Adrian Wojnarowski: “Brooklyn will be interesting. Th…

Adrian Wojnarowski: “Brooklyn will be interesting. They’ve done a great job of developing some of these second chance guys in the league –Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris. (…) DeMarre Carroll has value because there are so few guys at his position available around the league. DeMarre Carroll has value. So, I think Brooklyn wanted to show progress this year, wanted to win more games and they don’t have their pick, so there’s no real motivation for them to tank. They wanted to show progress and they’ve certainly done that but they’ve done a good job. “Maybe Joe Harris gets them a second. Spencer Dinwiddie has just been tremendous. They have him next year on a team option at a really low number. So you’re not giving up Spencer Dinwiddie without getting a LOT back. whoever they would draft –lets say they got a pick — would he be better than Spencer Dinwiddie? Probably not and so I think Brooklyn has put themselves in a position where they can keep gathering up some assets.”

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At the end of their podcast on the upcoming trade season, Zach Lowe asked Adrian Wojnarowski about teams he’ll be interested in watching at Thursday’s deadline approaches. Without suggesting any trade machine fodder, Woj reiterated what most pundits have been saying, the Nets could do some profit-taking on their development of “second chance guys.” He identified Joe Harris and Spencer Dinwiddie who have the most value, along with DeMarre Carroll, but he also said he thought the ceiling for Harris was “maybe a second (rounder)” and that the Nets would have to consider moving Dinwiddie if another offers a first rounder.
“Mark Bartelstein just told me a lot of teams are interested. He talked to [GM] Sean Marks and they value me a lot here,” DeMarre Carroll told The Post. “You really don’t know what’ll happen. He just told me stay focused and continue to keep on doing well. I’m old enough I understand rumors are rumors. Until somebody calls and I’m shipping up out of here, continue to keep playing great basketball for the Brooklyn Nets.”
Veteran leader DeMarre Carroll, who has revived his career since joining the Nets last summer, also is drawing attention as a trade target. Now in his ninth season, Carroll is averaging 13.0 points, 6.7 rebounds and 1.9 assists, all of which are career-highs.
“I’m old enough now that rumors are rumors and you don’t pay a lot of attention to it,” Carroll told Newsday before Tuesday’s loss in Oklahoma City. “You could take it positive either way. I could look at last year when I was injured and I didn’t have a great year in Toronto, I was considered a salary dump. Now, this year you’ve got a number of teams that really want me.”
Mark Bartlestein, Carroll’s agent, is confident Nets general manager Sean Marks and Atkinson aren’t looking to move his client. “I’m sure there’s a lot of teams interested in DeMarre,” Bartlestein said. “He affects the game in a lot of different ways, and a lot of people would love to have him. But I know Sean Marks and Kenny value him big-time. I know for sure they’re not trying to trade him. There’s always conversations around the league and anything can happen, but I know the Brooklyn Nets put a great value on DeMarre . . . I want to make sure people realize that.”
For the Nets to take on the two years and $30 million left on Carroll's contract, the Raptors will attach a 2018 lottery-protected first-round and second-round pick to the deal, league sources said. The Nets will send center Justin Hamilton to Toronto in the trade, sources say.
Bobby Marks: The trade of DeMarre Carroll to Brooklyn will save the Raptors $30M this season. Carroll was owed $14.8M and the Toronto before the trade had a $18M tax bill. The Raptors are currently $900K below the tax with 14 players under contract. Toronto in 2018-19 now has $112M in salary, $11M below the luxury tax.
Bobby Marks: Brooklyn will still have $16.5M in room once DeMarre Carroll is added. The Nets could have over $30M in room for the 2018-19 season even with the Carroll $15.4M salary. Brooklyn now has 12 guaranteed contracts and 3 players who have non-guaranteed pacts.
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