15 pm EDT Update
On Friday, James banged his right leg in a fourth-quarter collision with Larry Nance Jr. James said afterward it left him with pain in the leg and the ankle. Asked how the leg felt Sunday morning, James said, “It’s been better, but I’ll be ready tonight.” James wouldn’t say whether the ankle or the leg was more of an issue. “Uh, the ankle is a part of the leg, so it’s the full leg,” he said.
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