“Oh, the 10, for sure, DeMar, easily,” Raptors guar…

“Oh, the 10, for sure, DeMar, easily,” Raptors guard Fred VanVleet said when asked if Valanciunas’s four three-point attempts or DeRozan’s 10 came with bigger sticker shock. “We’d seen JV shoot them last year. He thought about it a lot. You could tell he was on the verge of doing it. For him to get four is pretty modest. DeMar, so set in his ways to be one of the best mid-range guys the league has seen in a long time, for him to shoot 10 times from three is a big jump from last year.”
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May 26, 2018 | 3:37 pm EDT Update
But if a guy [Hassan Whiteside] is a 7-footer, and motivated to serve as a rim-roller and a rim-protector and has some offensive game and isn’t a complete jerk and can be melded into the salary cap? He’s still got a place. And yes, if certain “sweeteners” were part of the deal, the Mavericks, I’m told by NBA people close to the situation, could still have a place for him. The Mavs themselves cannot say this, of course; his contract is property of another team, and announcing interest is tantamount to tampering. But the Mavs can and do scout players, all of the players, as all teams do. And I’ll give you an “educated guess” that their opinion of Whiteside, at the right cost, mirrors Whiteside’s opinion of himself.
May 26, 2018 | 2:51 pm EDT Update