“There’s a confluence of a couple of things,” Cub…

“There’s a confluence of a couple of things,” Cuban said. “No. 1, our demographic keeps on getting younger. The NFL and baseball, they keep on getting older. And I think what we’re doing with (the video game) NBA 2K is brilliant. And in the bigger scheme of things in terms of building fans for the future, what do you want your kids to play? I mean, of all the sports out there, do you want to go to a baseball game, or do want to watch your kid play basketball? Do you want to worry about him a whole football game, or do you want to watch your kid play basketball? Do you want him to get healthy from running the court, or do you want to watch him play football and worry about collisions.
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The San Antonio Spurs are making their dance team a little more family friendly. Sources say the Spurs are ending their Silver Dancers team. Instead, San Antonio will reportedly replace the team with a 35-member “family friendly” coed “hype team,” according to a press release. The team will include tumbling and acrobatics as well as dance. It “will elevate the game-day experience and energize crowds with a diverse array of unique family friendly talents, including tumbling, acrobatics, dance and stunts,” according to a release.
Rosalyn Jones, who founded the Silver Dancers in 1991, took exception to any suggestion that the Silver Dancers weren’t “family friendly.” “This is a very conservative market, and the team has always been very concerned about the look of the girls and things like that,” Jones said in a telephone interview Monday. “But I’m telling you I’ve never seen and never heard anything derogatory. The girls are all professional women, they know the rules and standards and they know they’re ambassadors for the Spurs. And they’ve done so much in the community — camps, clinics, promotional activities. To take this away so suddenly, it’s bothersome.”
Dikembe Mutombo built a hospital, named after his mother, Biamba Marie, in his native Democratic Republic of Congo. He brought a team of doctors to Congo to conduct knee replacement surgery and cataract surgery for people in Congo. He has arranged for thousands of free cervical and breast cancer screenings for women in his home country. Next on Mutombo’s life mission: he wants to build a high school in his hometown with a focus on medical science and research. “Helping others is a family tradition,” Mutombo told USA TODAY Sports. “I’m carrying on a legacy that was passed on from my grandparents to my grandparents and to us. It represents where I came from. It represents my people, as we call it the Luba people. I’m glad I’m doing a good job for them.”

May 22, 2018 | 11:04 pm EDT Update