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"It's great having [Nikola Mirotic] back on the floor," agreed Hoiberg. "Just looking at where we are right now, getting Zach back with full contact and David is going to try to do a little bit in practice and then getting Niko back on the floor with us is a very important step. As far as what he can provide on the floor, he's had some really good moments in this league and given us some great production. Getting him back out here is certainly a step in the right direction. The plan is for him to do some contact and see how he responds and then put a plan together from there."
KC Johnson: Nikola Mirotic is practicing today, won’t address reporters.
There was, however, progress. Coach Fred Hoiberg said Mirotic continued to ‘‘ramp up his activity’’ and was doing a better job of communicating with his other teammates. ‘‘Niko had a really good week of workouts,’’ Hoiberg said. ‘‘He’s continuing to ramp up his activity. He had good strength workouts and he’s increasing his workload on the floor, so we’re hoping to get him back with the team shortly.’’
Fred Hoiberg said it hasn't yet been determined whether Nikola Mirotic will travel on the Bulls' four-game trip that begins Sunday in Phoenix. What is settled is who will be the starting power forward when Mirotic is physically cleared to play. "I would say Lauri (Markkanen) is our starter moving forward," Hoiberg said.
Meanwhile, though he is free of his concussion symptoms, Nikola Mirotic remains weeks away from returning from the two facial fractures that Bobby Portis caused with a punch to the face during an Oct. 17 altercation between the forwards in practice. Mirotic remains upset enough over the disparity in time of absences that he has had little contact with teammates, and his camp has made clear to management that, for now, it doesn’t see a way the two forwards can coexist.
Hoiberg says Mirotic hasn't done any on court work, but was able to do some rehab work in the pool recently. Hoiberg says Mirotic is in good spirits — it remains to be seen when he will work out with all his teammates again.
KC Johnson: Hoiberg said Mirotic timeline remains same even tho no surgery. It’s been 2 weeks. So another 2-4 at least.
Mike McGraw: Hoiberg said Nikola Mirotic will work out at Advocate Center today after team leaves for Miami. #Bulls
KC Johnson: Justin Holiday: Bobby came in, worked hard like he always does. I reached out to Niko too. Make sure he knows he’s supported.
Josh Lewenberg‏: Dwane Casey on player fights when he was an assistant in Seattle... So, Gary Payton and...? "We had some doozies in Seattle, I'll tell you what, some fisticuffs. One that started on the court and went in the weight room and went outside, come back in. It was a long one. I've seen those. The good thing about that, the people that were involved in that were able to come back together and bond back together, which is the hard part. You can't let what happened yesterday come into tomorrow or next week or next month or hold it inside. That's the trick and luckily in Seattle we had some of those but guys were able to get back together and maintain the team chemistry."
KC Johnson: Bulls say exec VP John Paxson will address reporters, then Fred Hoiberg & Robin Lopez. Portis not at practice facility. Suspension imminent.
KC Johnson: But internal view is incident involved blame on both sides. Situation escalated over several possessions during scrimmage. 2/2
KC Johnson: As reported yesterday, Portis will be suspended after Bulls conclude standard policy of communication with league office. What factor this plays in suspension is unknown & obviously can’t throw punch. But Portis widely regarded for work ethic, commitment to team.
According to several witnesses, tensions heightened between Portis and Mirotic during a competitive scrimmage. Several words were exchanged over trips up and down the court. Some shoving escalated matters and Mirotic once moved in Portis' direction. And then Portis landed the lone punch, which placed Mirotic on the ground for several minutes before his hospital trip.
Vincent Goodwill: Mirotic does have a concussion and broken bones in his face. Expect Bobby Portis' suspension to be significant
Vincent Goodwill: This has been three years in the making, a source said. Mirotic has broken bones in his face, apparently instigated, and Portis punched him
Darnell Mayberry: Mirotic is out indefinitely...Bulls are evaluating disciplinary action. Suspension for Ports likely. Hearing league office is now involved.
Mirotic was taken to the hospital Tuesday after their shoving altercation during practice ended with an alleged cheap shot from Portis to Mirotic’s face, league sources told The Vertical. Mirotic is undergoing tests, but is expected to be out for the foreseeable future, league sources said.
Mike McGraw: Jimmy Butler won't play today at Minnesota. Nikola Mirotic out with back spasms. #Bulls
Chuck Swirsky: @threekola congratulations on the win. Hope you're ok. Nikola Mirotic: @ctsbulls Thanks Chuck. I'm good , it's just a strong hit on the knee.
Nikola Mirotic helped Spain get off to a strong start with eight points in the first quarter. He injured his right knee in a collision with Aron Baynes early in the fourth, but returned after a brief stint on the bench and finished with 14 points and seven rebounds. Afterward, Mirotic said the initial injury scared him “a lot,” saying the collision was “very strong, knees against knees.”
“But it was the last five minutes of the tournament,” he continued. “I didn’t want to miss that opportunity to play. I was hot in that moment too, so I didn’t feel a lot of pain. Right now, I’m feeling hurt. But it’s OK. We won the medal. That’s the most important thing. Hopefully, this is nothing. I need to do some tests now and I expect it’s all good.”
Mike McGraw: #Bulls are listing Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson (hamstring) as questionable for Sat vs. HOU. Nikola Mirotic upgraded from out to doubtful.
If Mirotic had questions about why he needed a second surgery in early February to remove a hematoma after his Jan. 27 appendectomy, they had to wait. "There was not too much time to explain," Mirotic said Wednesday in his first public comments since the procedures. "I was really in pain with a high fever. They made me go straight to the surgery room. When I awakened, they explained what happened to me. I was a little bit confused and scared about the situation. But life is like this. You never know."
"He's still in the hospital," Hoiberg said. "He developed a hematoma, which is a collection of blood, that he had to go back in and have a second surgery to remove. He's on a liquid diet right now. He's in quite a bit of pain, but his spirits are OK. Hopefully he'll get out of the hospital soon and just get him back. As far as a timetable for Niko to get back on the floor, we just don't know yet. But he had the complication, got it fixed. Hopefully we'll get him back soon."
Nikola Mirotic: Thanks for all your strong support and reaching out with positivity, prayers and love. Surgery went well yesterday! Hope I will have fast recovery and be ready for next challenges. Miss my team and feel bad that I can't be there tonight! Go Bulls!
Nick Friedell: Bulls release says Nikola Mirotic has an appendicitis and did not travel with the Bulls to LA.
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