"The sky's the limit for Clint," Paul said. "I didn't k…

“The sky’s the limit for Clint,” Paul said. “I didn’t know Clint too well before I came here. Besides hoopin’ all he do now is dance all the time. But aside from that, man, it’s been perfect. It’s unbelievable the way that we get a chance to talk and communicate. “I know sometimes he get tired of hearing me and James, telling him to set the screen this way or roll this way, man. But it’s crazy. I mean, y’all know the record when we all play together and I tell you it’s not because of me and James. He’s really the X factor. Because the threat of him at the rim is why I get my floaters, why I get my mid-range.”
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September 18, 2018 | 10:54 pm EDT Update
JH: With LeBron out of the East, has your mindset changed? What is your ultimate goal for next season? Giannis Antetokounmpo: The goal is still the same. Of course you have LeBron in the Western Conference. We still have great teams like Boston, Toronto, Philly, Indiana in the East. We just have to continue getting better every day as a team. We have a great team, we have a great coach, and hopefully we will have a great season and take another step forward this year.
JH: You are going to face an immense amount of pressure this season. You are already being a pegged as a favorite to win MVP. What have you been doing to improve your game this summer? Giannis Antetokounmpo: I’ve been working on a lot of shooting and a lot of post moves, been working on my handle and want to get better at finding the right people when I get double-teamed or sometimes triple-teamed. It is just about getting better as an overall basketball player.
For the Mavs, the really fun part will be watching the maturation of Doncic in the backcourt with point guard Dennis Smith Jr., who showed amazing grace and talent when he burst onto the scene as a rookie last year. “Obviously we’re all really excited about Luka and him pairing up with Dennis,” said Donnie Nelson, the Mavs’ president of basketball operations. “Two young guys in the backcourt – fire and ice component. “I think they’re really going to play off each other well.”