Millsap defined Jokic being aggressive as him, “going…

Millsap defined Jokic being aggressive as him, “going into his actions with pace and just being himself.” Upon further research, it seems that Millsap’s definition is as spot-on as it gets for such a nebulous ideology to define. It is Millsap himself who is likely the person who best knows how to play through Jokic. “We talk about it,” Millsap said when asked about if he and Jokic have had conversations about getting Jokic to be more aggressive. “I think that is my main goal; especially starting games off before tip-off. Just telling him to just be himself and to be aggressive and, when he does that, great things happen.”
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October 23, 2018 | 2:19 pm EDT Update
The Ringer: The #Wolves’ City Edition uniforms (clearly an homage to Prince) have been leaked 🔥 (h/t @TwolvesFRA and u/Crucialest, r/timberwolves)