The New Orleans star had done that deed in 2015, when h…

The New Orleans star had done that deed in 2015, when his Pelicans were swept by Golden State in the first round en route to the Warriors’ championship. And as he neared his second playoff berth in six tries recently — the Pelicans fighting with all those other teams in the Western Conference until the very end of the regular season — he made it clear that a return trip to the postseason was hardly the end of his to-do list. “It means a lot to get in, but you don’t just want to get in,” the sixth-year big man said after New Orleans beat Golden State on April 7. “I’ve been in before and nobody remembers that, nobody cares about that. Our goal is to get in and make some noise.”
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April 26, 2018 | 10:42 am EDT Update
The Spurs, though, have a difficult decision on their hands. Do you invest the richest contract in franchise history for a player who didn’t exactly rush back to play this season and who has missed a ton of games over his career? In his first six seasons, Leonard missed 78 games. This year he was out 73. That’s nearly two full seasons of games missed in seven years. “Don’t you have to sign him,” asks one rival executive. “From what I understand, he wants (Gregg) Popovich to lighten up a little with practice and tweak some things. The Spurs may not want to change their ways, but this is Kawhi Leonard we’re talking about.”
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“I’m gonna be right there [points about 15 rows back]. You know where [Kanter’s manager] Hilmi [Cinar] sits? I thought I’m gonna get seats right there [points courtside]. They gave me sears up there. It’s messed up. It’s OK.” They can’t put you on the big board. “They can’t?” Tampering. “What does that mean?” Because you’re still on the Knicks. “Am I? Am I?” Are you going to opt out? You are technically on the Knicks. “Until July 1, yes. We’ll talk to teams. We’ll see.” But yes, it’s tampering. I asked.
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No compensation will be needed to hire Budenholzer — once thought of as a potential stumbling block to any potential deal. The Post previously reported an NBA source saying Budenholzer considers the Knicks his “top choice.” “If they offered him the job, he’d say yes,’’ the source told The Post. “He wants to live in New York.’’
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