Darren Wolfson: FA Marcus Thornton among a few players …

Darren Wolfson: FA Marcus Thornton among a few players working out for #Twolves today, I hear. Also: buzz on slightly growing optimism on retaining Shabazz.

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Mark Murphy: C's renounced stash player Marcus Thornton's contract today at his request. Would like to play for another summer league team.
Adrian Wojnarowski: The Brooklyn Nets plan to waive Marcus Thornton, league sources tell @The Vertical. Thornton was part of trade with Washington today.
Ira Winderman: Has often been linked to Heat over the years, and a roster spot eventually will open when Bosh is waived. - RT: Adrian Wojnarowski: The Brooklyn Nets plan to waive Marcus Thornton, league sources tell @The Vertical. Thornton was part of trade with Washington today.
David Aldridge: A bit of a surprise, but Marcus Thornton back to the Wizards for the veteran minimum. - RT: Priority Sports: A huge congratulations to Marcus Thornton on re-signing with the @WashWizards!
Washington Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld announced today that the team has signed guard Marcus Thornton and waived guard Gary Neal. “Marcus brings experience and shooting to our backcourt and helps us fill a void caused by Gary’s injury with another veteran player,” said Grunfeld. “His skill set will allow him to fit right in to our system and give our offense another option.”
Marcus Thornton was disappointed that no team claimed Beno Udrih’s contract because he wanted to join the Heat and the Heat was very interested. To avoid paying the tax, Miami now must wait until April 6 to sign a player --- and there would be mutual interest with Thornton if he’s available then. But Thornton wants a job sooner, ideally. The other open roster spot could be filled with a developmental prospect on the final day of the season. The Heat explored other ways to try to create more room under the tax threshold but found nothing that was realistic.
Miami has also held discussions with free-agent guard Marcus Thornton and could pursue a third point guard behind Goran Dragic and Josh Richardson, sources said.
Calvin Watkins: Marcus Thornton has cleared waivers. Thornton hasn't finalized any deals just yet.
Thornton appreciates the fact the Rockets waived him in time for him to sign with another team and still be eligible for postseason play. “Very important, very important,” Thornton said. “That was kind of the main thing that I wanted, if we were going to go in that direction, it would be now. So I can go sign with a contending team that I know I can help.” Thornton returned to the Rockets after his trade to the Detroit Pistons was rescinded because of medical issues concerning Donatas Motiejunas.
Mark Berman: The agent for guard/forward Marcus Thornton, Tony Dutt, said the Rockets waive Thornton: "They'll waive him today. He'll clear waivers on Sunday. We feel like, and I think they did too, that there's going to be several teams trying to get him once he clears. Somebody could still pick him up:'
Mark Berman: Marcus Thornton's agent, Tony Dutt, said the Rockets will waive his client: "He wants to win. He wants to be in a place where he can play. I think he got an opportunity here, and I think in the time that he had here he showed what he can do. He just needs to get more minutes. For whatever reason they don't feel like he's going to get those here."
Mark Berman: Marcus Thornton: "I felt like this would be a good place for me to thrive. Somewhere along the way things went left. I don't know what happened. Now it's about finding somewhere I can play and be the best player I know I can be, and live up to my potential."
Thornton will sign a one-year deal at the veteran’s minimum, a person with knowledge of the deal said. That will leave the Rockets’ full mid-level exception available. “The Rockets were the right choice because of their style of play – up tempo,” Thornton said. “That’s when I’m at my best. And they are a playoff team that is always competing for a title year in and year out and that’s what I want to do. Win on the biggest stage.”
The Heat might make an offer to guard Marcus Thornton, who visited Friday, but first wants to see if it can trade a player or two (Mario Chalmers among them). Responding to Heat fans on Twitter who said they hope he joins the Heat, Thornton tweeted Saturday: "When they offer, I will appreciate all the [love], though."
Barry Jackson: Marcus Thornton visits Heat Friday; scheduled to fly in tonight. So how could Heat find minutes for Green and Thornton? Here's one way: Play Wade at PG when Dragic resting. So bench rotation could be Green, Winslow, Thornton, McRoberts, Amar'e. Gets your best 10 on court. That's if Chalmers and Birdman are traded to thin roster (which would be overloaded) and to reduce tax bill.
As the Heat tonight pursues a long shot bid for free agent star forward LaMarcus Aldridge (which would very likely require a sign-and-trade), the Heat has reached out to a few skilled veteran three-point shooters, including Marco Bellinelli and Marcus Thornton, according to a Heat source. Other teams also are interested in Williams, who averaged 15.5 points last season, and I have no indication of any ongoing sign-and-trade discussions on this front.
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I wanted to chat with you a little bit about your involvement with the NBA Foundation, which seeks to drive economic empowerment for Black communities through employment and career advancement. What is your role there and how did you get involved? Harrison Barnes: NBPA director Michele Roberts reached out and asked if I had an interest in being a part of the foundation. I had seen information before about how big the funding for the foundation was going to be and what some of the principles were early on and so I knew what it was about. The main premise is that every year, each time will make significant contributions to the community. This will help with opportunities beyond simply just doing an event, whether that is helping kids go to college or giving them career skills. I was honored to be considered and I told her I would be ecstatic to do it. Now, I am really looking forward to working with the board members to hopefully make a change.
There are hundreds of players in the NBA. But you and Tobias Harris are the only two that are active on an NBA roster and will sit on this board. Why do you think the NBPA decided on you for that honor? Harrison Barnes: That’s probably a question you’ll probably have to ask as opposed to me! [Laughs] Since I got drafted, literacy has been a big focus of mine. You need to educate yourself in whatever discipline you want to go into. Recently, I joined the board of First National Bank, whose parent company is Ames National Corporation. I’m going to work with them to promote financial literacy. For the NBA Foundation, the opportunity to promote financial literacy and help the community is very exciting for me. No matter where I’ve gone, I’ve always tried to pay it forward. I’ve been blessed to have people pour into me and sacrifice and invest in my well-being so I’m glad to be a part of a foundation with a very big reach that will hopefully affect change for a number of different people.
You were friends with Kobe Bryant. You had COVID-19. You engaged with the protests for social justice. You played in the NBA bubble. What are you most going to remember from this year? Harrison Barnes: The biggest takeaway that I’ll have from 2020 is to appreciate people when you’re around them. In so many instances, we’ve seen loved ones that we’ve lost, whether it’s been someone at the hands of police brutality or people that you played against or were mentored or if it was a loved one lost because of COVID. Whatever the case may be, really just taking the time to just appreciate them while they’re here. Give them their flowers. Give them their respect and love and communicate that. Far too often, we found ourselves in the cycle of thinking that this person was gone too soon, and it was unexpected, and there are so many things I wish I had said. When Kobe passed, it was like the floor gave out. It’s still painful, especially in the basketball community. But outside of that, you really value the opportunity every time you step on the floor against somebody else. You don’t take that opportunity for granted. I’m playing against someone and it could be the last time. You never know. Life can go so quickly. I’m just savoring the opportunity, communicating with guys, communicating with family. Life is short. You don’t know what’s next.
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