What was it like when you got the news that you’d be …

What was it like when you got the news that you’d be joining the Clippers on a two-way contract? Tyrone Wallace: I was in Salt Lake City and I was getting ready for our G League game. The Clippers had several injuries already: Pat Beverley was out for the season and guys like Austin [Rivers] and [Danilo] Gallinari were down. Well, Milos Teodosic had just went down, so my agent had already been in talks with the Clippers’ front office to try to figure out a way to get me up there since they were so shorthanded. So it was in the works for a bit – something that we were going back and forth on. When Milos went down, they reached out like, “Hey, we need you.” I looked at it as a real opportunity because they told me, “You’ll be able to play. We have guys who are down, so it’s next man up.” I took it very seriously and tried to make the most of my opportunity. If you look around the league, a lot of the guys who are on two-way contracts right now don’t get NBA minutes or at least not nearly as many as the two-way players on the Clippers – from CJ Williams to Jamil Wilson to myself. I thought, “Man, this sounds great. I’ll go up there and maybe be able to contribute.” I never thought I’d be playing over 30 minutes a night right from the start, but I loved it.
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May 26, 2018 | 10:03 pm EDT Update