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Michael Cunningham: Hawks buyout agreement with Ilyasova is tentative but expected to get done.
Michael Cunningham: Ilyasova says he's not looking for buyout. "As long as we are playing to win, I'm good with" staying. Hawks had trade offers for him but he invoked his right to reject.
It’s been tough for the Hawks to drum up additional interest in what they’re selling. Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova have each been decent as role players, and could pitch in for a contender. But executives around the league expect each to be bought out if they are not traded. There’s a chance Belinelli could get the Hawks a second-rounder back at the deadline from a team looking to add depth, and he’d be a backup plan for a team like the Sixers or even the Pacers.
Storyline: Ersan Ilyasova Buyout?
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