A Garden spokesperson said on Friday, “We continue to…

A Garden spokesperson said on Friday, “We continue to believe that Isiah did nothing wrong.” Thomas largely denied the charges, though he admitted that on one occasion he had tried to kiss her on the cheek and had been rebuffed. The Knicks, for their part, contended that Browne instead had been fired because she hadn’t excelled in her role and her relationships with other executives were strained.
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December 5, 2020 | 3:51 pm EST Update
The NBA has warned teams that protocol violations that lead to coronavirus spread impacting opposing teams and causing schedule derailments could result in “fines, suspensions, adjustment or loss of draft choices and game forfeitures,” according to a memo obtained by ESPN. For players violating safety protocols this season, the league warns that the possibility of in-season quarantine and reduced paychecks loom as possibilities. While the memo doesn’t outline the length of quarantines, it says that any such player “may be subject to a proportionate adjustment to pay for any games missed during the period that the player is in quarantine and undergoing testing due to engaging in such activities and/or conduct.”
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At home, players and staff are forbidden to enter bars, lounges or clubs, attend live entertainment or game venues, or visit public gyms, spas, pool areas or large indoor social gatherings that exceed 15 people, the memo said. Violations will include possible disciplinary action by teams or the league, including warnings, educational sessions, fines and suspensions. What’s more, teams could be punished for failing to comply and for failing to report any “potential or actual violation, and/or any discipline imposed by the team for such violation.” If teams are found to repeatedly violate the protocols, they could be subject to “enhanced discipline.”
December 5, 2020 | 3:48 pm EST Update