The Cavs also posted the birthday message to their offi…

3 months ago via ESPN
The Cavs also posted the birthday message to their official Twitter account, which has approximately 3.1 million followers. Disabling comments is not allowed on Twitter. Many of the comments were derisive and referenced Thomas’ reported role in the Cavs’ explosive team meeting several weeks ago when the seven-year veteran called out forward Kevin Love for leaving a game early because of an illness.
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May 21, 2018 | 4:02 pm EDT Update
That’s why for him, the connectivity between tonight’s game and Boston’s ultimate goal – winning a championship – are intertwined in such a way that you can’t realistically look at one without acknowledgement of the other, which is why he’s operating on a level of focus unlike any prior to this point in his basketball career. “We’re two games away from going to the NBA Finals,” Brown told NBC Sports Boston. “And six [wins] away from doing something special. We’re too close and we came too far to not be focused.”