Smart and Fizdale were both assistant coaches in Miami …

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January 18, 2019 | 9:16 am EST Update
The Kings continue to explore adding a rangier small forward, but they need to be wary of throwing major assets and cap room at what could end up an incremental move. (The bet here is that they do proceed with caution, in part because the Wizards have shown little appetite for dealing Otto Porter anywhere for a return heavy on future assets and cap flexibility, sources say.
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Storyline: Otto Porter to Kings?
Musselman won’t make excuses for his time in Sacramento. “That was the one time I felt as a coach I failed,” Musselman said. But it was a turbulent time in his life. He was going through a divorce. His kids lived 90 minutes away, with their mother. He’d finish practices and spend hours in traffic to spend time with his children. The stress, he says, was overwhelming. In the preseason, Musselman was arrested for DUI.
So why hasn’t the NBA noticed? Ask around and you get a variety of vague answers. In the NBA, Musselman had a reputation of being tough to deal with. In Golden State, he clashed with management over his preference to play veterans over younger players. “He’s a very straightforward guy,” St. Jean said. “There’s no debate about his basketball knowledge. The basketball stuff, he checks all the boxes. But you have to feel comfortable with him.”
Who knows if the NBA will ever come calling again? Orlando had internal discussions about Musselman during its coaching search last summer, league sources told Musselman is 54, but still coaches with the zeal of a man decades younger. “I see the same personality, I see the same love and thirst for the game,” St. Jean said. “The passion on the sideline, it’s there. Players can tell, too. They know where you are in terms of your knowledge, your passion. He had it a long time ago, and he’s still got it.”
January 18, 2019 | 8:38 am EST Update
Personality-wise, Carlisle loves Smith, but they’re less of a match on the basketball court. Certainly, Smith is seasons away from being an effective true point guard, although it’s plausible there’s another productive role that could be created in the meantime for the ridiculously explosive athlete with a knack for scoring. As of Thursday, it’s still unclear if Carlisle has even spoken to Smith, saying Tuesday that he had only spoken to his agent, Glenn Schwartzman, and expected Smith to play moving forward if healthy.