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KC Johnson: Sounding more and more like LaVine's debut will be in January, not December. He's currently on an every other day plan. Hoiberg said they want multiple consecutive days of work.
KC Johnson: LaVine: "I’ve been working out for the last eight, nine months and you come in and play 5-on-5 and you’re tired in 3 minutes. Just got to get that down, get my rhythm down. But I’m progressing really fast. And I feel good."
KC Johnson: LaVine: "This isn’t a losing situation. We might not have the best record right now. But we don’t have that outlook on our team. We’re positive. We go at each other. We’re looking to improve. I know I’m not a loser. They’re not losers. We’re in the right state of mind."
KC Johnson: Lavine had full G League practice. Hoiberg: "I think he’ll help everybody on the floor. There’s going to have to be so much attention drawn to him with his ability to get on the break and create his own shot when teams switch. He and Lauri on pick-and-roll actions will be great."
Darnell Mayberry: LaVine said he doesn't have a specific date in mind for when he'd like to play. "When I’m out here playing the way I should be in practice, I’ll be able to go out there and do what I need to do on the court." #Bulls #BullsNation
Darnell Mayberry: Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg didn't rule out Zach LaVine spending time in the G-League to regain his rhythm. "We haven’t really determined that yet," Hoiberg said. "I think a lot will depend on how things go in practice then we’ll make that decision." #Bulls #BullsNation
Vincent Goodwill: As expected, Bulls' Zach LaVine cleared for contact practice. Bulls out west for the week
Darnell Mayberry: Zach LaVine has been cleared for full-contact practice. Still no definite timetable for his return. But he says he feels great.

Mike McGraw: Hoiberg thinks Zach LaVine could be ready for full contact in about 3 weeks. #Bulls pic.twitter.com/OU884JNkRr
LaVine was working with Bulls staff members after Tuesday's first practice, but is not able to participate fully at this point. "He's doing a lot of things," Hoiberg said after Tuesday's first official practice of the year. "Basically on a 1-on-0 workout he has no restrictions. He's doing a lot of extra running. He's been a monster in the weight room, he's putting up a lot of weight, which shows the strength of that leg, is probably where it needs to be. “
Mike McGraw: Hoiberg on LaVine: "Basically, 1 on 0 he has no restrictions." Thinks doctors will wait full 9 months before cleared for contact. #Bulls
Zach LaVine on when he will be back on the floor: "As soon as possible." Says his vertical is higher than it was before the injury.
Mike McGraw: Lavine says surgeon told him 9 months minimum. He tore ACL in early Feb. #Bulls
There's no timetable just yet for LaVine's return to action this season. He has been progressing steadily all summer in his rehab, with no worries that he'll be able to return to the athleticism that has become a hallmark of his game. Weeks ago, the Bulls were looking to analyze his progress to date, putting LaVine through a series of drills and tests. His standing vertical leap tested higher than even his pre-draft measurements, according to a league source.
"I'm attacking this injury like I do everything in life, working my butt off for it every day," the personable LaVine said. "I feel like with my ability I'm able to come back early. But I really haven't set a timetable for that. I'm very confident that I'll come back better. This has given me time to work on my mental game, my strength and learn the game more. I have no fear at all coming back from this."
KC Johnson: Thibodeau consistently raved about LaVine's work ethic. He has been progressing well in rehab from Feb. ACL tear.
Jon Krawczynski: Ricky Rubio said this about LaVine and I agree with him: He's moving remarkably well for less than 2 months from the injury. Walking freely
The 22-year-old is not worried that the major injury came during a breakout third season in the league, or that it may eventually complicate talks about a possible big-money extension. Instead, LaVine said he is attacking the long, mundane rehab process the same way he attacks the gym for workouts that helped turn him into one of the rising young stars in the league. "Going out here like I'm going to get 500 shots. Instead, I'm doing 500 leg lifts," LaVine said. "It's the same difference. Everything's been positive with me. I'm just focused."
The hardest part will be avoiding the mental let-downs that can come from such a long, grueling period of time away from the game. Timberwolves joked that he has a simple plan for helping LaVine to feel like he's a part of the team while he's out. "Yell at him daily," Thibodeau deadpanned. "The first time I got back, he almost poked me a little bit and said, 'I ain't yelled at you in (a month). Let me get some frustration out,'" LaVine said. "It's still funny."
With Zach LaVine out since Feb. 3 because of a torn ACL in his left knee, Towns and Wiggins have had to shoulder even more of the load. The sense of urgency has worn well on the reigning rookie of the year. "Desperation makes you do a lot of things you couldn't normally do," Towns said. "Being so close to the playoffs, I have a lot of desperation trying to play the best that I can so I can try to help us get to the playoffs and get that eighth spot."
Dieng misses the familiarity of the two-man game they often played together and how LaVine’s ability to stretch the floor with his three-point shooting and to attack the rim, created room in which Dieng could work. “Honestly, I’ve been struggling without him on the court because I know a lot of stuff when I pop [off a screen] or a when I roll,” Dieng said. “He knows when to hit me, where to give me the ball.”
“Both of us were on the bench, we started when Flip was here,” Dieng said. “We get to know each other. That’s how that two-man game start, with me and Zach. He was on the bench and wanted to play. I was, too. When we got in, I tried to get him the ball and he’d try to hit me.”
The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced that guard Zach LaVine will undergo surgery to reconstruct a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in his left knee on Tuesday, February 14. The surgery will be performed in Los Angeles by Dr. Neal ElAttrache of Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in collaboration with Timberwolves Team Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Diane Dahm of Mayo Clinic. Timberwolves Director of Athletic Therapy Matt Duhamel will accompany LaVine to Los Angeles.
Jamal Crawford: Prayers up for my little brother @zachlavine. The way you work I know you'll be back better than ever!!! Love
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