Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni applauded Dallas' Rick Carl…

Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni applauded Dallas’ Rick Carlisle for his comments about the ESPN story quoting the father of guard Lonzo Ball, but did not want to give LaVar Ball’s thought’s about the work of Lakers coach Luke Walton any more attention by addressing them. “He represented the coaches. He represented all of us,” D’Antoni said. “I don’t see it because I don’t look at it. I heard about it. Everybody’s heard about it. To be honest with you, one word (about Ball’s comments) is too many. I’m glad (Carlisle) did what he did, he represented the coaches. Luke does a great job in Los Angeles.”
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April 20, 2018 | 5:47 am EDT Update
Will Guillory: Will: DeMarcus hasn’t really talked to anybody about his plans in free agency, that’s why you haven’t heard much about it. But everyone within the organization likes what he brings and they’d love to have him back. At this point, I’d bet on him coming back to New Orleans after free agency, but a lot can happen between now and then. He’s developed a really good relationship with Anthony Davis and everyone else on the team, and I think he’d love to finish what they started this year. The Pelicans’ success in the playoffs certainly doesn’t hurt their chances either.
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Heat center Hassan Whiteside suggested a change in Miami’s offensive approach has affected his production in the playoffs. “It’s just different, man. I feel like our offense is a lot different. I’m not as involved in as many dribble handoffs as I was and post-ups as I was in the regular season,” Whiteside said after scoring five points in 13 minutes in Miami’s Game 3 loss to Philadelphia. “That’s what coach [Erik Spoelstra] wants. Coach wants me to just be in the corner and set picks. That’s what he wants. I’ve just got to trust it.”
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