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And Kerr was almost as non-communicative at his post-game presser when asked why Green played so little in a game that competitive until midway through the fourth quarter. “It just wasn’t his night,” Kerr said tersely.
I’ve been in the Warriors’ locker room hundreds if not thousands of times, after horrible games and great games and middling games, and this was one of the more uncomfortable moods in there I’ve encountered. The main guess is that there are some edgy feelings between Draymond and Kerr, possibly tied to Draymond’s listless play throughout the game and Kerr’s reaction to it.
“It was just good communication between two teammates who are passionate and trying to figure something out together,” Kerr said after practice Saturday. “Kevin didn’t take anything personally, and I thought Draymond handled it really well. We had a good film session, a good meeting today where guys talked about different things. It’s all part of the process.”
IT'S FEB. 27 in Oklahoma City, during halftime of a nationally televised game, and Green is losing his holy mind. Inside the visitors locker room, he's hollering "I am not a robot!" at Kerr. When Kerr tells him to sit down, Green screams, "Motherf---er, come sit me down!" When he goes after Kerr, his teammates, including Curry and Thompson, step in to stave off disaster. Minutes later, in her report following halftime, ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters will recite a portion of Green's explosion: "I am not a robot! I know I can play! You have me messed up right now! If you don't want me to shoot, I won't shoot the rest of the game!" "I'm standing outside the locker room with the Oklahoma City police, which are always stationed outside of every locker room," Salters will later recall. "They kind of moved me aside, and the officer just kind of stood by the door, with his hand on his weapon like he was trying to determine what he should do. It was clear that something bad was about to happen in this locker room. We've never heard anything like this before."
Publicly, the Warriors downplay the incident. At the next practice, Kerr says, "It's the NBA. Every team I've ever been on has had stuff like this. Every team. Championship teams or not, it happens. It's 15 alpha males in a room trying to compete, money on the line and prestige and trophies and competition. This is being so overblown." Privately, according to sources close to the team, Green's teammates respond by voting to fine him. (When asked a week later about the fine, a livid Green would insist, "I asked to be fined. You can report that!") Green also does not take kindly to the coverage of his outburst, which leads to the Warriors brokering a sit-down between him and Salters. Salters recalls telling him, "What kind of bothered me about it was hearing the pain that was in your voice -- you weren't just mad, you were in pain, emotional pain."
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Extending Mathews is complicated, too, considering the Wizards’ tight salary-cap situation. Washington is over the cap right now, though it has a couple of exceptions it could use to give him more than the minimum if it wanted to offer him a contract that goes beyond this season. But those exceptions are tiny. They could use the midlevel exception to make him a three- or four-year offer, but the starting salary couldn’t be higher than $1.3 million with minimal raises to follow, not far above the minimum, since they already used the majority of their midlevel on Robin Lopez. Mathews is a reliable defender shooting 40 percent from 3. He’ll stick in the league. Would he accept the security of a deal like that when he could plausibly earn more this summer?
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Mathews’ efficiency stats are through the roof, thanks to his 3-point success and an ability to get to the line, which shouldn’t complement a jump shooter. It doesn’t seem like Mathews lands in the same place when he shoots a jumper, a habit he developed while scampering in every direction as collegiate defenses chased him around the court. He never did away with the quirks of his form. The coaching staff won’t smoothen the unorthodoxy now. “You don’t mess with a 40-percent shooter,” Brooks advised — especially not when defenders are undercutting him once every game or three. “I think it’s working just fine,” said Mathews, who averages 6.2 points per game and shoots 89 percent from the free throw line. “You see how many times I get fouled on a jump shot.”
After winning on Tuesday, coach Frank Vogel made the kind of face he normally reserves for one of his beloved Dad jokes — a big grin with wide eyes. He’s made this face every time he’s spoken about fans at Staples Center since the Lakers got word that they’d be allowed to have them. “Can’t wait. Man, I can’t wait. The mystique of being in that building with our great fans is a big part of why it’s so cool to be a Laker,” Vogel said. “And it’s just been absent this year. And it’s been missed.”
Duke sophomore Matthew Hurt announced Wednesday that he will declare for the 2021 NBA draft and forgo his remaining college eligibility by hiring an agent. Hurt was named first-team All-ACC and was named the ACC’s most improved player after averaging 18.3 points and 6.1 rebounds per game while shooting 44.4% from 3-point range. “I’m so appreciative of Coach K, the coaches and staff at Duke for always trusting and believing in me,” Hurt wrote on social media. “It was always a dream of mine to play at Duke, and it’s also a dream of mine to play in the NBA.”
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